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#116 : L'Homme de l'année

Au grand désespoir de Brick, George est nommé «Homme de l'année» par la ville de Bluebell. En tant que maire, Lavon doit organiser un cocktail en l'honneur du gagnant, mais sa relation avec Lemon complique les choses. Heureusement, Zoe accepte l'aider à organiser la réception. Mais l'événement se transforme en désastre lorsque la jeune femme doit improviser un discours.


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Tributes & Triangles

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L'Homme de l'année

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George (Scott Porter) & Lemon (Jaime King)

George (Scott Porter) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Brick (Tim Matheson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Brick (Tim Matheson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Brick (Tim Matheson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Brick (Tim Matheson)


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Ecrit par: Michelle Paradise
Réalisé par: Joe Lazarov

Guests :
Reginald VelJohnson ... Dash DeWitt
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
Michael Spound ... Cleve Wallace
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Ross Philips ... Tom Long
Deborah S. Craig ... Shelley Ng
Armelia McQueen ... Shula Whitaker

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Tom: People, it's here! The MOTY! It's the MOTY! It's the MOTY! It's the MOTY.

Zoe: So, you dragged me here. Now, can you tell me what this MOTY is that everyone is so excited about?

Lavon: Yeah.

Zoe: Is it a car? 'Cause my ex-boyfriend used to always take me to see cars.

Lavon: MOTY. M-O-T-Y.

Zoe: Uh-huh… Ah!

Lavon: The award is given every year by the BlueBell Owls. That's our men's club, like the Elks or the Lions.

Zoe: Okay, and "whoooo" is in it?

Lavon: I'm not talking to you.

Zoe: Oh, come on. All right, I'm sorry. Please tell me about the MOTY.

Lavon: It's actually a very big honour.

Zoe: Let me guess.

Lavon: There's a big town event. No, Dr. Sarcastic. There are two. Tonight, Mayor Lavon Hayes will host an intimate cocktail party for the winner, his family and the Owls. Tomorrow's a big gala event at the old Cotton Exchange building. You know your father, Harley... God rest his soul... He won ten years in a row.

Zoe: Wait. I'm assuming that it's your turn this year?

Lavon: This year's winner remains a mystery, though doctors... They do have a leg up in the whole benefitting humanity thing.

Rammer Jammer

Tom: The MOTY! You must be so nervous! I couldn't take the suspense. I can't watch a season finale of America's Next Top model without my throat closing up.

Brick: Well, you ought to come see me about that.

Tom: Yeah?

Brick: Yeah. Now, if you'll excuse me?

Dash: Hear ye. Hear ye.

Brick: If you'll excuse me.

Dash: Hear ye. Hear ye. Gather round, everybody. Let's all gather. Now, the Man of the Year must be a role model. A man who has dedicated his entire life and career to helping the people of BlueBell. So, please join me and my fellow members of BlueBell Fraternal Order of the Owls... In celebrating the MOTY… Ah… Mr. George Tucker!

Tom: Yeah!

Dash: Congratulations.

George: Thank you so much.

Dash: Mm-hmm.

George: It's an honour.

Brick: Congratulations, George.

George: Oh, thank you, Brick. I...

Tom: George.

George: Oh.

Tom: Congratulations.

Lemon: You okay, Daddy?

Brick: Yeah. No, I'm great. Listen, I couldn't be more proud of my future son-in-law. I'm so... Proud.

George: Is he, uh...?

Lemon: Oh, he's fine.

George: Okay?

Lemon: He's fine, and you deserve it!

George: Wow. It does mean a lot. 'Cause I remember being here 15 years ago when my dad won, and I just... Never thought I'd be on that list. Bet he'd be proud.

Lemon: Well, I'm sure he would be.

George: You think maybe I should call 'em, see if they want to come to the ceremony?

Lemon: It's just, you know, remember what they did to you at Planksgiving?

George: Baby, I know, but they're... They're still my parents.

Lemon: I'm just thinking of you, okay? Because every time that they come to town, it's always about them, and you end up getting hurt, and I'm sorry, but I don't like it.

