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#207 : Ne t'attache pas trop à moi

Zoe soigne l'équipe de football de l'école secondaire, et l'un des joueurs tombe amoureux d'elle. Annabeth est réticente à lancer une entreprise de restauration avec Lemon et le grand-père de Ruby refuse toujours de pardonner à Lavon d'avoir brisé le cœur de Ruby il y a des années.


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Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me

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Ne t'attache pas trop à moi

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Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Max (Nicholas Podany) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Max (Nicholas Podany) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Tonya (McKayla Maroney)

Tonya (McKayla Maroney)


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Mardi 20.11.2012 à 20:00
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Ecrit par: Carter Covington
Réalisé par: Michael Schultz

Guests :
Golden Brooks .. Ruby Jeffries
McKaley Miller ... Rose Hattenbarger
Nicholas Podany ... Max Burgess
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Charles Robinson ... Sergent Jeffries
McKayla Maroney ... Tonya
Christopher Curry ... Earl
Mallory Moye ... Wanda
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Reginald Burkardt ... Dash DeWitt
Kevin Bernton ... Coach Scott
Aaron Todd Kessee ... Colby
Kevin Railsback ... Fred Sawaya
Esther Scott ... Delma
Dawn Didawick ... Eugenia
John Eric Bentley ... Sheriff Bill
John Marshall Jones ... Wally
Joe Massingill ... Cody
Armelia McQueen ... Shula

Zoe’s house

Wade: Yeah.

Zoe: Hey. That better not be my last black and white cookie.

Wade: Is that what they call these? I feel like they kind of phoned it in on the naming process.

Zoe: My mom shipped those to me from New York. They're my favourite things in the whole world, and now they're gone.

Wade: Thought that about tube tops, too, but they came back… Hey, look, I'm sorry, all right? I got, uh... I got seven minutes till I gotta be at work. I'll make it up to you.

Zoe: Oh, gee, how could I resist such a romantic proposal?

Wade: That's what I love about our arrangement... No romance.

Zoe: No, get away. I'm not saying that I want romance, but I'm also not a Ford, you know, I need something besides your key to start my engine.

Wade: So you are saying you want romance.

Zoe: No… I don't know. Never mind… How did evolution manage to skip Bluebell entirely?

Wade: Well, it happens. We also missed out on Bieber fever.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Whoa, hold on. Don't slam the door. Ruby's still sleeping.

Zoe: Oh, I see. You've had your first slumber party.

Lavon: Yeah, there wasn't much slumbering going on. If you get my drift.

Zoe: Oh, yeah, I do.

Lavon: Oh!

Zoe: I'm starting to decode the nuances of the local dialect.

Ruby: Oh, hey. Morning, Zoe. Wow… Pancakes, bacon and a rose?

Zoe: Now that's romantic.

Lavon: It's supposed to be eaten in bed.

Ruby: I know... I was too far away from you.

Zoe: You know, I'm-I'm gonna go while you're still wearing things.

Ruby: Oh, hey, Zoe. Lavon and I put all that election nonsense behind us. I'm hoping you and I can, too. You want to grab coffee later?

Zoe: Oh, you know, I wish I could, but Brick refuses to hire any of the receptionist candidates that I like, so now I am forced to teach an intern how to work the phones. But, you know, the kids these days are so techno-savvy, she'll probably teach me a thing or two, huh? See you.

Ruby: She still hates me.

Lavon: I shall comfort you.

Ruby: Oh, really?

Lavon: Mm-hmm.

Ruby: And how are you gonna do that?

Lavon: Okay, first we got to get upstairs.


Lemon: There you are. Today is a historic day.

AnnaBeth: Mm-hmm, the anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials. I have a history app.

Lemon: And it is the day that I found my singular purpose in life.

AnnaBeth: Oh.

Lemon: That which will fulfill me creatively, reward me professionally and distract me thoroughly from the budding romance between Lavon and she-who-shall-not-be-named.

AnnaBeth: Well, don't make me wait till they update my app.

Lemon: We are starting a catering business. Yes!

AnnaBeth: W-we?

Lemon: We've been dreaming about it since the third grade. Remember when our lemonade stand sold out in less than two hours?

AnnaBeth: Mm-hmm.

Lemon: Well, what do you say?

AnnaBeth: Oh, golly, what do I say? I say I am truly flattered. But now's not a good time. People are spending less in this economy.

Lemon: Yeah, but we don't want to work for those kind of people, so...

AnnaBeth: And the businesses struggling the most? Caterers. I just saw it on 60 minutes. You don't even have to check.

Lemon: Oh… Well. I guess I could just find something else to do.

