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#117 : L'opération et la confrontation

Le père de Zoe arrive à Bluebell pour pratiquer une opération chirugicale sur le père de George. Pendant ce temps, Lemon essaie de se lier avec Zoe de manière à ce qu'elle ne révèle rien à George sur sa relation avec Lavon. Enfin, Wade et Shelley s'affrontent lors d'un concours de cocktail organisé pour l'anniversaire de Rammer Jammer.


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Heart to Hart

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L'opération et la confrontation

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Ethan (Gary Cole) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Ethan (Gary Cole) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Ethan (Gary Cole) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Ethan (Gary Cole) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Ethan (Gary Cole)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Ethan (Gary Cole)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

George (Scott Porter), Clora (Ilene Graff) & Lemon (Jaime King)

George (Scott Porter), Clora (Ilene Graff) & Lemon (Jaime King)


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Ecrit par: Rina Mimoun
Réalisé par: Tim Matheson

Guests :
Gary Cole ... Ethan Hart
Eisa Davis ... Addy Pickett
John Marshall Jones ... Mr. Maynard
Mallory Moye ... Wanda
Ross Philips ... Tom Long
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Deborah S. Craig ... Shelley Ng
Ilene Graff ... Clora Tucker
Matt Reidy ... Dr. Brandy

Zoe’s office

Addy: Um, what are we looking at?

Zoe: My father. In the form of a blinking red dot. See? He keeps getting... Closer… Closer… Closer, oh, God, he's closer.

Addy: Uh, how long have we been staring at the blinking red dot?

Zoe: Since Delaware. His flight lands in under an hour, and when it does, I'm going to be waiting for him at the hospital, and I'm going to be doing this.

Addy: Ooh. And what's happening right now?

Zoe: I'm giving you my cold face. Hard core, right?

Addy: Uh, I don't know. You just kind of look bored.

Zoe: No! I look like I don't care. You know, that's what I want him to think, "Hey, Dad, "you don't care about me, I don't care about you just as much, whatevs." And then he'll do the surgery, save George's father, and then it's on.

Addy: What's on?

Zoe: I'm gonna unleash the whoop-ass.

Addy: Oh, but I thought you just said you didn't care?

Zoe: No, of course I care, but I can't let him know that right away or he might kill Mr. Tucker. It's a very stressful situation, Addy.

Addy: Okay, maybe I should drive you.

Zoe: Yeah, I think that would be best… Closer.


Lavon: Hey. Thought you'd be in Mobile.

Lemon: I'm headed back to the hospital. I just came here to pick up Mrs. Tucker some butter cookies.

Lavon: Did you get a chance to talk to George about, uh...

Lemon: The man's father just had a heart attack. For God's sake, Lavon. Hardly think is appropriate time.

Lavon: Hey, I'm, I'm sorry. I just want to be prepare that's all.

Lemon: Frankly I don't know when I I gonna tell now. Zoe’s father is flying in for the surgery, so George is already beyond grateful.

Lavon: I'm not sure I'm following.

Lemon: The minute that I tell George the truth, who do you think he's gonna go running to? Zoe Hart, that's who. But if I don't tell him soon, then she will, okay? So, I'm trapped.

Lavon: No, I still don't think Zoe will say anything. She promised me.

Lemon: Can you just... Give me some credit? This girl has been trying to ruin my life since the minute that she got here, and now she finally has the chance, thanks to you, so... I hope you're happy.

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: Hey. Cup of coffee. Make it strong. I need to stay mean for the next few hours, and caffeine keeps me edgy.

Wade: Somehow, I don't think it's in my best interests to make you any meaner.

Zoe: Oh, don't worry. All of my anger today will be focused on dear old dad.

Wade: Huh. And I thought it was only your mom that you hated.

Zoe: Well, I did, but then I realized it wasn't fair of me to pour all of my bitterness and resentment into one parent, okay? So, my mom may have lied to me, but my dad abandoned me.

Wade: Yeah, but wasn't that like a million years ago?

Zoe: Yes. But then he moved two weeks ago, and he didn't even tell me. So, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Come on. Finally, I got in touch with my anger. So, today, I'm gonna get all up in his grill with it… What? You think I won't?

Wade: That's real hot.