George: Okay, okay. You're right. Okay?

Lemon: All right.

George: All right.

Lavon: George Tucker. I did not see that one coming.

Zoe: Oh, man. Now you have to throw a cocktail party in his honour tonight?

Lavon: If you hear a scream from my place later, it's just me lifting weights. That's all.

Outside Wade’s house

Wade: Oh. Hey, Magnolia. Nice helmet.

Magnolia: Hey, Wade. Um, I was just taking a shortcut from the Rammer Jammer.

Wade: Okay.

Magnolia: Uh, you missed the big MOTY announcement.

Wade: Oh, yeah. Take it I won?

Magnolia: You're funny. Um, okay, I'll-I'll talk to you later.

Wade: Okay. Ride safe.


Zoe: Well, there he is, the MOTY himself. I'm new here, so, I don't know. Am I supposed to curtsy, or is kissing your hand enough?

George: It's not like that at all. You just got to make sure you call me Your Majesty and don't make direct eye contact. What are you doing at City Hall?

Zoe: Um, well, I have decided to change my name.

George: Really?

Zoe: Yeah. Turns out that my dad moved back to New York and kind of didn't tell me.

George: Ouch.

Zoe: I have tried so hard to please him. Obviously, the only thing Ethan Hart cares about is the fact that we don't share the same DNA, so I'm done with him and everything to do with him.

George: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. So, what's the new name gonna be?

Zoe: I don't know yet. I used to write Zoe Bon Jovi in my...

George: Zoe Bon Jovi.

Zoe: Hey!

George: Ow!

Zoe: And there's always Zoe Wilkes. I mean, I didn't know him; I know he was a great guy. Although it'd be a lot of pressure for me to win Man of the Year… Parents. If only we could figure out a system where we could get born without them.

George: Oh, no. No, I've seen movies like that. They never end well. I got to admit, I'm having some family troubles of my own, too. My brother Harry... He's running for state senate. And over Planksgiving, my dad came down here and tried and get me to take Harry's spot. But he did it by lying to me and manipulating Lemon, and...

Zoe: Have you spoken to him since?

George: No. No way… I mean, he keeps calling, but I haven't called him back. And then, this whole Man of the Year thing... It's almost like it doesn't mean anything without him seeing it. You know, I just... You know what? Maybe you got the right idea. I'm just gonna... I'm just gonna cut him out completely...

Zoe: George, I wanted a dad. He just didn't want me back. I think that you wanting your dad to be proud... It's natural. I mean, what if one day, you decide you're finally ready to reach out, and it's too late? Anyway, see you around.

George: Um... Yeah.

Zoe: Oh. I'm sorry. See you around, Your Majesty.

George: Not in the eye.

Zoe: No.

George: You just looked me right in the eye.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: So, I see it's going well.

Lavon: Oh, fantastic! My speech to George rivals the Gettysburg Address. Except that the Gettysburg Address had words. The cocktail party... That's going to be awesome. Yeah, tailored to fit our Man of the Year's every whim.

Zoe: What's this? Po Boys, shrimpy bites?

Lavon: Lemon came by to assure there was no disappointment in the finger foods.

Zoe: This is why it's lucky I moved to this town. I can help you. I will take care of the entire party.

Lavon: Zoe, you're not even invited to the party. It's an intimate gathering for those who are intimate, and apparently, once were.

Zoe: Why, thank you. I'd be honoured to go as your plus one.

Lavon: No offense, but you-you planned a party for me once before.

Zoe: Which is why I owe you big-time. There will be no repeat of the homecoming debacle. I can do this. You go write. One score and nine years ago, Mrs. Tucker brought forth from her... Lady parts...

Lavon: No. No, don't make me think about that.

Zoe: I just did!

Lavon: Delete. Delete.

Breeland’s house

George: Lemon!

Lemon: George, honey, there you are. There's no such thing as being fashionably late when you are the guest of honour.

Harold: Hello, Lemon.

