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#208 : Peines de coeur

Zoé et Lemon ont du mal à accepter la nouvelle relation de Lavon avec Ruby. Elles décident de découvrir les véritables intentions de Ruby. Wade accepte de superviser un voyage de camping Ranger Little, dans l'espoir d'éviter une confrontation potentiellement embarrassante avec George. Toutefois, lorsque George arrive de manière inattendue sur le camping, Wade doit voir sa relation sous un jour différent. Brick veut que sa relation avec Emily passe au niveau suivant.


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Achy Breaky Hearts

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Peines de coeur

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Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Sheriff Bill (John Eric Bentley) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Sheriff Bill (John Eric Bentley) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

George (Scott Porter) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

George (Scott Porter) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

Peter Mayfair (Peter Mackenzie) & George (Scott Porter)

Peter Mayfair (Peter Mackenzie) & George (Scott Porter)

George (Scott Porter) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

George (Scott Porter) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Tim (Derrick Williams)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Tim (Derrick Williams)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson), Lemon (Jaime King) & Tim (Derrick Williams)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson), Lemon (Jaime King) & Tim (Derrick Williams)


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Ecrit par: Alex Taub
Réalisé par: Janice Cooke

Guests :
Golden Brooks ... Ruby Jeffries
Mary Page Keller ... Emily Chase
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Grant Goodman ... Connor Snelling
Peter Mackenzie ... Peter Mayfair
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
John Eric Bentley ... Sheriff Bill
Derrick Williams ... Tim

Wade’s house

Wade: I-I just don't see what the problem is.

Zoe: I am tired of faking it. I'm not good at it.

Wade: Yeah, I know, every time you try, you get that goofy little smile on your face, like... Guh...

Zoe: Oh! Shut up, I'm serious. Why do I have to pretend to like Ruby Jeffries?

Wade: Because you're Lavon's friend, okay, and that's what friends do.

Zoe: No, what about honesty, integrity? What kind of world is it where we have to pretend?

George: Hey, Wade, you in there?

Zoe: Holy crap, it's George. You got to get rid of him.

Wade: Uh, door's open, Tucker.

Zoe: What are you doing?

George: Hey, man.

Wade: Hey, bud.

George: Just bringing back your fishing gear. And I'm going for a jog in a little bit. Do you want to tag along?

Wade: I'm feeling pretty beat right now, so I'll pass.

George: Getting soft in your old age, huh? Big night or something?

Wade: Aren't they all? Uh... I'll take a rain check on that run, all right?

George: Yeah, yeah, man, all right.

Wade: All right, buddy.

George: See you.

Zoe: Geez, have a whole conversation, why don't you?

Wade: You, uh, you find anything interesting back there... M-my socks, your dignity? Tell me again why we can't just tell Tucker what's going on between us.

Zoe: Because he's our friend.

Wade: So, Lavon's our friend, we got to be honest with him, and Tucker's our friend and we hide behind beds. You know, this is real complicated. I think I'd better write this down.

Zoe: It's not the same thing and you know it. We can't be honest with George now. it's too late. We tell him the truth, he won't understand and he will hate us forever... Both of us.

Wade: So, what, we just keep this a big secret until we all die?

Zoe: That would be the mature thing to do.

Wade: You don't think he saw us, do you?

Zoe: Now you ask.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Ruby: Mmm... Are you really gonna cut them onions that thin?

Lavon: What?

Ruby: What?

Lavon: Are you questioning my culinary prowess?

Ruby: No.

Lavon: Morning, Z, you want a omelet?

Zoe: Uh, no, you know, I am going egg-free.

Lavon: Oh. Since when?

Zoe: Starting today, now.

Ruby: Hmm. Wow, you don't know what you're missing.

Zoe: Looks like I'm missing "No Pants Saturday."

Ruby: I better go put some clothes on. Hey, do you want to come to dinner tonight? Lavon's cooking.

Zoe: Maybe, but I wouldn't count on me.

Ruby: Okay.

Lavon: You need to get on board with this… Ruby is my girlfriend.

Zoe: What? I'm being nice.

Lavon: No, you're not even trying. I can tell because of the way you scrunch your nose every time I say "girlfriend." Ah, yeah, see?

Zoe: Maybe my nose is just worried that Ruby Jeffries is never gonna stay in BlueBell and you're gonna get hurt. I said it.

Lavon: And why would your nose...? Why would you...?

Zoe: Because I get Ruby Jeffries. I am Ruby Jeffries. You know, if it wasn't for some weird alignment of the universe, I wouldn't have stuck around BlueBell. Plus, you told me that her own grandfather said that she wouldn't.