Zoe: See that? Made of steel, baby. Made of...

Wade: Hey, you gonna... You gonna pay for that or...?

Mr. Maynard: Hey, Twig, how you doing?

Shelley: Mr. Maynard! What an unexpected honour, sir. Welcome to your Jammer. What can I get you?

Mr. Maynard: Well, it's good to see somebody remembers where the pay checks are coming from. Good morning, patrons. Does anybody here know what today is?

Shelley: Monday!

Mr. Maynard: No.

Tom: Tuesday!

Mr. Maynard: Never mind. Today is the 30th anniversary of the Rammer Jammer… And so, to honour her birthday, I'm gonna spruce the old gal up a bit. Now, for starters, My lovely niece Wanda is going to be joining our staff as the new bar back.

Tom: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Wanda!

Mr. Maynard: I'll also be bringing in a pool table for the back. And I'm adding  a new signature cocktail to our menu.

Wade: Uh... We don't have any signature cocktails on the menu.

Mr. Maynard: Which might be why we never make Esquire's list of top 100 bars in America. And to turn up the heat, we gonna make it a contest. Shelley vs. Wade. Whoever comes up with the best signature cocktail gets to name it.

Wade: Yay.

Mr. Maynard: And... Gets 500 bucks.

Woman: Oh, my God. Shelly you okay ?

Mr. Maynard: May the best person win.

Wanda: I can help you if you want. I'm real good at drinking.

Mr. Maynard: Come on, Wanda.

Hospital: Harold’s room

Harold: Oh.

George: Dad, you okay? Can I get you a pillow? Another pillow? Do you want me to call the nurse for you?

Harold: Stop fussing, George, I'm fine.

George: How about this? Is that better?

Harold: You're a good son.

George: Yeah, I'm...

Harold: What's all that?

Lemon: Oh, um, it's just a few things I brought to make it a little homier. I found some saltwater taffy for you to enjoy after surgery. It's banana flavoured.

Harold: I feel tired all of the sudden. Maybe I ought to just close my eyes, huh?

George: Of course.

Hospital: hallway

George: God, he looks pale, doesn't he?

Lemon: Baby, he's sick, but after the surgery, he's gonna be just fine.

George: I still can't believe that Zoe made that phone call. I mean, I don't know how we're ever gonna be able to repay her.

Lemon: Well, I mean, you know, she called her father. It's not like she called the president.

George: Lemon, you don't know what you're talking about… Zoe calling her father is... Is just about the same as you calling your mother. So, it is a huge deal.

Lemon: I'm sorry, I... I had no idea, George.

George: I know you didn't. You know what, Lemon? Just, from now on, just keep all that nonsense to yourself 'cause I don't want to hear it anymore.

Lemon: George, I'm...

George: The truth of the matter is, if you wouldn't have made me get in that stupid fight with my dad, he probably wouldn't be laying in that bed right now. So, if you want to be mad at somebody, Lemon, you go ahead and be mad at yourself.

Outside the hospital

Addy: All right, just remember, keep it short and simple, and then after the surgery, that's when you hit him with the big punches.

Zoe: Mm-hmm… That's him.

Ethan: Zoe. It's good to see you… Wasn't sure you'd be here.

Zoe: Well, I am.

Ethan: I'm glad you are.

Dr. Brady: Dr. Hart? Good afternoon, I'm Dr. Brady, chief of staff. It's an honour to meet you.

Ethan: What's the cardiac output?

Resident: 31%. Patient was intubated last night.

Ethan: Prep for mitrovalve replacement. Coronary artery bypass and Teflon graft. This is Dr. Hart; she's going to be assisting me in surgery this afternoon.

Zoe: I am? Yes, I am.

Dr. Brady: Uh, we hadn't anticipated... That is Dr. Hart doesn't currently have privileges at this hospital.

Ethan: So get her some.

Addy: Uh, what happened to your cold face?

Zoe: Don't worry, the plan is still on track. After the surgery, big fight.

Addy: Okay.

Ethan: Zoe, you coming?

Zoe: Yes, sir.

Hospital: operating room

Ethan: Kocher clamp. Must be difficult for you. Seeing him this way.