AnnaBeth: I like the sound of that already.

Lemon: I mean, I did do a tremendous job working on Lavon's campaign, maybe there's something for me in politics.

AnnaBeth: Oh, Lord, yes. Do that. Mm-hmm.

Practice: entrance

Zoe: And this is the hold button.

Rose: Ooh, I've always wanted to put someone on hold. Look, I've been practicing… Good afternoon. Dr. Breeland and Dr. Hart's office. Please hold.

Zoe: Love it. Very classy. Although, just "Hart" then "Breeland" is easier to say.

Brick: Hello, everyone. Hey there, Pickle. You are looking just as cute as a button today.

Rose: Thanks, Brick. It's a new outfit.

Zoe: Yeah. Looks like Stella got her groove back.

Brick: Well, Emily does make me happy. Please don't ruin it by talking. We had a horse-drawn carriage take us around Charlotte last night. We sipped champagne and looked at the stars. It was amazing.

Rose: Dr Breeland's offices.

Zoe: You can spare us the gory details.

Rose: Mm-hmm, okay. I'll let him know. Uh, Dr. Breeland, that was Coach Scott down at the high school. The entire football team has a bad case of athlete's foot. You have to help them 'cause we can't lose our big game against Thurlow High this weekend.

Brick: Okay, you, uh, check my calendar and, uh, see if I'm free this afternoon. Come on, Jim.

Zoe: Since when did you get into football?

Rose: I'm not. I am into Max Burgess. He's the place kicker. He's smart and sensitive and thoughtful and the best part? His girlfriend just moved to Montana.

Zoe: Okay, I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but based on your previous obsessions, does he even know that you're alive?

Rose: That's the thing... He does. We've had lunch three times this week already. Yesterday, I traded my ho ho for his ding dong.

Zoe: Okay, I'm not up with the teen slang, but I really hope those are still snacks.

Brick: How's it looking?

Rose: Uh, you have a 2:00 and 3:00, but you're free at 4:00.

Brick: Oh, but no, Emily and I were gonna Skype at 4:00, and, uh, I need to set up that camera in my office. It's always facing the wrong way and I'm kind of working on a poem.

Zoe: I'm free. I'll go.

Brick: Oh, no, no. Remember last year when you pranced in there wearing those shorty-shorts and I got all those irate phone calls from some mothers... No, no, no.

Zoe: First, I did not "prance"" I am not a show pony. Second, my wardrobe is stylish, yet professional. Right, Rose? Tell him.

Brick: No, you are not going. No, I forbid it.

Zoe: I'm sorry, you forbid it? Rose, you got that calendar open... What year does it say? Bunch of neanderthals, you know? Maybe I don't need romance, but a little respect, even a little courtesy. Would that kill anybody? No… Excuse me.

Brick: And I was in such a good mood… Just say my name first.


Lavon: Morning, Lemon.

Lemon: Well, if it isn't Bluebell's newest power couple. Lavon, it's nice to see you. Ruby, you wear defeat very well.

Ruby: Thank you, Lemon, and as always, idleness suits you.

Lemon: Bye now.

Lavon: Yes.


Lemon: Goodness, I'm just running into everyone this morning. It's like a private tour of my own life.

George: You okay, Lemon? You look a little pale.

Lemon: Then the efforts to avoid the aging effects of sunlight are succeeding. Are you okay or is this box a little cry for help?

George: Funny, funny. No, tomorrow is Judge Perkins's 60th birthday and I'm throwing him a party.

Lemon: Oh, goodness, the only party anyone would want to go to for Judge Perkins is the spreading of his ashes.

George: Exactly, which is why every year a local lawyer gets the privilege of hosting his birthday bash. Last year, Linwood Davis hosted a luau for him and a tiki torch lit the judge's toupee on fire. This year, Linwood Davis lost every single case.

Lemon: Oh.

George: I cannot afford to screw this up.

Lemon: Well, I'm happy to help if you want. I have a little time on my hands.

George: Oh, no, that's mighty kind of you, but I just hired AnnaBeth.

Lemon: For what?

George: She started a catering business. She didn't tell you? See you, Lemon.


Ruby: Well, I guess we can add Lemon to the growing list of Bluebell residents not happy we're a couple.

Lavon: The only opinions that matter to me are yours and mine. You know it's been five minutes.

Ruby: Uh-oh.

Lavon: And my lips miss you.

Ruby: Oh!

Lavon: Hey!

Sergeant Jeffries: Get off my lawn, predator.

Lavon: What-what are you...

Ruby: What the heck has gotten into you?

Sergeant Jeffries: I want that man off my property.