Lemon: Honey… Harold. I wasn't expecting you this evening.

Harold: I just arrived.

Lemon: Well, why don't you go make yourself a drink while George helps me with this zipper? I'm sure you can find the liquor. When it comes to alcohol, you're like a truffle pig.

Harold: Of course.

George: I'm so sorry to spring this on you last minute. I decided to call him this afternoon. It was more as a courtesy than anything, really. I didn't actually expect him to show up.

Lemon: I thought that we agreed that you weren't going to invite him.

George: Yeah, yeah, and then... I changed my mind.

Lemon: All of a sudden, you just changed your mind?

George: Yeah, well, I realized that there were some things that I hadn't quite considered.

Lemon: So, you realized that? Just came to that conclusion all on your own?

Harold: Oh. We should go. Don't want to be late for my boy's big night.

MOTY ceremony

Harold: I can't tell you how much it means that you invited me, George. And your mom wishes she could have made it, too.

George: Well, her first grandbaby's chicken pox... It's gonna trump any awards ceremony. It's fine, Dad.

Harold: Clora wanted to be here for other reasons. We know we made mistakes last time we were here, and we are so deeply sorry. There shouldn't be bad blood between family.

Lemon: Of course not.

Harold: Oh, I'm gonna go thank the mayor. Excuse me.

Lemon: Does he really think that half-baked apology is gonna erase everything that he did to you?

George: I will not forget what he did. But he is my father, and he is trying. And I think as long as he's trying, we should try and forgive him, don't you?

Lemon: Sweetheart, it is one thing to forgive, but it is another to fall into the same abusive patterns over and over again. And I bet he has yet another agenda.

George: Or, he could just want to see his son's big night.

Lemon: Listen, I hate that we are disagreeing about this, all right? I realize that this is your night, and... Oh, look who's turned into the party crasher! I have accepted the fact that you and Zoe are friends, but what I cannot accept is the fact that she's wiggling her way into our family business. George, why would you ever listen to her advice and invite your father?

George: Zoe only suggested that I invite my dad. She only did it 'cause she cares.

Lemon: George, you know how she feels. She more than cares for you.

George: Baby, we are just friends. That is all.

Lemon: Fine… Fine. Well, we don't need to talk about it anymore.

George: Baby, thank you.

Brick: Dash, you are looking mighty dapper tonight.

Dash: I do appreciate a sartorial opportunity.

Brick: This year's MOTY was, uh, was a bit of a surprise, don't you think?

Dash: Well, the voting was very, very close, I'll tell you that.

Brick: Oh, how close, just out of curiosity?

Dash: You mean why didn't you win?

Brick: No, I wouldn't have expected that. I mean... But I would be interested to know what the deciding factors were. Purely on a statistical level.

Dash: I'll tell you this, Brick. Michael Roberts was on the selection committee.

Brick: And?

Dash: He's your daughter Magnolia's principal.

Brick: I am aware. And?

Dash: Well... It seems Magnolia has been sassing teachers and cutting class. I'm sorry, Brick, but the Owls believe that our children are a reflection of ourselves. And your little angel has been a bit of a hoo-hooo-hooligan.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: Hey, Magnolia, what you doing here?

Magnolia: My dad and Lemon went off to celebrate the MOTY and left me nothing good to eat. MOTY, I mean, even the name is embarrassing. I cannot wait till I'm old enough to get out of here.

Wade: BlueBell's not so bad. Nice people, good fishing. You just got to find the thing that makes you want to stay.

Magnolia: Well, what makes you want to stay?

Wade: My band for one. We're called Sippin' Whiskey. I play lead guitar, write all the songs, pretty badass.

Magnolia: Wait, you have a band? Nuh-uh. That... That is so cool. I tried to start a band, but none of my friends were into it.

Wade: Right on.

Magnolia: Oh, my God, I have the best idea! We should perform at the MOTY thing tomorrow night! Together.

Wade: What?

Magnolia: You write a song for George, and I'll sing it with you!

Wade: Look, Magnolia, that's a sweet idea and all...