Zoe: Seeing who this way? Oh, you mean Mr. Tucker?

Ethan: Is that what you call him?

Zoe: I don't call him anything; I barely know the man.

Ethan: You don't? But I thought... Cautery… I was assuming that the relationship between you and his son was serious.

Zoe: George and me? We don't have a relationship. I mean, we're friends, but that's all.

Ethan: Oh.

Zoe: Yeah.

Ethan: But... Take over suction.

Rammer Jammer

Lavon: I need a drink.

Wade: How about an artisanal cocktail to celebrate spring in Alabama?

Lavon: But I don't want to celebrate spring.

Wade: Try that.

Lavon: No! No! No! No, it's nasty!

Wade: What? Thought it was good.

Lavon: Go ahead and try that.

Wade: Oh, hell, no. No, I did not make that.

Wanda: It's Shelley. She's putting stuff in your drinks. I saw her do it.

Shelley: Can't talk. Very busy.

Wade: Oh, you are going down like Chinatown… Not 'cause you're Asian. 'Cause it rhymes.

Lavon: What is going on?

Wade: Doing a contest. Best new cocktail wins 500 bucks. Daddy needs a new amp.

Wanda: You can be my daddy.

Wade: Thank you, Wanda.

Lavon: Did that girl just... Grrr at you?

Wade: It happens. Point is, she's right, okay? I should be doing this in my own home, but the amount of booze it would take...

Lavon: Let's do it. I'll buy.

Wade: Seriously?

Lavon: Why not? This is exactly the kind of mindless fun Lavon Hayes needs right now. Let's make some cocktails, baby!

Wade: My man!

Lavon: Yeah.

Hospital: operating room

Ethan: Dr. Hart, what is your recommendation if our pathology was a pseudo aneurysm?

Zoe: Um, surgical repair similar to ventricular rupture.

Ethan: Your recommendation?

Zoe: Coronary artery bypass and, uh, Teflon graft repair of the ruptured zone.

Ethan: Very good. Dr. Hart will now perform a resection of the damaged ventricle and closure defect.

Zoe: You know, it's been a while since I've done one of those.

Ethan: Think you can handle it?

Zoe: Absolutely.

Ethan: I agree.

Zoe: Retractor… Suction.

Hospital: waiting room

Ethan: All good.

George: Okay.

Clora: Oh.

Ethan: Surgery was a success.  He's gonna need to be on blood thinners from now on, but all...

Clora: But he's going to be okay?

Ethan: He's going to be okay.

Clora: Oh, Dr. Hart, thank you so much. Thank you.

Ethan: No worries.

George: Dr. Hart, I don't know what to say. All I can say is... All I can say is...

Clora: You are an angel sent from heaven. One little package.

Zoe: Oh, I didn't do anything.

George: Yes, you did. Yes, you did. You did everything. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

Lemon: Thank you. Thank you.

Ethan: And you're welcome. You're welcome. Sure... Um, now, there are going to be some restrictions on Mr. Tucker for the next few weeks.

Clora: Yeah?

Ethan: He should avoid climbing stairs.

Clora: Okay, no stairs.

Ethan: No lifting objects more than ten pounds.

Clora: All right.

George: Okay. We probably hide the Scotch.

Clora: I don't know if we can do that.

Ethan: Discourage the Scotch.

George: Okay.

Ethan: Ah, but he did very well...

Lemon: Crickett, meet me at my house in an hour. It's an emergency.

Outside the hospital

Ethan: That was impressive work you did in there, Zoe.

Zoe: Thank you. Thanks. No. Actually, I wanted to talk to you...

Ethan: I'm glad you called. It's...

Zoe: Uh...  You go first.

Ethan: Okay. Um... I've been meaning to call you for some time now, um, but my-my schedule has just been so hectic and...

Zoe: Yeah, sure.

Ethan: Frankly, um... It felt like a conversation that had to be in person.

Zoe: Oh.

Ethan: The secret that your mother asked me to keep has been a strain on our relationship for far too long.

Zoe: I know. I completely agree.

Ethan: Just because I'm not your father doesn't mean that we can't have another kind of relationship.

Zoe: Um, how do you mean?

Ethan: Well, for instance, we're both surgeons. Technically, that makes us colleagues. That's an excellent foundation. Wouldn't you agree?