Ruby: Lavon is my guest!

Lavon: Uh, Ruby, no. I'll go home and dry off… My new suede shoes, man.

Ruby: Lavon, I'm so sorry. I'll call you later.

Sergeant Jeffries: Not on my phone, you won't.

Ruby: I have my own phone. What is wrong with you?

High School: cloakrooms

Zoe: I want each of you to use the can of fungal spray twice a day, and keep your feet dry. It should clear up soon… Any questions?

Colby: Yeah, I got this raging case of jock itch. You mind taking a look?

Zoe: Ha, how cute... A baby caveman.

Coach: Okay, nimrods, back to practice. Unless you want to lose this game. But I promise you if you lose this game, you will never ever have a happy life. Go, let's go.

Zoe: The itching shouldn't affect their playing. They should be fine.

Coach: Really? I was hoping that might be what's wrong with our kicker Max.

Zoe: Max? Is that Max Burgess?

Coach: Yup, been in a funk all week.

Zoe: Didn't his girlfriend just move away?

Coach: We're not Facebook friends. I don't know. Can you talk to him? Thurlow games always come down to the wire. We need a kicker to win.

Zoe: Hey, Max. I'm Zoe. We didn't have a chance to chat while I was spraying your feet.

Max: You're Rose's friend. She talks about you a lot.

Zoe: Isn't Rose the best? They really broke the mold when they made her.

Max: That's what I used to say about Lynette… Till she moved away to Montana. Just so far away, it might as well be Idaho.

Zoe: Broken hearts are no picnic.

Max: This town takes football really seriously. I don't want to let everybody down… Please tell me there's a pill I can take to make this all go away.

Zoe: Legally no. And they make you real thirsty. Sadly, only time can heal the heart. Meanwhile, you have to kick.

Max: I can't kick without Lynette.

Zoe: She was like your lucky charm?

Max: Exactly.

Zoe: Well, what helped you kick before Lynette?

Max: Michelle? And before her, Kim. Then Jemma. Then Vanessa... Or was it-was it Brandy?

Zoe: Sounds like having a special someone in your life gives you confidence.

Max: Yeah, I think you're right.

Zoe: You know, you are a special guy, Max. And you need to find yourself an equally special girl….. As a matter of fact, someone smart, funny and adorable might be right under your nose. And I think you know who I'm talking about.

Max: I think I do.

Zoe: Well, I have said too much already. I should go. Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Dixie Shop

AnnaBeth: Um, I'll take two dozen of these sirloins, please… Oh, perfect.

Lemon: My, my, someone's hungry.

AnnaBeth: I'm... Gonna freeze them! You just can't beat this price!

Lemon: Or you could just serve them at Judge Perkins's birthday party tomorrow night. I mean, they'd be perfect.

AnnaBeth: Lemon, I am so sorry I didn't tell you this morning. You just caught me by surprise is all, and after the divorce, I was just so excited to finally have something all mine.

Lemon: You don't have to apologize. You are much more suited to being a caterer than I am. I mean, after all the mental stimulation of running a political campaign, I'm sure I just would have been bored.

AnnaBeth: I am truly blessed with your friendship. You are always so supportive.

Lemon: I just wish that you hadn't deceived me and robbed me of the opportunity to be even more supportive.

AnnaBeth: Mm. Thank you. This much is fine.

Lemon: Well, good luck tomorrow night. I'm sure that you will be a huge success.

AnnaBeth: Thank you, Lemon. You could teach a class on how to be a good friend.

Lemon: Oh, I would, but I bet you are probably already teaching one.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: You know, until you came, Lavon Hayes had a 98.7% approval rate. Now I know who the other 1.3% was!

Ruby: Oh.

Lavon: Man, your grandpa really hates me!

Ruby: Honey, don't feel special... Grandpa hates a lot of people.

Lavon: Yeah, but you know, in high school, we were tight. He used to take me fishing and tell me stories about the Korean war and the dangers of communism.

Ruby: I thought you said that it doesn't matter what people think about us.

Lavon: This is family… Hey, you know what? Bring him to lunch tomorrow. Let me charm the pants off of him.

Ruby: Oh, gosh, you have not seen grandpa walk around the house without his pants. Uh-uh. Listen, he'll come around in his own time. We push, we could make things worse.

Lavon: I'll make my mama's buttermilk biscuits. Yeah. One bite and he'll have nothing but love for Lavon Hayes… Come on. I just want to make things right between him and me… For us. Please? Pretty please?

Ruby: All right, fine. But you better wear something waterproof.

Lavon: I heard that… Man...


George: Hey, Lemon, you got a second?