Lavon: I told you that in confidence, not so you could use it against me.

Zoe: You told me that because I'm your friend.

Lavon: Yeah, that's right, so be my friend. Ruby's trying. She's been nothing but nice to you, Zoe.

Zoe: Whatever... What do you want me to do? You know, I'm already faking it.

Lavon: Fake it better… You can start tonight at dinner.

Rammer Jammer

Peter Mayfair: Wade Kinsella, you are the answer to my prayers. Can't believe I finally found you.

Wade: Uh, well, it shouldn't be that hard, Reverend, I'm always here. What can I do for you and the, uh, big guy?

Peter Mayfair: Look, uh... Our Eagle Ranger troop is going on a camping trip tonight, and my co-leader came down with food poisoning. I'm just desperate to have someone fill in, and, well, you were my first choice.

Wade: Really, I was your first choice to lead a bunch of kids into the wilderness? What, you want me to teach 'em how much gin goes into an Alabama Slammer?

Peter Mayfair: Come on now, as I recall, you were an Eagle Ranger yourself.

Wade: For all of one day, and even at age ten, I wasn't a big fan of organized groups... N-no offense to your own. Uh, sorry, Rev, not for me. Coffee's at the end of the bar. help yourself.

George: Well, well, twice in one day, look at that.

Wade: Tucker, what you doing here? I thought you went for a run.

George: Nah, I thought better of it. Sounded like work. Listen, would you want to hit Tricky Rick's tonight? Maybe get a couple of drinks?

Wade: You asking me out on a date?

George: I just got something I need to talk to you about. You know, maybe somewhere not so public.

Wade: You kinda got that lawyer look. I'm not on trial, right?

George: Nah, I just need, like, an hour of your time.

Wade: Well I'd love to, but the thing is I'm-I'm leading the Eagle Ranger camping trip. Yeah, they're counting on me… So, sorry about that. All right.

George: Some... Some other time, then.

Peter Mayfair: And that's why Canadians don't eat cheese.

Wade: Reverend, count me in.

Peter Mayfair: Really?! Why?

Wade: Well, I just feel like it's time for me to give back, you know? Hell, maybe I can take one of these trips every weekend. When do we leave?


Emily: I tell you, I'm developing a serious case of affection for this little town. The historic sites, this bakery, the local medical professionals.

Brick: Well, it's my duty to inform you, there may not be a cure for that.

Emily: Hello, Magnolia.

Magnolia: Oh, Emily. Not bored of our little town yet?

Emily: It's a little slice of paradise.

Brick: Hey, there.

Magnolia: Did you just text me?

Brick: I was just looking for you. Come on.

Magnolia: Do not ever text me! Do you know how embarrassing that is? Lucas was holding my phone when I got a smiley-face text from my father.

Brick: I am sorry, but there's something I need to ask you… You know how you're always complaining about my cooking and about how I have no taste, so I can't buy you any clothes?

Magnolia: Uh-huh.

Brick: Well, tell me... How would you feel if I was to invite Emily to move to BlueBell? Maybe live with us?

Magnolia: You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the middle of the night and you're sure you're going to vomit? I'd feel like that... Only forever.


Lemon: See, Martha Stewart did not become Martha Stewart by selling gourmet foods to just her friends. She expanded her "brand awareness" And that is what we need to do.

AnnaBeth: Lemon, did you go to business school when I wasn't looking?

Lemon: If you subscribe to the right magazines, you don't have to go to business school. Besides, thinking about our catering company keeps me from thinking about Lavon, so...


Tim: Come on, one drink.  We'll see what happens.

Ruby: Ooh... I think we both know what's going to happen, which is why I'm saying no.

Tim: And yet, you're still standing here, so part of you must be intrigued by my proposal.

Ruby: All right. One drink. That's all.


Lemon: Positively scandalous!

AnnaBeth: In the daylight hours, too.

Lemon: Oh, poor Lavon.

AnnaBeth: Oh, no... I know that look. Lemon, this is not our business. You do not do anything crazy.

Lemon: Do I ever?


Zoe: No, no, no.

Lemon: Hey, you said you would listen to me, and you didn't even let me finish.

Zoe: Because when you finish, I'm know I'm going to say no, so I figured I would get it over with. This sounds like a scheme.

Lemon: It is not a scheme, all right? It is the right thing to do. We cannot go to Lavon until we have all the information.

Zoe: See? You keep saying "we" but I'm not...