Zoe: I guess. You know, I just... I've never really thought of it that way.

Ethan: Of course you haven't, 'cause we've been so mired down in what we can't be that we haven't fully explored the alternatives.

Zoe: You mean, like, friends?

Ethan: Why not? In fact, there's no pressing reason that I have to return to New York right away… How would you like to have dinner tomorrow night?

Zoe: In BlueBell?

Ethan: Sure. We can talk about the surgery, discuss your career, whatever you like.

Zoe: Yeah, that sounds great. Um, uh....

Ethan: Call me Ethan.

Zoe: Ethan… Sounds great.

Breeland’s house: patio

Crickett: Is it Mr. Tucker? Is he dead? Do we have to postpone the wedding?

Lemon: No. Mr. Tucker is just fine, thank goodness. The surgery was a success.

Crickett: Thank goodness!

Lemon: Unfortunately, we do not have time to celebrate this wonderful news as, once again, Zoe Hart is hell-bent on destroying me.

Crickett: What's she done now?

Lemon: It's not about what she's done. It's what she's about to do.

Crickett: What is she about to do?

Lemon: Never mind… Now that she and George are getting so close, she will have the opportunity to do it, which is why we have to bring down Zoe Hart once and for all.


Addy: So? Tell me everything.

Zoe: Uh, Mr. Tucker's surgery was a success.

Addy: Well, I know that. I'm talking about the big blowout. I mean, did you cry? Did he cry? What did you say? What did he say?

Zoe: You know, actually, it wasn't that big a deal.

Addy: Really? 'Cause it seemed like an awfully big deal yesterday.

Zoe: You know, it's possible that I may have overreacted. Ethan and I are going to be friends.

Addy: Oh, that's lovely. Who's Ethan?

Zoe: My father.

Addy: I see.

Zoe: Actually it-it kind of makes sense, you know, because technically, he's not my real father. So it was unfair of me to yell at him as if he were my father since he's not.

Addy: 'Cause he's Ethan.

Zoe: Right. My friend and colleague. See, it's all very civilized.

Zoe’s office

Addy: Uh, this may be none of my business, but that's a load of crap.

Zoe: No judgment, obviously.

Addy: Zoe, I got two kids. One of 'em, I gave birth to, and the other I adopted. And guess what? They're both my kids. Being a parent is about a hell of a lot more than biology. That man is your father. Doesn't matter about what some blood test says.

Zoe: Look, he's offering me something here, Addy. A chance for us to have something instead of nothing. I'm gonna take it. And it would be great if you could be happy for me.

Addy: Well, if you're happy, I'm happy. I just hope you don't wake up one day and find you've still got all this anger inside you.

Zoe: I keep a lot inside. How else would I live in BlueBell?

Breeland’s house: patio

Crickett: Number 37: Water boarding. Many politicians are still debating the ethics of this particular form of torture, but...

Lemon: Uh, next.

Crickett: Right. Number 38: The Jenna. Ooh, I used this one on Jenna Richman in our last pageant together. It does require pepper spray and a sanitary napkin...

Lemon: Okay, enough. Enough, enough, enough, enough. While I appreciate the quantity of ideas that you have come up with, dear, if we attempted half of them, Zoe Hart would laugh in our faces. And the other half-- though they would be fun-- would get us arrested. But A for effort, dear… Oh, my God. The answer's so obvious I can't believe I didn't think about it earlier.

Crickett: Well, what is it?

Lemon: I... Am gonna make... Zoe Hart... My best friend.

Crickett: But that is the opposite of what you asked me to do. I would have made a totally different list.

Lemon: Oh, Crickett, you know that saying-- Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Well, that's what I'm going to do.

George’s office

Lemon: George, I came here to tell you that you were right. I've been acting like a petulant little girl when it comes to Zoe Hart. I know that nothing is going on between you two, and it is just silly of me to act so terrible to her when she has been so good to our family.

George: Do you really mean that?

Lemon: I do. And... I want to make things right, so I was thinking that maybe I could host a dinner, um, for Zoe and for her father. But I mean, if I asked Zoe, there's no way that she would come. But you know, if-if maybe you did, then...