Lemon: Oh, yes. Let me just press "save"" writing my résumé is so much fun. What's going on?

George: Um, Judge Perkins just doubled the guest list for the party tonight. And, well, I called AnnaBeth to tell her, and she let out this little squeak of terror… What?

Lemon: Oh, nothing. It's just the word "squeak." It makes me laugh.

George: Right. Um, well, I'm worried that AnnaBeth might be in over her head just a little bit, and I need this party to be a home run. And, well, you are the Babe Ruth of party planning. And I was wondering if you could please, please, please help her out?

Lemon: AnnaBeth wants to do this on her own, and I must respect her wishes.

George: Uh, you could help me out… Her or me. Really, whichever one you prefer.

Lemon: I think it's a tie.

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: Bartender, a glass of Pinot.

Wade: For the millionth time, we got red, we got white, so...

Zoe: I know, I just miss saying it. Red.

Wade: All right. You're in a good mood.

Zoe: I cured some foot fungus.

Wade: Wow.

Zoe: Began to break through a kid's mental block, all while doing a little matchmaking in the process. A good day's work.

Wade: And you Haven't even opened my present yet.

Zoe: What's this for?

Wade: You said you wanted romance, I listened… And it glows in the dark.

Zoe: Good, well, you can use it to light your way back to your own bed tonight. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm meeting Rose for dinner.

Rose: So did you see Max? Did you talk to him? Did he mention me? Does he have nice feet?

Zoe: Yes, yes, doctor-patient confidentiality.

Rose: Tell me everything. Start from the beginning. Oh, but wait, wait, wait. I'm gonna close my eyes and pretend like I was there.

Zoe: It's a flash mob!

Rose: Zoe, this is all for you.

Wade: Oh, romance. And just my luck, I'm too late.

Zoe: I'm going to fix this.


Rose: Morning, Zoe. You've had a few deliveries.

Zoe: Rose, I am so sorry. Yesterday, when I went to Max to encourage him to find a new good luck charm, I meant you.

Rose: No, I get it. I mean, what guy wouldn't fall for you? Anyway, I'm just going to become a nun, but maybe they'll let me out of the convent to come to your wedding.

Delivery guy: Uh, I've got a delivery for...

Rose: Oh, my God, how much allowance does that kid get?

Zoe’s office

Brick: Well, well, well. I heard all about your new fella. Hey, do you know what you're gonna wear to the prom?

Zoe: I've got the situation under control. I'm going to find Max today and explain to him why his feelings are misplaced.

Brick: Oh, no, you will not. This morning, at practice, he kicked a 50 yarder. He's found his mojo again, and unexplainably, it is you. That mojo has to stay until after the Thurlow game.

Zoe: But that is insane. And maybe illegal.

Brick: It's humane. You're gonna break this kid's heart one way or the other. If you tell him tomorrow, at least he's already helped his team and the town to win the big game.

Zoe: I'm not going to string along a 15-year-old boy just because he thinks he's in love with me.

Brick: Oh, no?

Zoe: No.

Brick: After Max's serenade at the Rammer Jammer, the whole town already knows you're the reason he's kicking again. So who do you think they're going to blame if he stops?

Zoe: Tell Rose to cancel my patients. I'm going off the grid.

Lavon’s house: lunch room

Sergeant Jeffries: Another thing... You need to close that new road. Come summer, we'll be covered in tourists like bees on honey.

Ruby: Tourism brings money to this town, grandpa.

Sergeant Jeffries: They also hog the best benches on the square.

Lavon: I appreciate you bringing that to my attention, Sergeant.

Sergeant Jeffries: Not that you're going to do anything about it.

Ruby: Doesn't Lavon have a nice home?

Lavon: It is much nicer with the two of you in it.

Sergeant Jeffries: I don't know, there's something sad about it. All those trophies from your glory days, reminding you you're a has-been.

Ruby: Grandpa.

Lavon: Oh, now, Ruby, it's okay. The man is entitled to his opinion.

Sergeant Jeffries: Uh-uh-uh-uh. Hands off the granddaughter… Just pretend she's that last pass during the Georgia game, and drop her.

Lavon: Biscuits, Sergeant?

Ruby: Oh.

Lavon: My mama's secret recipe.

Sergeant Jeffries: Oh.

Ruby: And it'll help you keep your mouth busy.

Sergeant Jeffries: Where did your mom learn to cook, the British Navy?

Lavon: What? No. No, no, no! Now, you can insult my leadership, you can even insult my football career, but not my mama's cooking. Not under my roof. Uh-uh.

Sergeant Jeffries: I didn't want to come here anyway.