Lemon: I need you. As a doctor, you are in a unique position. People open up to you. I'll point the guy out, and you're gonna go talk to him. Tell him that there's an outbreak of Ebola or Legionnaire's Disease or whatever, and all out-of-towners have to be checked. And then, when you're examine him, you get him to confirm whether or not he's Ruby Jeffries' secret lover.

Zoe: In your head, what would qualify as a scheme?

Camp Chickami

Peter Mayfair: Make a big pile over here. Set it down. Get it neat. Everybody, jump out, line up. Let's go! Line up here. Welcome to the Wilderness, Eagle Rangers. Now, take a deep breath. That's the fresh air of nature's playground. And it's all ours for the next 24 hours! Anything you want to add?

Wade: Uh... Try not to get killed by snakes.

Peter Mayfair: Okay. Words of wisdom. Now... Let's buddy up. You two...

George: Sorry I'm late.

Wade: What the hell? Who invited Tucker?

Peter Mayfair: He volunteered. I figure we could use the help. You know George was a Eagle Ranger for 12 years!

George: Hey, you want me to give the "Welcome to the Wilderness" speech?

Wade: It's been covered.

George: Oh, okay. Well, man, this is gonna be great. I love camping, and it looks like we'll finally get our chance to chat.

Peter Mayfair: Okay, George, why don't you take the lead, take the boys out to the campsite.

George: Of course, of course. Eagle Rangers, to the skies.

Wade: What am I supposed to do?

Peter Mayfair: I need you to take care of Connor Snelling. Connor's parents bring him out here every year, but he never wants to be here. I need you to make him want to be here.

Wade: Oh, yeah. I'm the guy for that job… Hey, Connor? Hey, bud? Hey, stinky face. Hey, Connor... Come on, you don't want to miss out on all the fun, right?

Connor: What if I did?

Wade: What?!

Connor: What if I did want to miss out on all the fun? Can I stay here?

Wade: J-Just get up. Come on.

Breeland’s house: patio

Emily: Well, they say there's a ghost at Fort Morgan. The original caretaker was beheaded by a cannonball.

Brick: You know, Magnolia's been studying local history. Sweetie, do you know anything about this ghost? Honey, put down the phone. We're playing a game, and it's your turn.

Magnolia: Fine… Oh. Oh, look! I get to buy a house. But, uh-oh, it's so small, there's only room for two.

Brick: You know, looks like there's plenty of room to me… Excuse me. Dr. Breeland.

Magnolia: Daddy, put down the phone. I thought we were playing a game.

Brick: Yes. Uh, I understand. I'll be right there. Jerry Turner's oxygen tank needs a refill. Oh. I'll, uh... I'll be back as soon as I can.

Emily: Don't worry. We'll be fine… So, should we keep playing?

Magnolia: I have to go to the bathroom. Might be a while. Don't wait up.

Camp Chickami

Wade: Hey. Dude, what are you doing?! You... You-you you bent it. What are you trying to do, hammer it into a rock?

Connor: It was like that when I got it.

Wade: No, it wasn't, 'cause I gave it to you. You know what happens if we don't get this tent up before dark?

Connor: I get to go home and sleep in my own bed?

Wade: Look, I'll take care of the tent, all right? You just, uh... Just keep a lookout, all right?

Connor: What am I looking out for?

Wade: George Tucker. You got to warn me if he starts heading this way. And if he does, uh... Can you fake a seizure?

Connor: No, but I can do impressions. Want to hear my Jay Leno?

Wade: God, no.

Connor: Bob Costas? Not interested? Fine. Why are you avoiding George Tucker?

Wade: Well... It's, uh... It's complicated. All right? George Tucker... He suspects that I have something he believes he should have. And, uh, well, if he found out that I do, in fact, have it, well, he'd be upset.

Connor: What do you have?

Wade: Well, uh... It's a, uh... It's a cookie. See-see, George thinks I took his cookie, but brother, that cookie wasn't his to begin with. All right? That was a... That was a... Free-range cookie, and I have zero interest, no interest at all into entering into any kind of cookie negotiations with him, all right? Zero.

Connor: If you need cookies, I got a whole stash of frosted animal cookies in the...

George: Hey, Wade? Hey, uh, you got a second now?

Wade: Real top-notch looking-out, buddy. Uh, George, I'm kind of in the middle of this whole tent thing, so may-maybe we could do this another... Time.

George: Wade, it's just one second, all right?

Wade: All right.

George: Okay, I've been trying to think of a good way to say this, and I guess sometimes it's just best to come right out with it.