George: I mean, I could do that, but Lemon, if this is just another one of your games, then I don't...

Lemon: It's not.

George: Okay… Okay. I'll, uh... I'll go over there later and ask her, and I'll tell you what she says.

Lemon: Really? Oh. Okay, great. Well, um, I'll start working on the menu, then.

Zoe’s house

Ethan: Am I early?

Zoe: No. Come in. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable… I figured that we could have a quick tour of Bluebell, and then, you know, maybe find somewhere and have dinner. Although I should warn you. There are only two places to eat, and one restaurant is a bar, so really only one restaurant.

Ethan: I'll let you decide.

Zoe: Um, Fancie's it is.

Ethan: I, uh, like your place, by the way. It's very homey.

Zoe: Oh, thank... Oh!

Ethan: Whoa!

Zoe: Sorry. It's a little messy. I was just trying to clean it up.

Ethan: What's this?

Zoe: What? Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know that was out here.

Ethan: You're changing your name? What's wrong with Zoe?

Zoe: Not my first name.

Ethan: Hey, as long as you keep "doctor" in there somewhere. Guarantees you a table anywhere in New York.

Zoe: Right. I'll remember that.

Ethan: So, uh, what's up first on the BlueBell tour? Are we heading over to your practice?

Zoe: Actually, you know what? All of a sudden, I'm not feeling all that well.

Ethan: Oh, no. Really?

Zoe: Yeah… Hey.

George: Hey.

Zoe: Hi.

George: Um, I catch y'all at a bad time?

Zoe: No, no. What's up?

George: Um, well, I know it is extremely short notice, but I was hoping to convince you and Dr. Hart to join us at the Breeland estate this evening for a dinner in your honour.

Zoe: What?

George: Well, just to thank you for everything y'all did for my dad.

Ethan: very generous of you, but unfortunately, Zoe is not feeling all that well.

Zoe: Oh, it's not that big of a deal. Just a little headache.

George: Oh, okay, well, dinner's not gonna be for a little while, so maybe if you're feeling better by then... I mean, I don't want to push you.

Ethan: Um, why don't I let you rest and we can skip the tour and then we can all have dinner together? In a big group, right?

Zoe: Sounds good. The more the merrier.

George: Fantastic. All right, I'll let Lemon know, and then, uh, does 7:30 work for y'all?

Zoe: Yeah, it works for me.

Ethan: Me, too.

George: Great. Well, then I'll see you later.

Zoe: 'Kay.

George: Okay.

Breeland’s house: patio

Crickett: Are you sure this is food? Because I have never seen these words in any cook books I know.

Lemon: Cugall, Cashnegreshnik, brisket,iIt's the food of Zoe's people. The idea is to make her feel comfortable as fast as possible.

Crickett: And you're sure all this starch is gonna make Zoe like you?

Lemon: Well, I mean, obviously, we're not gonna become best friends right away, but the idea tonight is just lay the foundation, compliment her clothing, feign interest in her career, and then stick up for her when Daddy says something horrible. And then hopefully, in a week or two I should be able to invite her to our wedding.

Crickett: You want her at your wedding?!

Lemon: Well, of course I don't want her at my wedding. It's just the only thing I could think of to keep her away from George. I mean, a girl can't break up a wedding that she's invited to attend. Can she?

Crickett: You're a genius.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: I-I want to bathe in this.

Wade: Ah, she's a beaut, ain't she? Can you taste the lavender in there? It's real subtle, but I think it balances out the flavour nicely.

Lavon: Wade, my friend, you have a gift.

Wade: No, man, you know, it's just booze. Don't take much to make it taste good.

Lavon: No, I disagree; this takes talent. And you have clearly got it.

Wade: Just stupid fun, man, that's all.

Lavon: Look, here's the thing. When I was a kid, I used to love throwing the football around in the backyard with my brothers… And at the time, you know, I thought I was just goofing off and having fun. I had no idea all that fun was gonna turn into a career in the NFL. Point is, you never know where all this could lead, man.

Wade: Uh, y-you know, uh... I'm just bartending while I figure out what I'm doing with the rest of my life… Yeah. But, uh, hey... Try this on for size. All right, what we got here... Is something extra special, fresh off the presses… Ba-blam.