Magnolia: But I can sing... Really good. Please, Wade, I mean, singing with you, the coolest guy on the whole eastern shore, would be like the highlight of my entire stupid life.

Wade: Well... Yeah… I guess is could be kind of fun.

Magnolia: I'll see you tomorrow for practice. Your place at noon.

Wade: All right.

Shelley: You do realize you just made a date with a 14-year-old?

MOTY party

Dash: Mr. Mayor.

Lavon: Yeah.

Dash: Big speech time, huh?

Lavon: Oh, yeah.

Dash: Personally, I can't wait. I hope it's as good as the one you gave for Harley last year.

Lavon: Me, too.

Zoe: You'll be great.

Dash: Ladies, gentlemen and Owls, hoo-hoo. Please welcome our very fine mayor, Mr. Lavon Hayes.

Zoe: Hoo!

Lavon: Yeah… Thank you, Dash. This year's Man of the Year is George Tucker… George... Is a man… Uh... Man... Who is, uh, Man of the Year. And what is a man? Um, some say that comes from the Latin, "mano," which means hand.

Zoe: Lavon? I-I am so sorry, but you have an urgent phone call.

Lavon: Oh?

Zoe: It's the governor. Who says it's urgent. He's on the line in your study. Or she, you know, I don't really keep up.

Lavon: Okay, well, uh, if you all will excuse me.

Zoe: Well, on behalf of the mayor, thank you all so much for coming.

Dash: No, no, no, no. We cannot have a MOTY cocktail party without a speech. So, I'm sure the mayor wouldn't mind if I just go ahead and read it for him.

Zoe: No. No, that's okay. I took a public speaking course in college, and I got an A-plus-plus.

Dash: Oh.

Zoe: So, I'm really good.

Dash: Okay, all right, then.

Zoe: Okay… George Tucker is a man. A man... Who saved the hardware store, A man who got Eric Sunberg his job back, who also did lots of things to make this town love him. George... Doesn't do it for money or because it makes him popular… He does it out of love. Because he loves this town. And this town is lucky to have him.

George: Wow, I didn't know Lavon actually liked me that much.

Zoe: Lucky to know someone so funny and charming. A man who listens, when he's with you. Who really hears you. Who gets you, like no one else ever did… Says me, Lavon Hayes. Boy, the mayor really loves the third person… So, to George Tucker.

George: Lavon, thank you... For that; that was... Thank you.

Lavon: You're wel...

Lemon: Your speech was so amazing. I would... I would love it for my-my files or to frame it to best remember the mayor's words.

Zoe: Well, as long as it's...

Lemon: Oh, come on. This is such a great moment. We want to...

Zoe’s house

Lavon: Zoe? You okay?

Zoe: Do me a quickie favour, smother me to death with this pillow? I was just trying to cover for you, but I got carried away.

Lavon: Why didn't you tell me you have a thing for George?

Zoe: Because I've been working like crazy to not have a thing for George ever since I got here. But then he walks around all Man-of-the-Year-y, and I get carried away. Now you know. Lemon knows. Brick knows. That's gonna be fun. They know, right?

Lavon: Oh, they know.

Zoe: Oh, God. It's like something's happened over the past few weeks, like, ever since I found out that Lemon cheated, I feel justified in my feelings. I know that sounds horrible, but I swear it's subconscious.

Lavon: I believe you, but it does make me wonder. I mean, you have this information.

Zoe: I'm not going to tell him, Lavon.

Lavon: What if you were drunk? What if Lemon chases you through Town Square with an ax?

Zoe: I've pictured that many times. But I still wouldn't tell.

Lavon: You said yourself, some things are subconscious.

Zoe: My subconscious knows not to betray my best friend. I promise, you have nothing to worry about. I, on the other hand, have to find another secret dead parent to leave me their medical practice, 'cause I can never face those people again. I may just have to change my name to Zoe Harlot Pariah.

Lavon: Sounds like a Pilgrim.