Wade: Ah, not always.

George: Would you mind if I were to ask Tansy out?

Wade: Tansy?

George: Yeah.

Wade: As in my ex-wife... Tansy?

George: Yeah, well, we were hanging out a couple weeks ago, election day...

Wade: Huh.

George: Actually, and, well, we... We had a real connection. And I keep on thinking that I should maybe take her out and see if there's anything to it.

Wade: Uh-huh.

George: But I think that she might be a little self-conscious about the whole situation, unless, of course, you were okay with it, so... What do you say?

Wade: Well, well, I'll, uh... I'll marinate on it, get back to you. Bro, what did I tell you about hammering?


Lemon: Dr. Hart? Oh, thank God you are in. I met this nice visitor to our town, and I am terribly concerned that he might have a contagious case of pinkeye.

Tim: I'm so sorry to barge in on you like this, Doctor, but Ms. Breeland stopped me on the street and said my eye looked infected.

Zoe: Did she now?

Tim: Didn't even notice, but she insisted, and it is starting to ache a little.

Zoe: Lemon, a minute?

Lemon: I don't think we have a minute, Dr. Hart. I mean, shouldn't you examine Mister...?

Tim: Uh, Bunnell.

Lemon: I mean, we don't want him to remember BlueBell as the town where he went blind due to the negligence of its doctor. You know what? Go on. I'll wait right here. Dr. Hart is our second-best doctor in town, and you can just tell her anything.

Zoe: Please.

Tim: Right.

Zoe’s exam room

Zoe: There's no inflammation.

Tim: Oh, that's a relief. You know how it is... As soon as someone says your eye look red, they just start to itch.

Zoe: Right. I have to apologize on behalf of our aggressively compassionate townspeople.

Tim: Oh, it's no problem.  It's a welcome change from the impersonal, cold-blooded people of Dallas.

Zoe: Dallas. That's a long way away. You passing through? Visiting friends? A special someone?

Tim: Actually, I'm here on business.

Zoe: Really? What kind of business?

Tim: Corporate headhunter. A big fashion company... You'd recognize the name... Hired me to find them their new CEO.

Zoe: Oh, okay, and, uh, you thought you'd find him right here in BlueBell?

Tim: Well, without giving away any state secrets, your town is hiding one of the most sought-after CEO candidates in the country. But not for long. I believe we got her.

Zoe: You don't say. I'll be right back.

Practice: entrance

Lemon: So...?

Zoe: So, she's not sleeping with him, but she is going to break Lavon's heart. Why did you drag me into this?

Camp Chickami

Wade: Dude! Dude, you can't be here, man. Everybody's on the hike.

Connor: I figured I'd stay around in case they got massacred in the woods. Someone should call the cops. Besides, you're here.

Wade: Well, yeah, but I'm an adult, okay? I'm allowed to be. Plus, you know, I need some time to myself to think, so...

Connor: George Tucker mad about that cookie?

Wade: No. He-he doesn't even know about it, all right? He wanted to talk to me about something else. Can I...?

Connor: What?

Wade: Well... It's about a, uh... It's about a brownie that used to be in my kitchen, and, uh... and he found it out in the woods, and he wanted to know if it would be all right if he took it. You-you following me?

Connor: So, you're fighting about a giant cookie, and there's a brownie in the woods. I should have gone on that hike. I like brownies.

Wade: Point is, if I let him have the brownie, then George won't have any room for the cookie, right?

Connor: Why not? You give George the brownie, and you keep the cookie. Problem solved.


George: No?! What do you mean, "no"?

Wade: I mean no. That's my answer. You cannot date Tansy. No, no and no.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: I don't get it. Ruby said she was getting a manicure this afternoon.

Zoe: The good news is, it looks like she's not sleeping with another guy.

Lavon: How is that good news? I never thought she was.

Zoe: Well, I did. You know, before I spoke with Tim. I mean, he's the guy who...

Lavon: I heard. How does any of this qualify as you being supportive?

Zoe: Lavon, don't you think you're getting mad at the wrong person here? Look, I am just as upset as you are… Okay, maybe not just as, but in the same ballpark. You know.

Lavon: I should have seen this coming. She was never going to stick around BlueBell. You were right.

Zoe: Sometimes I hate being right.

Ruby: Mmm...! Something smells delicious! Zoe, so glad you came.

Zoe: Yay. Me, too. So glad.

Ruby: Mmm!

Breeland’s house: Magnolia’s room

Emily: Magnolia? I promised your dad I'd check on you before I left.