Breeland’s house: living room

Lemon: Oh, there you are, Daddy. I've been looking everywhere for you.

Brick: Oh, sweetheart, I just came home from a very long day at work. I just want to sit down and enjoy this scotch before the vultures descend.

Lemon: Of course. I just need your help with one itty-bitty little thing… You were there the other night when Zoe Hart all but proclaimed her undying love for my George.

Brick: Yes, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed that deeply uncomfortable moment. But, sugar, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Lemon: Maybe not, but... Our relationship is in a vulnerable state, and I know for a fact that Zoe Hart is trying to destroy it.

Brick: Well, then why are we having her over for dinner? Oh, no. No. No, no, no.

Lemon: Oh, it is gonna be a lovely dinner, but... I just need you to get upset when I mention the fact that your patient Maggie Thornhill is thinking about leaving you for Zoe Hart.

Brick: What? Well, since when?

Lemon: No, no, no, she's not, she's not.

Brick: Maggie...?

Lemon: I'm just gonna say she is,

Brick: When did this happen?

Lemon: And you need to get upset about it.

Brick: Well, I am upset. Why would she do that? I've been her doctor for, what, 20, 25 years...

Lemon: Okay, just follow my lead, and we'll be fine… Oh! They're here!

Breeland’s house: patio

Lemon: That is such a beautiful purse. Let me take that for you; I'll put it away.

Zoe: Thanks.

Lemon: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: Uh, we're having latkes for dinner?

Lemon: Oh, yes. This is just the amuse-bouche. I thought that your father would appreciate a kosher meal.

Zoe: Oh, he's not Jewish; my mother is.

Lemon: Really? Well, that is fascinating. There is just so much I don't know about you, Zoe Hart. How about we sit next to each other at dinner, and you can tell me more about your ethnic origins… Why don't we all get started on the first course. Oh, um, Daddy, before I forget. I saw your patient Maggie Thornhill this morning...

Brick: Oh, no.

Zoe: What is it?

Brick: Well, uh, y'all are gonna have to excuse me. Anna Carver's water just broke; she's having twins.

George: Look at that!

Lemon: But, Daddy? Daddy?

Zoe: Do you need help?

Brick: I've been delivering babies my whole life-- haven't needed help yet. Ethan, uh, thank you, pleasure. And, everybody, just enjoy your dinner. Excuse me.

George: You bet.

Brick: Good luck, Brick. Good night.

George: Anyway, um, I just... Just wanted to say thank you. It was so great of you to come all the way down here just for my family. I... You know, I hear from people all the time that surgeons are cold and selfish people, and I have to tell you, from my experience, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Ethan: How many surgeons do you know?

George: Well, uh... Two, I guess. You and Zoe.

Ethan: And how well do you know Zoe?

George: Uh... I'm not so sure what you mean.

Ethan: I mean, your relationship must be fairly significant for her to have called me here. Zoe doesn't ask for favours very often.

George: Oh, I mean, you know, it was very generous of... Of her as well. It's...

Ethan: Would've made sense if you two were an item.

George: Uh, yeah, you know, I could see how you might think that, but no, I'm... I'm with Lemon, so...

Ethan: The blond one. Yeah, I got that. My point is, Zoe must care for you a great deal.

George: No, we are... We're, we're just good friends. That's all.

Ethan: Good… Sorry.

George: Uh... I freshen you up there, or...?

Ethan: Excuse me, I have to take this.

George: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Breeland’s house: entrance

Lemon: Oh, there you are. It's a pretty painting, isn't it? Used to be in Daddy's study, but I thought that it deserved to be on more of a prominent display.

Zoe: Yeah, it's nice.

Lemon: My goodness, Zoe Hart, there is just... So much that I don't know about you. You are just a connoisseur of art. Oh, my goodness, where are my manners? I still have not yet offered you a tour of our estate.

Zoe: Is everything all right?

Ethan: A patient of mine in New York; I had to take it.

Lemon: Oh, you doctors-- never a moment of peace. Okay, now that you're back, we can officially start dinner.

Ethan: Actually, I need to speak to Zoe for a moment in private.

Lemon: Of course.

Breeland’s house: living room

Ethan: I think we should go, don't you?