Lavon: Ain't nobody keeping you. Try any door, see how it works out for you.

Ruby: Grandpa. Oh!

Lavon: Burt Reynolds!

Ruby: You happy, Lavon? See? Worse.


AnnaBeth: Start plating the mushrooms.  Oh, remember, water glasses on the right. Oh, no, I forgot to preheat the oven.

Crickett: 350, right?

AnnaBeth: Oh, Crickett, thank you. I am so lucky that you called and offered your help.

Crickett: Well, I can sense a belle in need like a disturbance in the force… You know, I think I should Polish the silverware.

AnnaBeth: Oh, that's a great idea… Whoa. Wait, no. These are blue hydrangeas. I ordered white.

Delivery Guy: Crickett called and changed the order.

Crickett: I thought the blue looked better with the tablecloths.

AnnaBeth: You know, you're right… Crickett, where on earth did you get such a head for entertaining?

Crickett: Oh, I have a great many talents you do not know about.

AnnaBeth: Mmm, no, you don't.

Crickett: Well, I might.

AnnaBeth: All right, where is she?

Crickett: Who? Abort, abort, abort.

AnnaBeth: Oh, Lemon Breeland! Not so fast. Get over here.

Lemon: Okay, listen, before you blow a gasket, all right, George asked me to be here. This is a very important event for him.

AnnaBeth: It's really important to me, too.

Lemon: Well, then be honest. You need my help.

AnnaBeth: Well, he added 30 people!

Lemon: Don't you worry, honey, I got your back, okay? T minus two hours, people! I need someone on salads, someone on silverware, and someone on sirloin. Stat! Go! Move!

Zoe’s house

Wade: Hey, Zoe, open up. Come on, I know you're in there.

Zoe: Hurry up, get inside. Did anyone see you?

Wade: Oh, yeah. Paparazzi camped out in the bushes. What is going on?

Zoe: I'm hiding out from Max. He keeps declaring his love to me, and I can't break his heart until after the game tomorrow.

Wade: Well, kid's got serious dance moves. Might as well let him get to first base.

Zoe: No!

Wade: Quick hand up the skirt and team wins, what's the harm?

Zoe: You think that's first base?

Wade: Yeah, why?

Zoe: Nothing. Just explains a lot. Look, at least Max's version of romance doesn't involve glow-in-the-dark butt floss. You could learn a few lessons from him.

Wade: Hey.

Max: Zoe, you in there?

Zoe: Shh.

Wade: Well, well, well.

Zoe: Shh, shh. Shut up.

Wade: Class is in session.

Zoe: What are you doing? What are you d...

Wade: Hey, Max!

Zoe: Wade.

Wade: Coming, buddy. Come on in.

Max: Hey. Wade, is Zoe here?

Wade: As a matter of fact, she is... Right behind me.

Zoe: Hey, Max. What's up, brother?

Max: I was hoping we could talk.

Wade: You know, I should probably leave you two alone. I was starting to feel like a bit of a third wheel anyway. Enjoy. Okay, have a great time.

Max: Did you get my flowers?

Zoe: Max, I'm-I'm... I'm flattered, but I am twice your age.

Max: Oh, no, no, no. Demi and Ashton made it work… Uh, okay, longer than anybody expected. Look, I know I'm in high school, and you're... Not, but... Please, just go to dinner with me tonight.

Zoe: Max, I would love to. But I have to work tonight. You know, I-I am a doctor, so I have to deliver a baby. The Smitherman baby, and the hospital is in Mobile, so I really should get going.

Wade: Hey, doc. Great news. Smithermans delivered the baby in a bathtub. You don't have to go in.

Max: Great! Then I'll pick you up at 8:00… Oh, and, um, when I... When I say pick you up, I-I-I'll just be walking… But I'm four months away from getting my license, so...

Zoe: Max...

Wade: It's a date. She'll see you then. All right. Run along now, pal. Five bucks says he brings you a corsage. Mm-hmm.

Zoe: I hate you.

Wade: No, you don't. Come on.

Zoe: Get out!

Wade: All right.

Zoe: Out!

Rammer Jammer

Max: I brought you something.

Zoe: Oh, you shouldn't have. This corsage is plenty.

Max: Come to my game tomorrow? I saved you a seat, uh, in the front row, right next to my dad.

Zoe: 'Cause that wouldn't be awkward.

Wade: All right, red wine for the lady, and a root beer for the well-dressed young man.

Zoe: Wade, we didn't order these.

Wade: Oh, that's all right. Brick, uh, sent 'em over.

Zoe: We should order.

Max: N-now, this is my treat. Though we can only spend, um... $23. I blew the rest of my allowance on flowers.