Magnolia: You checked, I'm fine, you can go now.

Emily: Is there anything I can do to help?

Magnolia: Yes. Absolutely. You're the very first person I want to confide in, since we know each other so well.

Emily: It's about a boy, right? A boy named... Lucas?

Magnolia: How'd you know?

Emily: Would you believe I'm psychic? Would you believe... You left your cell phone in the bathroom, and a text came in while I was in there? I just saw the one, but... He sounds like a real jerk.

Magnolia: If you say there's more fish in the sea, I swear, I'm going out the window.

Emily: Is that him? Hmm, not much to look at, is he?

Camp Chickami

George: You know, I was just trying to be a good guy. But this isn't the Middle Ages, and I don't need your blessing to date your ex-wife. For all you know, she might not even care, so I might just take my chances and ask her out anyway.

Wade: Yeah, that'd be a mistake. See, I may not be married to Tansy anymore, George, but I still care about her. And brother, I know you.

George: What's that supposed to mean?

Wade: It means I know y'all aren't right for each other. Okay, you and Tansy... You're not even from the same planet, Tucker.

Peter Mayfair: Gentlemen, we have a Code Red.

Wade: What's that?

Peter Mayfair: I did a head count, and one of the Eagle Rangers is missing.

Wade: Which one?

Peter Mayfair: Yours, Kinsella... Connor. Now, you two get out there and find him right now! Come on!

George: Big surprise.

Wade: Shut up!

George: Oh.

Lavon’s house: lunch room

Ruby: Mmm. Lavon, this dinner is perfect! Mmm! You all right? You're awful quiet.

Zoe: He, uh, gets like that sometimes. When he grills. The propane.

Ruby: Hmm.

Lavon: So, uh, how was your day?

Ruby: Oh, you know, uneventful.

Lavon: Your manicure went... Smoothly?

Ruby: It... Did.

Zoe: We should talk more about the steak. Want to know why? 'Cause that flank is bank. That's how the kids say good.

Lavon: 'Cause your nail polish... It doesn't look particularly new. As a matter of fact, it looks just like the same old nail polish you had on this morning. What do you think, Zoe?

Zoe: I-I didn't notice.

Ruby: You're asking me a lot of questions about my nail polish.

Lavon: Well, you know, as-as, uh, mayor, I should know if our local salon is underperforming.

Ruby: Well, seems like it's... A little more than that. Lavon, if you got something to ask me... Ask me.

Lavon: Okay, fine. This afternoon, when you said you were getting a manicure, were you actually meeting with a headhunter about a job out of town?

Ruby: You are unbelievable. You spied on me?

Lavon: No... No.

Ruby: Oh, please...

Lavon: Lavon Hayes does not spy.

Ruby: Course not. Right, right, right. He had his best friend and tenant do it for him.

Zoe: Oh, no, I don't spy. I'm a doctor. I treat, I heal...

Lavon: Well, d-don't turn this around, now, 'cause you're the one planning to take a job you weren't actually gonna tell me about.

Zoe: I mend.

Ruby: You want to know why I didn't tell you? Because I wasn't gonna take the job, and I didn't want to worry you. The board wanted to meet with me in Dallas, and I said no.

Lavon: I'm supposed to believe that.

Ruby: Yes. Yes, shocking, because I was being honest when I said I had every intention of staying here, Lavon, and seeing if you and I had something...

Zoe: Who's ready for dessert?

Ruby: I'm being honest now when I say you're the same jackass as you were when you left for college.

Lavon: Hey, Ruby, baby...

Ruby: No, you know what? Don't bother. I just changed my mind. I think I will interview for that job. Thank you, Lavon, for your trust in me. And thank you, Zoe, for making a difficult decision a lot easier. Enjoy the dinner.

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: I can't believe I bought into your shenanigans.

Lemon: You know what, sometimes "shenanigans" is just another word for doing what's necessary.

Zoe: We screwed up a perfectly happy relationship. Now Ruby is leaving, and she won't even talk to Lavon, and we have to fix this.

Lemon: Okay, that is too many words in a row. Just take a breath, Zoe. You are looking at this all the wrong way. I mean, even if Lavon and Ruby do split up, we knew that she was gonna break his heart eventually, so maybe this is for the best, and why not just let it happen?

Zoe: How can you say that?

Lemon: Sometimes I open my mouth and the truth, it just comes out.

Zoe: The truth? What part of what you just said is the... Oh, my God, Lemon, this is about you. You still have feelings for Lavon. Deny it. Please deny it.