Zoe: We can't leave yet. inner hasn't even started. Is there a problem?

Ethan: Yes. Actually, being here feels very... Inappropriate.

Zoe: What's inappropriate?

Ethan: Please, it's obvious that you have feelings for a man that is about to be married to another woman.

Zoe: So?

Ethan: So I'm worried that you might be getting into a situation where you could get hurt, Zoe.

Zoe: Wait, why should you be worried? I mean, we're only colleagues, remember?

Ethan: Zoe, look...

Zoe: What? The way you're talking to me right now, it's almost like you're my dad! But that is crazy. Right, Ethan?

Ethan: Okay. I-I... I can see that you're upset.

Zoe: Oh, yeah? Well, why should I be upset? Because the one man that I have looked up to my entire life, the man who I thought was my father up until eight months ago, abandoned me? Stopped returning my phone calls without any explanation as to why! Turned me into the kind of girl who was so desperate for affection, she doesn't know how to be in relationships with men!

Ethan: Look, I didn't know that you were angry.

Zoe: Of course I'm angry! I have every right to be, okay? I don't want to be your frickin' friend. In fact, I would rather go back to having no relationship with you at all than having some crappy fake one… So if you have nothing else to say to me, why don't you go back to New York… Lemon! You know what?I-I think I will take that tour, after all.

Rammer Jammer

Mr. Maynard: All right, all right, all right, now, our final signature cocktail of the evening is brought to you by Shelley Ng.

Shelley: I call it... The Vanilla Viper!

Tom: Ooh! It tastes like a cupcake.

Shelley: That was the idea.

Mr. Maynard: All right, all right, now all the drinks are in-- it's time to cast your votes. All those in favour of Wade Kinsella, raise your hand!

Lavon: Come on, come on!

Mr. Maynard: All right, all right, those in favour of Shelley Ng, raise your hands! Congratulations, Shelley Ng. You are our winner… There something wrong with this girl?

Lavon: Sorry about that, man. I thought you had it in the bag.

Wade: It's all right. It's, uh, it's only a contest.

Wanda: I can be your consolation prize.

Wade: Well, appreciate it, Wanda. Maybe some other time.

Breeland’s house: living room

Lemon: And the staircase is original. It was hand carved by my granddaddy many, many, many years ago.

Zoe: You know what, uh, thanks for the tour, but I think I'm gonna get going.

Lemon: No, but we haven't had dinner yet, and I made all this food for our party.

Zoe: I don't think there's much of a party anymore. It's just me, you, and George.

Lemon: So what? You know what? I've been thinking the three of us need to spend more time together anyway… And... I have made a huge... Error in judgment, and you simply must come to our wedding.

Zoe: Sorry.

Lemon: What's so funny?

Zoe: Come on. You want me at your wedding about as much as I want to go to your wedding.

Lemon: Oh, so you don't want to come to my wedding now? Well, frankly, that just really hurts my feelings.

Zoe: Cut the crap, Lemon. Ok, I don't know what crazy plan you had for tonight, but I'm sure there was something devious going on.

Lemon: How dare you, after everything that I've done tonight to make everything...

Zoe: Look, I know that you know that I know. And you're probably thinking that I'm going to tell George. But there's something that you need to understand. I'm never telling George or anyone else, for that matter.

Lemon: Well, forgive me if I don't believe you… Why would you do that for me?

Zoe: I'm not doing it for you. But Lavon is my best friend, and I would never betray his trust. Plus, why would I want to be the person to tell George?

Lemon: Why wouldn't you?

Zoe: Because I have no interest in being the person to break George's heart. But, for what it's worth, I do think that you should tell him.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: Hey. Glass of wine?

Zoe: Shot of tequila?

Lavon: Oh, rough night?

Zoe: Weird night.

Lavon: Huh.

Zoe: Turns out that Lemon isn't the complete psychopath I thought she was. But unfortunately, my father is.

Lavon: You were with Lemon? And how is she?

Zoe: Are you drunk?

Wade: We're, uh, we're calling it tipsy. He is the mayor, after all.

Lavon: Keep it down.

Zoe: I've never seen drunk Lavon. He's so cute.

Lavon: Thank you… I like myself.