Zoe: 'Kay.

Sergeant Jeffries’s porch

Lavon: Sergeant, I-I need to speak with you.

Sergeant Jeffries: Am I gonna have to get my hose?

Lavon: Look, I'm sorry about earlier, okay? You remember years ago, when... Ruby and I first started dating, you took me fishing at dogwood creek?

Sergeant Jeffries: I should've kept the fish and tossed you back.

Lavon: On the ride up, you said, "son, if you hurt Ruby, I'm gonna hurt you."

Sergeant Jeffries: Looked like you were about to mess your pants.

Lavon: Felt that way, too… Yeah, but after that we had a great time… Okay, then a year later I went away to college and I hurt Ruby. And I think you've been trying to hurt me back ever since. Am I right?

Sergeant Jeffries: What is this? Some kind of interrogation? I don't have to answer your questions.

Lavon: Look, look, I'm a different man now. So wh-what can I do to get you to forgive me?

Sergeant Jeffries: Oh. Well... A tree fell down in the back. You can, uh... Chop that up into firewood.

Lavon: Seriously?

Sergeant Jeffries: Yeah.

Lavon: Okay. Done.

Sergeant Jeffries: Hey, hey, and, uh, you can... Unclog my septic tank. Here, I'll just, uh... I'll just make you a list.


Lemon: Guests are all seated. 30 seconds until first course!

AnnaBeth: Uh, could everyone gather round and join hands?

Crickett: Ooh, I feel like one of Katy Perry's backup dancers.

Lemon: 15 seconds.

AnnaBeth: I would like to thank all of you. This is a very special moment for me. It's always been a dream of mine to...

Lemon: Okay, time's up! All right, let's get those salads out there, people. You remember, you lean from the left. No smiling, no frowning, no facial expressions. Now, go.

AnnaBeth: Thank you for all your help, but I can handle everything from here.

Lemon: Oh, that's not necessary. I'll stay till dessert. Plating cheesecake... It's... Tricky.

AnnaBeth: I said I've got it.

Lemon: AnnaBeth...

AnnaBeth: I was having a prayer circle. My prayer circle, my night.

Lemon: George asked me for his help, because he obviously knew that you needed it.

AnnaBeth: And you couldn't wait to horn in, because you cannot stand that I started this business without you.

Lemon: Because we have dreamed about doing this together ever since we opened up...

AnnaBeth: Lemon's Lemonade! I remember. I also remember wanting to offer AnnaBeth's apple juice, but you said it would be too confusing for the customers!

Lemon: We live among simple people.

AnnaBeth: This is why I didn't want to...

George: Good news, the judge loved his mini... Quiches.

AnnaBeth: Everything has to be your way, bossing everybody around.

Lemon: If you really wanted AnnaBeth's apple juice, you should've fought for it. Instead of letting your resentment just grow and fester for 20 years until it ruins our friendship!

George: Ladies...

AnnaBeth: You will not put this on me. You are ruining our friendship.

Lemon: What?!

AnnaBeth: Because you can't handle when I stand up to you, which is now a total of twice!

Lemon: What?!

George: Okay. There we go. Doesn't it feel good to-to get everything out there, to clear the air? Now, can we... Get back to work, please?

Lemon: Good luck cutting clean slices out of those cheesecakes, Missy.

AnnaBeth: It's a knife and hot water. It's not the secret to nuclear fusion!

Lemon: Oh!

George: Lemon. AnnaBeth, I... Lemon... Mm... Oh, boy.

Rammer Jammer

Max: You are... Magnificent.

Zoe: Thank you.

Max: A-and I'm not just talking about your kind eyes. Or your glowy, dew-kissed skin. I'm talking about your brain.

Zoe: Thanks, Max. That is nice to hear.

Max: You know, y-you're all of those things and a damn good doctor. I mean... I mean, m-my feet...

Zoe: Would you excuse me a moment?

Rose: Looks like you two are going steady. Congratulations.

Zoe: No, Rose, I do not even want to be here.

Tonya: Oh, so it's Rose's fault you're on a date with her man?

Zoe: No, but, look, if I break his heart now, we might lose.

Rose: You're smart. You went to college for, like, ever. If you wanted to end it, you could figure out how.

Tonya: Burn.

Rose: Let's go, Tonya. I've lost my appetite.

Tonya: FYI, cougar is not a good look on you.

Wade: Ooh, man. Mean.

Zoe: Thanks, Wade. Thanks a lot.

Wade: What did I do?

Zoe: Oh.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Max: So... Uh... If we win tomorrow, uh... There'll be a victory bonfire. I was... I was thinking we maybe could go.