George: Babe, you can't really be jealous of her right now. I mean, we nearly eloped last week. We are in a great place, babe, and nothing and no one is gonna come between us.

Lemon: But you listened to her about inviting your dad here, and you didn't even bother to tell me that he was coming.

George: I listened to her because she had a point. He is my father. And I want... I just need to have a relationship with him.

Lemon: Well, I think that I know you, pretty well, too. And I know your father. And I'm sorry, baby, but I don't trust him. And he may act nice, but...

George: Babe, this might be hard to believe, but I really do think the man is trying to change. He skipped a quarterly meeting with his partners to come down here and be here tonight. He didn't even skip that meeting for my high school graduation.

Lemon: George, I love that you want to see the best in people, but please be careful. Because sometimes, seeing the best just means not seeing the truth.

Breeland’s house

Brick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going, young lady?

Magnolia: Wade Kinsella's. We're performing at the MOTY tonight.

Brick: Over my dead body. You're gonna stay home, and you are gonna do your homework.

Magnolia: But there's no homework this weekend. They wanted us to focus all our attention on the MOTY.

Brick: Uh-huh.

Magnolia: Mm-hmm.

Brick: You listen to me, young lady. I spoke to Principal Roberts. I know what's going on at school. Your attitude, your bad grades. Now, I expect all bad behaviour to cease immediately. Now, you get on back to your room, and you get to work.

Magnolia: Okay. Sorry, Daddy.

Brick: That's a good girl. I'll be in my study if you need any help.

Wade’s terrace

Magnolia & Wade:

George Tucker, he's the Man of the Year

BlueBell's own superhero

George Tucker, let's drink a beer-o

To my old pal George

Magnolia: That was good.

Wade: Yeah, we kind of need to change that last line.

Magnolia: But I like that line.

Wade: Yeah, but you can't drink a beer.

Magnolia: It is just a song, and it's great. You're so talented, Wade.

Wade: Thanks. Well, not exactly Bob Dylan.

Magnolia: Seriously, I think it's a travesty that George Tucker is Man of the Year and not you. I mean, who cares if he has a fancy job or whatever. The MOTY should go to someone who stands for something.

Wade: And what is it you think I stand for?

Magnolia: Not giving a rat's ass.

Wade: It's not like I don't care about anything.

Magnolia: I mean, what is the big deal about George Tucker anyway? Oh, my God. You know what I overheard my sister saying?

Wade: What?

Magnolia: That Dr. Zoe Hart made a complete fool of herself last night and recited some totally overboard speech about what a dreamboat George is.

Brick: Magnolia Breeland! You are grounded until further notice.

Magnolia: Give me a break, Dad. It's not like I'm in a crack house.

Brick: I told you to do your homework; I forbade you to come here.

Wade: Look, I had no idea.

Brick: are you gonna realize that your actions reflect poorly upon me and poorly on our family? Your choices, your associations...

Magnolia: What associations, Dad?

Brick: Certain associations, which do not show you or your family in their best light. That is all. You are grounded; you're beyond grounded. Come on. Let's go home.

Magnolia: Fine. Fine, Dad!


Lemon: If you'd wanted to apologize, a phone call would have sufficed. How could you let Zoe Hart embarrass us all like that?

Lavon: Yeah, about her. I-I should've been honest as soon as I... I would feel dishonest if I didn't...

Lemon: Okay, just spit it out. Please, I have a hundred things to do before tonight.

Lavon: Zoe knows.

Lemon: Zoe knows what? What does Zoe know?

Lavon: About us.

Lemon: How the hell did that happen?

Lavon: She figured it out. I tried to lie.

Lemon: Well, you should've tried harder!

Lavon: Lemon, it's okay. You don't have to worry. She won't tell anyone.

Lemon: Well, if you were so confident about that, then why are you telling me right now!

Lavon: I'm only telling you so you know.

Lemon: Oh, my God, Zoe Hart is walking around with the very information that could completely undo my entire relationship.

Lavon: She won't.

Lemon: You know what, you did this. You put me in a corner; I have to tell him now. I have to tell him before she does… I could lose him over this, I could lose everything that's important to me.