Lemon: It may be possible that I... Still have feelings for Lavon.

Zoe: How could I be so gullible? I'm from New York.

Lemon: Yes, please, remind me again.

Zoe: I screwed over my best friend, torpedoed his relationship. We can't do this.

Lemon: I am not doing anything. I am simply letting nature take its course.

Zoe: No, you are not. You are like one of those super villains, making nature do what you want it to do. Lemon, you had your chance with Lavon. You broke his heart. Now, we have to make this right. He deserves to be happy.

Lemon: You know what? So do I.


George: Hey... Hey, you want to slow down a little bit?

Wade: You having a hard time keeping up, Tucker?

George: No, but there are protocols that we need to be following here, all right? We need to alert Baldwin County Search and Rescue, have them put a team in place.

Wade: I know I'm no lifelong Eagle Ranger, but before we call in the Air Force or whatever, maybe we should just continue following the, uh, trail of frosted animal cookies.

George: I guess we could try that first.

Rammer Jammer / Woods

Wade: Hello?

Zoe: Hey. It's me. Look, I am so sorry to bug you, but I kind of have an emergency here, and I could use some advice.

Wade: Yeah, George and I have a bit of an issue, too. We're trying to track down a kid.

Zoe: Wait, George is with you? Hey, could you put him on? He'll know what to do.

Wade: Tucker, it's for you.

Breeland’s house: patio

Emily: Well, put money on it... 15 years from now, you will not remember that boy's name.

Brick: Well, well, well.

Emily: Hey, Brick. Now, don't be alarmed, but we've cleaned all the pie out of your freezer.

Brick: Well, you know, let me clean up. I'll join you.

Magnolia: I'm going to bed, but, Daddy, can I talk to you? I thought about it, and... If you want to ask Emily to... You know... Well, I probably won't go looking for circuses to join.


George: Well, I mean... I think you just got to be honest. You know, lay it on the line. I don't think you really have much of a choice. Yep, all right. Well, good... Good luck. Okay… What?

Wade: I want to know why you're never gonna get my permission to date Tansy, George? This. This is the reason right here.

George: 'Cause I took a phone call in the woods?

Wade: Because you're never gonna end up with Tansy, or anyone like her, okay? She's like a placeholder to you, George. She's the '64 Mustang that you rent before you settle down and buy the sedan.

George: Can we just calm down so we can talk about this rationally, Wade?

Wade: I'm gonna tell you exactly how it's gonna happen. You're gonna take Tansy out on a few dates, you're gonna have a grand old time, and then you're gonna leave her in the dust when you move on to the girl you think you're supposed to be with... Zoe Hart. Mm-hmm.

George: Wade, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Wade: I know exactly what I'm talking about, brother. Hey... You're not even listening to me.

George: Found our runner.

Connor: I understand you like cookies.

Ruby’s porch

Zoe: This whole situation is my fault, and I'm sorry.

Ruby: Zoe, look, I...

Zoe: I got in Lavon's head. I planted doubt. But I thought it was the right thing to do. Please... Please give Lavon a second chance. I mean, he thinks the world of you, and he's the best judge of character I know.

Ruby: Zoe, I thought about it, and... Truth is, you did me a favour.

Zoe: I don't understand.

Ruby: I didn't come back to BlueBell to get involved with an old boyfriend. This was supposed to be a rest stop, a place for me to figure out my next move. That was the plan.

Zoe: Sometimes plans change.

Lavon’s house

Lemon: I heard... What happened with Ruby. So... I made you a Bundt cake. The kind you like, with the chocolate filling.

Lavon: I appreciate it. I'd invite you in, but, uh... I'm not very good company right now.

Lemon: I understand. I just... I wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.

Ruby’s porch

Zoe: What about Lavon?

Ruby: Lavon's a really good guy. But I can't derail my life for a murky future in a small town… Even with a good guy.

Lavon’s house

Lemon: This one really hurt, huh?

Lavon: It kind of took me by surprise. I didn't realize how... Hard I'd fallen for Ruby. And I think I lost her.

Ruby’s porch

Zoe: You know, don't think about the future. Just take it one day at a time.

Ruby: I'm not like you, Zoe. I'm not comfortable living in the unknown. I'm going to the interview. I owe it to myself.

Lavon’s house

Lemon: I'm sorry.

Lavon: I haven't taken a leap like this since...

Lemon: I'm sorry about that, too.

Lavon: Took me a long time to get over you. I finally found someone that makes me happy, and now... I almost wish she never came back to town. 'Cause now I know what I'm gonna miss.