Zoe: Oh, boy.

Wade: So, I take it, uh... I take it things didn't go too well with your dad?

Zoe: Turns out that you were wrong. I was able to tell him off. But, in doing so, I completely ruined any chance of having a relationship with the man.

Wade: I'm sorry.

Zoe: No, that's okay, it's better this way. You know, I would rather be honest than angry.

Lavon: That's beautiful. Honest and angry.

Zoe: Mmm, damn that's good. I am going to go home, though, and erase the last 48 hours from my mind. See you guys later.

Lavon: Bye-e-e-e… Guess you won't be needing this, so I'll just take it. That's all. You-you didn't serve this tonight… You tanked the contest.

Wade: Can't prove that.

Lavon: Wait, well, I don't understand why would you do something like that?

Wade: Look, I'm not gonna give Maynard my best stuff. I got to save some of my own ideas for my own menu… For when I open my own bar.

Lavon: Oh.

Wade: Huh? Huh?

Lavon: Love it. Love it. Love it.

Wade: Come on, now.

Zoe’s house

Ethan: People really do leave their doors open in small towns, huh? I'm not good with confrontations. I think that one of the reasons that I, uh, chose cardiothoracics was because I knew that by the time my patients got to me, they wouldn't have time to argue.

Zoe: I don't understand.

Ethan: I knew what I was offering you was crap. I was just hoping you would take it so that we wouldn't have to do this part… This part is hard.

Zoe: Which part?

Ethan: The part where I tell you how wrong I was. That I screwed everything up, and I didn't know how to make it any better, so I just... Didn't. But... You're right to hate me, Zoe.

Zoe: I don't hate you… I just don't understand why you did what you did.

Ethan: I was mad at your mom. And then at you, even though it wasn't your fault. I couldn't even look at you after I found out the truth. And then it just became... Easier to take surgeries out of town. To do lectures. Anything to keep me away from dealing with you, because... I literally didn't know... How to be your father anymore. So, I just quit. And then you called me the other day, and I thought maybe I could find another way to be with you. You seemed open to the idea. But when I saw you with George, I just felt so protective, and my paternal instincts just kicked in, and I didn't want to see you get hurt. And I know that's not fair. Because I know that I have... I've hurt you more than anyone… I'm so sorry, Zoe… Do you think you could ever be my daughter again?

Zoe: Even when I was mad, I never stopped being your daughter.

Ethan: Then maybe you can wait a little while before you officially change your last name? Because I can't imagine you being anyone other than Zoe Hart.

Zoe: Dr. Zoe Hart Mister.


George: I know these past few days haven't been easy, and I have not been easy on you.

Lemon: Baby, you have been under so much stress. I understand.

George: I know you do… I can't... You're not the reason my dad had a heart attack, and it was wrong of me to say those things. I was just... I was upset and...

Lemon: I know, baby, I know.

George: I just was looking for someone to blame. And this Zoe thing, I just... I feel like...

Lemon: Hey… Let's not talk about Zoe Hart anymore.

George: Okay.

Lemon: Okay? In fact, why don't you and I head over to the Rammer Jammer, because I think that you and I need to have a good time. Hm?

George: I think it sounds amazing. I do, unfortunately, I promised my mom that I'd go back to the hospital tonight, so...

Lemon: I'll go with you.

George: No. No, you know what, I want you to go on ahead to the Rammer Jammer; I inink you should have a good time, because, baby, hey, you deserve it.

Lemon: All right. Just one drink.

George: Just one. One drink.

Lemon: Drive safe.

George: I will. I'll call you so a as I get there.

Lemon: I love you.

George: Love you, too. Have fun. Not too much fun, though.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Lavon: Lemon.

Lemon: Hello, Mr. Mayor.

Lavon: You were right. I mean... I think you might have been right.

Lemon: Have you been drinking?

Lavon: Well, I've been thinking maybe... I told you about Zoe because I wanted you to tell George.

Lemon: Oh...


George: What the hell? One drink. One drink.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Lavon: I keep thinking about it; would it be so bad if he found out?

Lemon: Oh, Lavon, don't.

Lavon: 'Cause if he broke up with you I would be here, Lemon. I would be here for you.

Lemon: I'm sorry.

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