Zoe: Max, I can't go on any more dates with you. Look, I shouldn't have gone on this one.

Max: W... It's... It's not... How can something so wrong feel so right? You made me want to be a better man.

Zoe: Max... That's not possible.

Max: Oh, thank you.

Zoe: No, because you're-you're not a man. Yet. Look, Max, I know you feel like we had a connection yesterday, but you were just still in a lot of pain from your breakup with Lynette, and you're transferring those feelings to me.

Max: No, no, look, that was just puppy love, this is real… Zoe, we can make this work. C-can I kiss you?

Zoe: No, Max! Look, I only went on this date with you because everyone in town wants you to kick that football tomorrow… I'm sorry. You are an amazing kid.

Max: You know what? As a good luck charm, you really suck… And... You should've waited to tell me till after the game.

Rammer Jammer

George: Hello, Dr. Hart.

Zoe: You know, I am pretty used to everyone here hating me for one reason or another but for not dating a minor? That's new.

George: You could've waited one more day.

Zoe: Oh, my God, you too?

George: Hey, you wanted me to date. I'm just asking for the same thing.

Zoe: That is not funny.

George: I'll tell you what, if you need any, uh, legal protection, you just give me a call.

Zoe: Ha-ha… I am not in the mood.

Wade: I come in peace, doc. I come in peace. You know, I think you did the right thing last night, uh, breaking that kid's heart and all.

Zoe: You do?

Wade: Heck, yeah. He's acting like he's the hero in a romantic comedy. That ain't the way the world works, all right? You're just, you know... Toughening him up.

Zoe: He's already tough. You know, it takes guts to do what Max did. He really put himself out there.

Wade: Come on. He was... Prancing around here, making a damn fool out of himself.

Zoe: No. Was it over-the-top? Yes. But was it nice to be appreciated? Absolutely. You know, in the end, that is all a romantic gesture is meant to do. At least he took a chance.

Wade: Hey...

Sergeant Jeffries’s porch

Lavon: I finished. Stayed up all night... Almost got bit by a mean-ass raccoon. That's how important it is for me to earn your forgiveness.

Sergeant Jeffries: I forgave you a long time ago.

Lavon: What?

Sergeant Jeffries: Mmm.

Lavon: Why'd you ask me to do all them chores?

Sergeant Jeffries: I didn't want to do them and I'm too cheap to pay somebody… Look, you dumping my grandbaby back then was a gift. It freed her from following your dreams so she could follow her own.

Lavon: And now your grandbaby's back here and staying here because of me, so you should thank me.

Sergeant Jeffries: I don't want Ruby tied down here. She's always dreamed bigger than Bluebell. Just because one of her dreams came true doesn't mean she's stopped dreaming… Now, thanks for your help and don't drink out of my house.

George’s office

George: Last night was a huge success. The judge had three helpings. This morning he called me G-Tuck, which I hate but will grow to love, I am sure.

AnnaBeth: Well, I am so glad. I know there were a few snafus, but...

Lemon: George, what was so important that...? What is she doing here?

AnnaBeth: I would like to ask the same question.

George: Lemon, if you, if you would kindly just please... All right, listen, I was just telling AnnaBeth how great last night went, and I owe it to both of you.

AnnaBeth: Very nice, now good-bye.

Lemon: Thank you, can I go now?

George: Ladies, listen. AnnaBeth, your cooking is just this side of heaven.

AnnaBeth: Oh, well, that's sweet.

George: Yeah, but you're terrible at organization and time management… Lemon, you're organized, you're disciplined, and you make quick choices.

Lemon: Thank you.

George: But your mini quiches cannot hold a candle to hers.

Lemon: You love my mini quiches, you always said so.

George: And now I don't have to.

Lemon: Hmm.

George: Y'all two complement each other, okay, you always have.

AnnaBeth: Hmm, it's mostly me complimenting her.

George: No, no, no, no, I mean "complementing," like with an "e." With an "e" it's... Uh, you know what? You fit together, okay? So why don't we just stop all this silly fighting? And let's start working together to make the best damn catering business in Southern Alabama. What do you say? Or don't… I don't care… Now, if you'll excuse me, the big game is about to start.

High School: cloakrooms

Zoe: So you're really not playing?

Max: I'm not gonna go out there and choke in front of all those people. Thanks to you and Lynette's parents, I am without a lucky charm.

Zoe: Max, all those girls... They were just magic feathers.

Max: No, they were girls.

Zoe: No, I mean like in Dumbo. Something to cling to until you could believe in yourself.

Max: I've seen Dumbo. Doesn't mean I can kick the ball.