Lemon: Yeah.

Lavon: Thank you for the cake.

Ruby’s porch / Lavon’s porch

Zoe: Lemon?

Lemon: Listen, you were right about Lavon. We have to fix this.

Zoe: I don't think it's fixable.

Lemon: Do you know who you're talking to? This is Lemon Breeland. I have a plan.  Meet me in five minutes.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Nah, nah, I don't want any part of this.

Lemon: But you don't even know the plan.

Zoe: Just hear us out and you can reject it later. Start before he says no again.

Lemon: Okay, in one hour, headhunter Tim is sending a limo to pick Ruby up to bring her to the airport.

Zoe: But before it gets to her, the limo will be detained by Sheriff Bill. At which point, a second limo will arrive in front of the Jeffries' house.

Lemon: And guess who's driving that limo. You.

Lavon: And that's the plan?

Lemon: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: Yep. You drive Ruby to the airport, you have 30 minutes of her undivided attention where you can lay out your case.

Lavon: One problem: I don't have a case to lay out.

Lemon: Yes, you do. You want her to stay.

Lavon: That's never gonna happen. She said as much, right? A murky future. Life of the unknown. Ruby's just killing time with me till something better comes along. Something better just came, so...

Zoe: No! You are wrong. All great relationships start with a murky future. And all the perfect relationships where people think they're going to be together forever, they explode. Romeo and Juliet? Dead. Antony and Cleopatra? Dead. Kristen and Rob? Splitsville. No one knows what's gonna happen. The future is a mystery. The only relationships guaranteed to fail are the ones we don't chase.

Lemon: Rob and Kristen are back together, but her point still applies.

Zoe: Shh.


Wade: Look, I can out-wait you. I once spent five days in a tree. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to talk.

Connor: You don't even know why I'm here.

Wade: Is this 'cause I didn't want to hear your stinkin' Jay Leno impression? I'm sorry, okay? I've been, uh, preoccupied. Why are you here?

Connor: The Wilderness Run is tomorrow.

Wade: I thought everybody loves the Wilderness Run.

Connor: Not everyone. Not the kid who gets laughed at every year. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm not really an athlete, I'm kind of heavy, I'm a slow runner... Hey, if you want to disagree...

Wade: I don't. You're right. You are not the, uh, traditional Eagle Ranger type.

Connor: Wow, you really are bad at this.

Wade: Yeah… Maybe that's 'cause I was only an Eagle Ranger for all of four hours myself.

Connor: You got kicked out?

Wade: No. No, sir. I quit. Showed up that first day, took a look around at the other kids and I decided, eh, wasn't for me. They thought they were all better than me... Faster, stronger, smarter. So, I bailed. Big mistake.

Connor: Why?

Wade: 'Cause sometimes... Sometimes the things you tell yourself when you're ten years old, they become kind of truth. So, here I am, 20 years later, I still believe I'm second-rate to some of those guys. Even the ones I'm still friends with. You can't grow up feeling like you're not as good as the people around you. That's why you got to participate in the Wilderness Run tomorrow.

Connor: Even though I can't run?

Wade: Who says you gotta run?

Breeland’s house: patio

Emily: Fun night.

Brick: Yeah.

Emily: I almost hate to go back to the real world tomorrow.

Brick: Well, what if you didn't?

Emily: I'm sorry?

Brick: Emily... I think you should move here. I mean, we wouldn't have to say good-bye every other Sunday night. No more Skyping. Be in the same zip code. I'm ready for that now. And now I think my family is, too.

Emily: Brick, I-I... Like my life the way it is right now. I just don't think I'm ready for anything more.

Brick: Emily, I have been alone for 13 years. And I was fine with that... Until I met you. And now, I just can't imagine it any other way. Is that too quick? Maybe. But when you know, you just know. Now, come on, let's not waste any more time. Let's just jump on this train, and see where it takes us.


Ruby: You have got to be kidding me.

Lavon: I've never been more serious. Despite the hat. Can I take your bag?

Ruby: There's no other limo coming tonight, is there?

Lavon: No.

Ruby: Lavon, I'm going to Dallas. I'm interviewing for that job. And there's nothing you can do to stop me… Even with that hat.

Lavon: I understand. Just give me from here to the airport to uh... Make my case.

Ruby: Your case?

Lavon: Yeah… Starts with Romeo and Juliet and, uh, ends with a... Mind-blowing and eloquent speech from your driver.

Lemon: You sure we did the right thing?

Zoe: Yes.

Lemon: Just checking.