Rammer Jammer

Harold: You're a complete mess. Oh, there he is, man of the hour! George, I want you to meet Cleve Wallace. Cleve is a reporter for the Birmingham Gazette.

Cleve: Congratulations on the award, George. That's quite an honour.

George: Thank you.

Cleve: Uh, if you have a few moments, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Harold: Of course he does. He's gonna do a story on you, son.

George: Um, I'm sorry, but why would someone from the Birmingham Gazette care about BlueBell's Man of the Year?

Cleve: Well, I... I know the Tuckers.

Harold: We've known each other for some time.

Cleve: And I've been covering your brother's campaign.

George: Right… Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Wallace, but right now's actually not a great time. I got to go home and get ready for tonight. Festivities and all, if you'll excuse me… Dad.

Breeland’s house: patio / Rammer Jammer

Lemon: George! How's my Man of the Year?

George: Not too good, actually, as it turns out.

Lemon: Why? W-What's wrong?

George: You were right, I am too trusting of people. 'Cause My dad does have an agenda. He brought a reporter to town with him.  Obviously just wants to do a puff piece on Harry.

Lemon: Oh, uh, I'm, I'm really sorry to hear that.

George: You okay? Your voice sounds a little weird.

Lemon: I'm fine. Listen. We can just talk about it after the gala. It's-it's no worries.

George: Hey. I love you.

Lemon: I love you.

Lavon’s house: kitchen


Old George Tucker's

A hell of a guy

Just watch him spread his wings and fly

He's mama's boy, he's daddy's son

Well, look out now, he's the chosen one

Get out of the way, for old George Tucker

That blinding light's his halo, sucker.

Zoe: Nice song. Won't be a dry eye in the audience… Oh, thanks. I'd love one… Zoe Scotch. Zoe Scott. Oh, whatever.

Wade: You okay?

Zoe: I am great. As are you, I'm guessing. What's with the song?

Wade: What? I said I would write a tribute to the Golden Boy. I wrote a tribute to the Golden Boy. The upstanding citizen from the upstanding family who's made all the right... Upstanding decisions his whole life. I just hope it tops your speech.

Zoe: I hate small towns.

Wade: Yeah, most people would've given up on him when they found out he had a fiancée.

Zoe: Not me. Hm-mm, the more unavailable they are, the better I like them. There's probably a book on it. Daddy Issues for Dummies. Hey, thanks, Dad. No, mm-mm, Dr. Hart, for another life lesson. You know, my mom gave me his number. Maybe I should call him and thank him for all the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you.

Wade: Come on, Doc. It's not that he's emotionally unavailable that makes you love George Tucker… It's the fact that he's George Tucker… Well. I gotta go. I gotta go serenade Golden Boy, okay? So, please, excuse me.

Zoe: Mm-hm. You have fun.

Wade: Oh, hey! I just thought of a great rhyme for Tucker.

MOTY ceremony

Shula: Oh! Thank you so much. Thank you.

Dash: Well, wasn't that a wonderful performance by Shula Whitaker and her dancing cat, Prince Purrfection! You really don't see dancing cats enough these days...

Behind the stage

George: Wade. Hey, um... I... I can't believe you're doing this, man. I'm-I'm... I just want to tell you, it really means a lot to me, so... Thank you.

Wade: Yeah.


Dash: Performing with one of Big Blue's former tight ends, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Magnolia Breeland and Wade Kinsella!

Wade: Uh... I'm sorry to say, uh, Magnolia won't be performing tonight… She's grounded. I'm just gonna say that, uh... My buddy George, he's a great guy… And... And.... And he deserves this. He deserves everything.

Dash: Well, uh... Thank you, Wade, for that, uh, minimalist performance! Very post-modern. Well, without further ado, let's bring on the Belles!


You're the top

You're the Coliseum

You're the top

You're the Louver Museum


You're a melody

From a symphony by Strauss

You're a Bendel bonnet

A Shakespeare sonnet

You're Mickey Mouse

You're the Nile

You're the Tower of Pisa...