Zoe: Max, what you did... Pursuing a woman twice your age and proving it by dancing in front of the whole town... I mean, that is one of the bravest things that I have ever seen. Trust me, I know grown men that can't do what you did.

Max: Really?

Zoe: Really. Some girl... She is going to be so lucky to be your girlfriend, but this football game... This has nothing to do with luck. This is all about bravery, so you need to go out there, drown out the voices and the crowd, look at that football, and kick the hell out of it. I've seen you dance, so I know those feet... They've got moves.

Max: Thanks.

Zoe: Go get 'em… Aah! Go get 'em guys.

Player: Thanks, Doc.

BlueBell’s square

Dash: Zoe Hart, I don't know what you did, but I could just kiss you.

Zoe: No need... Pat on the back will do… Hey, did you see that game? Final play, Max kicks a field goal to win it.

Brick: He did great and, I must admit, you did, too.

Zoe: Did you just pay me a compliment?

Brick: I do not need to repeat myself.

Zoe: Rose. Rose, wait up. I am so, so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen.

Rose: I know. I just seem to have a talent for liking boys who love someone else.

Zoe: Want to talk about it over a milk shake? I'll buy.

Max: Hey, Rose. Victory party at Teddy's house. You should come.

Rose: Oh, my God.


Lemon: Oh, George, there you are.

AnnaBeth: Uh, we require your legal counsel.

George: Really, y'all can't settle this without lawsuits?

AnnaBeth: We're not suing each other. We're taking your advice and starting a business together... 50-50.

Lemon: Which is why we need you to draw up the business agreement... For free, of course, since you left me at the altar and all.

George: Great. Great, that's great news. It's a simple contract. I just need the, uh, the company name.

AnnaBeth: I was thinking maybe L & A Catering.

Lemon: No, that sounds too corporate and cold. How about, um, AnnaBeth's?

AnnaBeth: Aw, really? Okay, thanks.

George: AnnaBeth's it is.

Lemon: Thank you.

George: All right. See y'all later. Bye.

Lemon: You said yes so quickly, no "Oh, I couldn't." That's okay.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: Hey, Wanda, could I, could I ask you something?

Wanda: Mm-hmm.

Wade: Well, I got this friend, and he wants to do something romantic for this girl he's been hanging out with, you know, something to show her he appreciates her.

Wanda: Aw, that's so sweet.

Wade: Whatever... I-I hate all that mushy stuff, but, uh, I thought you might have some ideas I could pass along to him.

Wanda: Hmm, well, Tom's always doing small things like dedicating Celine Dion songs to me on the radio… Oh, and he got us those matching spray paint t-shirts they make at the fair.

Wade: Yeah, I think my friend would think those were pretty terrible ideas.

Wanda: It really doesn't matter what it is as long as it's from the heart.

Wade: Right. Hmm.

Lavon’s house: bedroom

Lavon: Let's get 'em now, let's get 'em. Go, go. Yeah… Oh, hey.

Ruby: You know, crazy thing happened last night. While I was sleeping, elves came in and mowed the yard, chopped firewood, even fixed the squeaky screen door out back so I can sneak out. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?

Lavon: I don't involve myself with elves… They creep me out.

Ruby: Grandpa will come around eventually, I promise.

Lavon: Yeah.

Ruby: He will. It just means so much to me that you tried.

Lavon: You think you could be happy here? In Bluebell?

Ruby: Whoa, where'd that come from?

Lavon: I know how important your career is, and I can't see you running a corporation over the free wifi at the Butter Stick Bakery.

Ruby: I'm here now. Okay, that's all that matters. Let's just take it day by day.

Lavon: Yeah. I don't want to hold you back, though.

Ruby: If I wanted out of Bluebell, trust me, not even you could hold me back.

Lavon: That's true.

Ruby: I've had the high pressure job, I've had the expense account, the penthouse apartment… I've had it all except for one thing.

Lavon: A boat? I've had a boat... It's a lot of work.

Ruby: Love, silly… Done with that football?

Lavon: Mm-hmm, I'm done with football.

Ruby: Mm-hmm?

Lavon: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Zoe’s house

Wade: If you think the cookies are a mess, you should see Lavon's kitchen… I've never really baked before.

Zoe: Black and white cookies… I can't believe you did this. Thank you.

Wade: Well, you don't have to make such a big deal out of it. They probably suck.

Zoe: Mmm.

Wade: Definite... Okay, they suck, all right. Just... Okay.

Zoe: It's the thought that counts.

Wade: So, uh... What do we...?

Zoe: Get naked?

Wade: Thank God, I thought you'd never ask.

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