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#115 : Bluebell sous la neige

Alors que Zoe est aux anges de voir la neige tomber sur Bluebell, les habitants de la ville, superstitieux, craignent que la neige ne leur porte malheur. Lorsque les parents de Lavon lui annoncent qu'ils viennent à Bluebell, Lavon profite de leur visite pour leur présenter Didi. Mais la rencontre ne se passe pas tout à fait comme prévue, et Lavon découvre que ses parents se séparent. Zoe est toujours fâchée contre Wade à cause de sa rupture avec Judson.


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Snowflakes & Soulmate

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Bluebell sous la neige

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Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez), Lavon (Cress Williams) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez), Lavon (Cress Williams) & Wade (Wilson Bethel)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Didi (Nadine Velazquez) & Lavon (Cress Williams)


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Lundi 20.02.2012 à 21:00
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Ecrit par: David Babcock
Réalisé par: Andy Wolk

Guests :
Nadine Velazquez ... Didi Ruano
Eisa Davis ... Addy Pickett
Valarie Pettiford ... Carolyn Hayes
Ernie Hudson ... Ernie Hayes
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
Ross Philips ... Tom Long
Deborah S. Craig ... Shelley Ng
Peter Breitmayer ... Norbert .
Don Deforest Paul ... Marv


Girl: Hey! Come back here! I'm gonna get you.

Lavon: Hey!

Girl: Wait for me!

Lavon: Yeah, you'd better run.

Zoe: Hey. Finally, BlueBell does something right. Snow! Look, it's so pretty!

Lavon: I can't see pretty. I can only see doom. Only snows in BlueBell every once in a while. When it does, bad things happen. Last time, we had our first-ever traffic jam. Fire broke out in the mystery section of the library. We lost our whole James Patterson collection.

Zoe: So, how does snow cause a fire?

Lavon: 'Cause the fool librarian busted out space heaters that hadn't been used since Lady Bird Johnson was in town. Burt Reynolds was freezing. I bought him some boots, but they turned out to be made of alligator, so... And then, of course, today, of all days, my parents decide to fly in from Houston and surprise me with a visit.

Zoe: What?!


Lavon: Big day for Lavon Hayes! Parents meeting the girlfriend.

Zoe: Whoa. it's a little early for her to meet the parents?

Lavon: Have you met Didi? The woman is a delight. My mama has been worried about my lack of a significant other. They've been wanting me to settle down.

Zoe: So, you and Didi are settling down?

Lavon: We're not settling down. I'm just saying, I'm ready to commit. So, yeah... We are getting serious.

Zoe: Well... Okay. Good for you.

Lavon: Hope you're gonna come to dinner, too, meet my parents?

Zoe: I wouldn't miss it, just as long as I don't have to sit next to Wade.

Lavon: When are y'all gonna make up?

Zoe: When that spineless infant apologizes for breaking up me and Judson.

Lavon: I'll see you later. Be careful.

Zoe: Lavon! It's just... Snow! I'm okay!

Lavon: BlueBell snow-- bad.


Brick: Now, I know it's your fishing day, Marv, but did you even check if the bay was frozen before stepping out on the ice?

Marv: Ice is invisible, Brick. You can't see it.

Zoe: Hey, Addy?

Addy: Mm?

Zoe: I am expecting an important phone call from Germany, so be sure to get me when it comes in.

Addy: Oh, who do you know in Germany?

Zoe: My dad.

Brick: Your dad?

Zoe: Oh. Uh, yeah, I remembered it was his birthday, so I sent him his favourite macaroons from Paris. He'll be calling to say thanks. I left the office number and my cell on the return slip.

Brick: What kind of father doesn't know his own daughter's phone number?

Zoe: Well, he's very busy. You know, he's the top cardiothoracic surgeon in Europe, and they smoke a lot over there, so you can imagine.

Addy: Well, also, there's that difficult discussion you've both been avoiding. The one about how you finally discovered you're not biologically related.

Zoe: Mm, yeah, and that.

Brick: Sounds like the man has purposely distanced himself a-a bit...

Zoe: He wasn't distancing himself from me. He was distancing himself from my mom and the pain that she caused him. He's still my dad. You know, even though we haven't spoken in a while, that's never gonna change.

Addy: Well, I'll let you know when he calls.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: Apologize to Zoe? Forget it. She's not even nice to me.

Lavon: Well, at least be nice to her. My parents are meeting Didi tonight. I don't need any additional worries.

Wade: Moms and Pops Hayes are gonna love Didi. I mean, what's not to love?

Didi: I can't do it! I can't...

Lavon: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. What's going on?

Didi: I can't meet your parents on snow day! I've heard. I've heard the terrible tales. They're gonna hate me, or we'll be electrocuted. Probably both!

Lavon: Didi, I know the weather is foreboding now, but everything's gonna be fine.

Wade: Well, you got to understand. Lavon's parents are, like, pretty much the coolest people you ever met. His dad, Ernie, is so funny. You guys should see the impression he does of Little Wayne. I mean, it is... Oh! And Carolyn? She's like the mom you never had.