Behind the stage

Harold: They're sending you out on that?

George: Yeah. Dash has never been one for understatement, so...



You're the smile on the Mona Lisa

I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop...

Behind the stage

Harold: Just thought I'd, uh, wish you luck.

George: You know what, Dad? You can cut the crap.

Harold: Excuse me?

George: Don't act like you give a monkey's ass about my award. 'Cause I know you're only here to do a piece for Harry's campaign, 'cause it's always about him.



And I can feel after every line, a thrill divine

Down my spine

Now gifted humans like Vincent Youmens

Might think that your song is bad

But I've got a notion, I'll second the motion

And this is what I'm going to add...

Behind the stage

Harold: George, what are you talking about?

George: No reporter from Birmingham decides to come down to cover BlueBell's Man of the Year award for no reason.



You're Napoleon brandy


You're the purple light

On a summer night in Spain

You're the National Gallery

Garbo's salary, you're cellophane

You're sublime...

Behind the stage

George: And I must have been some kind of idiot to think that you would come down here for something I cared about without having some kind of agenda...

Harold: Son, I'm here. I'm trying to make up for what I did. Son, give me the benefit of the doubt!

George: Why should I? So you can use me again? So you can use my fiancée? To be honest with you, I don't even know why I invited you here. I don't even know, because you're not going to change. Because you are never going to change, and because you are the most selfish person I've ever met, and I'm done.

Harold: George, don't say that!

George: We're done, Dad! Dad...



I'm a toy balloon that's faded

Soon to pop

But if, baby, I'm the bottom

You're the top!

Dash: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. George Tucker.

Lemon: Where is he? George!

Behind the stage

Lemon: George?

George: I don't know, he just collapsed. Um... Can you get Brick? And call an ambulance? Okay?

Lemon: Okay. Daddy!

George: Dad, I'm here, okay? I'm... I'm right here. I'm here… It's going to be okay.

Hospital: Harold’s room

Brick: I wish I had better news… It wasn't just a simple heart attack. Harold suffered what we call a myocardial rupture.

George: Okay, what does that, um... What does that mean exactly?

Brick: Some of his heart mut le died. And that muscle started to leak, and the leak spread, and it ruptured his mitral valve. And that's going to require surgery to fix it.

Lemon: Oh, my God.

Brick: We're doing everything we can. I've already called in a great surgeon from Montgomery that I know, Ed Baker. He's on his way.

George: Is my dad gonna be okay, Brick?

Brick: I hope so, son. I hope so.


Magnolia: Hi.

Wade: Ooh. I thought you were grounded.

Magnolia: Oh. Well... Yeah. They're all at the hospital anyway.

Wade: Look, I-I'm sorry if I got you in trouble earlier.

Magnolia: No. You did not. I got myself in trouble… Guess I made him really mad this time.

Wade: You know, you should listen to him. Brick's a good man. He's just trying to turn you into a good woman.

Magnolia: I know, but what he said about you... That was totally lame.

Wade: Well, I suppose if you walk around pretending like you don't give a rat's ass, you can't very well blame 'em when they think I don't. You know, my-my grandma used to always say, "You are the choices you make."… Hey, you-you want a cup of coffee or tea, some truly delicious-looking leftovers?

Magnolia: Um, no, but maybe you could give me a ride to the hospital?

Hospital: waiting room

Lemon: Get ahold of Harry yet?

George: Um... Yeah. Yeah. He's, uh... He's leaving the campaign trail, and my mom's on her way, too, so...

Lemon: Okay.

George: He's gonna be fine. He's... I just know that he's going to be fine.

Lemon: Baby, he's going to be fine.

George: Wasn't there, um, something you wanted to talk to me about earlier?

Lemon: Oh, no. It's fine. We'll talk about it another time.

Cleve: George? I hope I'm not interrupting. I... I just wanted to see how your father is.

George: Look, Mr. Wallace, I... With all due respect, we are going through a family emergency right now, and I am sure that your puff piece on Harry can wait a couple of days.