Camp Chickami

George: Eagle Rangers, line it up... Wilderness Run's about to begin. Hey, Wade, hey. Where's Connor? He's supposed to participate in this.

Wade: Oh, he's gonna participate. He just, uh, won't be running. We had something else in mind.

George: Wh...

Connor: Welcome to hell, little Rangers. Also known as the 25th Annual Wilderness Run. When you hear the whistle, go out there and get some!

George: All right, you heard the man. On your marks, get set...

Connor: Marcus "The Machine" Miller is wearing his lucky purple socks. Miller is not far behind Darryl Braxton Hicks and he's wearing no socks at all. Maybe that's why he's so fast. Oh, and down goes Hicks! If he were a horse, they'd have to shoot him.

Rammer Jammer

Lavon: I left it all on the field. You know, I told her that, uh... Epic love affairs only come around once in a lifetime, but there's always gonna be another job.

Zoe: Good. Then what happened?

Lavon: And then she got on the plane for Dallas. Haven't heard from her since. I keep checking the phone, but...

Zoe: There you go.

Ruby: Mayor Hayes. Dr. Hart.

Zoe: Hey, Ruby, I was just leaving. Catch up with you later?

Ruby: Okay.

Lavon: So... Did you have a good trip?

Ruby: I took the job.

Lavon: And right to the point. No dinner, no foreplay.

Ruby: However... I told them I couldn't start till the first of the year, which is a while from now.

Lavon: You said that?

Ruby: Yeah.

Lavon: What do you think you might do till then?

Ruby: I was... Thinking I could spend that time here... With you. See what we have together. See if it works.

Lavon: And if it doesn't, you... You take the job in Dallas. And if it does, you still take the job in Dallas. What kind of a plan is that?

Ruby: Lavon... It's a work in progress. Something that we can figure out together. I mean, I don't, I don't know what the future's gonna look like, but I know what I want. I want a chance to have it all. You, job... The whole world. So, what you think?

Lavon: I'm in.

Ruby: Yeah?

Lavon: All right... Yeah.

Breeland’s house: patio

Magnolia: Where's Emily?

Brick: Oh, she... Is gone. And I don't think we're gonna be seeing much more of her.

Magnolia: And after I was so nice to her, too. I won't make that mistake again… Daddy... Are you okay?

Brick: I will be.

Magnolia: You want to hear about all the other fish in the sea?

Brick: Nobody wants to hear that.

Camp Chickami

Peter: Mayfair: All right, guys, five minutes, then we're packing up. Five minutes, let's go.

George: You did a good job with that kid, man.

Wade: Well... Guess my four hours of being an Eagle Ranger weren't a total loss.

George: Hey, look, man, just so, uh, so everything's out on the table, uh, I called Tansy, left her a message.

Wade: I kind of figured you would. Word of advice... Don't let her drive.

George: Okay, I hear you on that. But, uh, man, I want you to know something, all right? I don't see Tansy the way that you think that I do. I'm not saying I'm gonna marry her or anything, but... I don't see her as a placeholder.

Wade: All right. Hey, appreciate it.

George: And, uh, Wade, if, uh... If that's how you think Zoe sees you, then you should talk to her. Okay? Don't let it drive you crazy… What? Yeah, I know... I've known for a while and I'm okay with it, well, I'm... Kind of okay with it… Just talk to her. Good luck.

Zoe’s house

Zoe: Hello. How was the wilderness?

Wade: Uh... It was interesting.

Zoe: Yeah? I have had a couple of interesting days myself. Do you want to come in? We can forget our interesting days together.

Wade: I-I was actually hoping we, uh... We could talk.

Zoe: Talk? We don't talk. But we could talk. What do you want to talk about?

Wade: Well, uh, a couple... Things actually. First... Turns out, George Tucker knows about us.

Zoe: He knows?

Wade: Yeah, and, uh, he doesn't care. Uh, he says he's fine with it.

Zoe: Really? He is?

Wade: Yeah.

Zoe: Well, that-that is cool. That is great, you know, because... That's what I wanted and now we don't have to worry about it. What is the second thing?

Wade: Uh... There is no second thing.

Zoe: But you said you had a couple of things to talk to me about.

Wade: Guess I must've counted wrong. Look... I think I'm-I'm gonna head back over to my place, take a shower, you know, wash the, uh, the woods off.

Zoe: Okay. Well, are you gonna come over later?

Wade: I don't think so. Got to be up early, so...

Zoe: All right… Well, have a good night.

Wade: Yeah... You too.

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