Cleve: Well, I'm not writing about Harry… Your father is an old friend. He called, asked me to do a piece on you… He's really very proud of you… Please wish him the best for me.

George: Yes, sir.

Lemon: Honey, he's going to be fine, okay? Your father will understand...

George: Yeah? What if he doesn't get the chance, Lemon? Look, I accused him of not caring, I called him selfish because you... And now, the last thing my dad might remember me ever saying to him is how much I hated him.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: I just can't stand not knowing how he's doing.

Lavon: Yeah, I know.

Zoe: Maybe I should call the hospital and check in. You know, from what everyone's saying, it sounded like he had a heart attack. I do have a background in cardiothoracics.

Lavon: I'm not sure you're the person the family most wants to hear from at the moment.

Zoe: Yeah, you're probably right.

Lavon: Listen, Zoe, you should know that I told Lemon that you... Know.

Zoe: I'm guessing she was thrilled.

Lavon: Smoke was pretty much exuding from her ears. She accused me of telling you so she'd have to tell George.

Zoe: Well, did you?

Lavon: What?! No. That's crazy.

Zoe: Is it? Because I know that you trust me. And I know that you know, if I said I would never tell, I mean it. So, why else would you tell Lemon?

Lavon: Good God. You may be right. Am I a terrible person?

Zoe: Yes.

Lavon: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: No. Look, you just don't want to see the two of them walk happily into the sunset.

Hospital: hallway

Magnolia: Thanks for the ride, Wade. You're a good guy, but we can't be seen together.

Wade: Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.

Magnolia: I'm gonna go get some coffee.

Wade: Yeah. Yeah, I'll, uh.... I'll go check on George.

Hospital: waiting room

Brick: Hey.

George: Hey.

Brick: You know, Ed and I... We go way back. He's a good man, he's a great surgeon. But you know, if that was my father, I would want the best in the whole world, and-and you have access to that.

George: Who?

Brick: Zoe's father, Dr. Ethan Hart.

George: No. No, they are, um... Estranged. Um, she... She wants to change her name...

Brick: I know that, but I also know she would call him for you.

George: Yeah, which is why I cannot ask her to do that for me.

Brick: Okay. Yeah, you know, he's in good hands with Ed, so don't you worry about a thing.

George: Yeah.


Brick: Hey. You okay, honey?

Lemon: Just worried about Harold, that's all.

Brick: Yeah… Magnolia Breeland, you are grounded. You are supposed to be at home.

Magnolia: This is hardly a wild night out, Daddy, and I figured hanging out with you here was the same as hanging out with you at home. Besides, it... It might be a long night, so... I brought you these.

Lemon: How'd you even get here anyway?

Magnolia: I took the bus.

Brick: Oh, I'm sure you did.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Found a name?

Zoe: Zoe Downey, Jr. I'm a big Iron Man fan.

Lavon: Yeah, okay.

Zoe: Well, I figured I could use a name to aspire to.

Lavon: Hmm.

Zoe: Yeah. I don't know if I'll live up to him. The kindness to the patients. The good will, all those MOTYs.

Lavon: I think you'll do just fine.

Wade: Hey. I'm, uh, just coming from the hospital.

Zoe: Is George's dad okay?

Wade: I don't... I don't really know. I overheard him saying that he's got a... A myocardial rupture.

Zoe: Who's doing the surgery?

Wade: Well, that's the thing. See, uh, George would never ask you himself, but he needs you to make a call.

Zoe’s house

Zoe: Dad... It's Zoe, your daughter.

Hospital: waiting room

Magnolia: You got frosting on your nose.

Zoe: How is he?

Lemon: What the hell is she doing here?

Brick: It's okay, Lemon.

Hospital: Harold’s bedroom

George: Zoe. Um...

Zoe: Hey. I heard about your dad.

George: Yeah. Um... He's gonna be okay. We got a good surgeon.

Zoe: But now you have a great one… I called my father… He'll be here tomorrow.

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