Didi: But I have a mother. She's amazing.

Wade: Not really. Not like Carolyn.

Didi: Lavon, are you sure your parents are going to like me?

Lavon: I am sure.

Didi: Okay. Then I just realized I'm wearing the totally wrong outfit. And I think I left my stove on.

Lavon: Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa… They are gonna love her, right?

Wade: Long as the snow lets up.

Breeland’s house: living room

Lemon: Okay, what about the tenth?

George: Uh-uh. I got to be in court that Monday.

Lemon: Okay, and the weekend after, I have my bachelorette party. If I cancelled, everyone will know.

George: Okay, well, then, we have no choice. We're doing it today.

Lemon: Today?! It's snowing outside. Are you trying to doom our marriage?

George: Look, we are not gonna be able to elope without this entire town knowing about it, anyway, so I say, we get out of town. I say we go somewhere, I say we have a nice, romantic night in a hotel...

Lemon: Mmm.

George: And we get married tomorrow morning. Okay, now, I've read in a magazine that Charleston is the number two destination for weddings.

Lemon: Whoo! So spontaneous! I love it. I'm in, I'm in.

George: Okay, babe, hold on. Just... One second. I just want to make sure this is really want you want to do. I just want you to know, we can still have the wedding. You can still have the white dress...

Lemon: Hey, George, all of the stress from this damn wedding is killing us. I just want to marry you as fast as I can in the first dress I find, and I don't care if it is white or off-white or... Ivory.

Lavon’s house

Carolyn: Ooh!

Ernie: Oh!

Lavon: Sorry I drove so slow. Can't take any chances on a snow day.

Ernie: Well, it's not like we're going to get stranded and have to eat each other, son.

Wade: Oh. Oh, man. Oh, hey, y'all got to hear my band. You know, we got a bunch of new songs. We got one called "Lightning." It's about a dog who shows up in a lighting storm. Yeah, well, I don't want to give too much away, but I can go grab my guitar. I'd be happy to play it for you.

Carolyn: It sounds wonderful, Wade, but right now, we're pretty tired.

Lavon: So, Dad, how are things going at the Lavon Hayes Steakhouse?

Ernie: Amazing. It's the greatest gift I ever got. It's the one thing in the world I can count on.

Didi: I'm so sorry I'm late. I didn't want to drive and end up in a snow drift and have to be rescued like in that movie Misery, so I walked.

Lavon: Uh, Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Didi.

Ernie: Oh.

Carolyn: Didi, oh, honey, it's so nice to meet you.

Didi: Hi.

Ernie: Well, hello there, Didi.

Didi: I have heard so much about you both. Mr. Hayes, you have a restaurant in Houston. I love... Food. I eat it every day. And Mrs. Hayes, you were a teacher.  That's so great. What is it that they say about teachers? "Those who can, do; those who can't... Teach." No, that's not the right one.

Lavon: Anyway, we're just so glad you decided to come for a visit. I mean, what brings you to town, though? I thought y'all was waiting for your big 40th anniversary next month.

Carolyn: Uh, Lavon, if you wouldn't mind, your father and I would like to speak to you in private.


Brick: All right, folks. Would you just listen up here, please? Just stay inside today, 'cause we all know weird things are happening.

Zoe: The weird thing is how these people function every other day of the year.

Patient: Oh, hey, don't forget I'm next, okay?

Brick: Oh.

Zoe: Hey, Lavon, can I call you back?

Lavon: I just wanted to let you know there's no need to rush home. My parents just told me they're... They're splitting up.

Zoe: Oh, Lavon, I am so sorry.

Lavon: Happy snow day, huh?

Addy: See?

Lavon’s house: bedroom

Didi: This is a terrible way to meet your parents. I wanted them to like me. Now, I'm just a witness to their marital disaster.

Lavon: Yeah, well, I wanted them to like you, too, Didi. You know, my parents' relationship always inspired me. I wanted them to see that I could find happiness, too.

Didi: Mm.

Lavon: It's just really bad timing.

Didi: We have to help them. Sometimes, a couple just needs a little nudge to remember how they feel about each other. You and I forgot, then you paraded prostitutes through town, and here we are.

Lavon: Yeah, I don't think my mom and dad will respond to that method.

Didi: What if we threw their anniversary party tonight?

Lavon: You know, I appreciate the thought...

Didi: A romantic dinner with music they like, and everything to remind them of why they fell in love!

Lavon: Didi, if they're fine with their decision, then we have to be, too.

Didi: Okay.  But maybe you should just double-check. Make sure they really are fine.

Rammer Jammer

Ernie: We are fine, son. People grow apart. It happens. You just can't take it so hard.

Wade: I just keep thinking maybe it was something I did.

Ernie: No, of course not, Wade. Look, it'll work out better for you. Two birthdays, two Christmases.

Wade: It's just so sad. You know, 40 years next month.

Ernie: Well, I'm sorry, son.

Wade: Oh, it just breaks my heart to see a good couple split up over something like, "we grew apart."

Ernie: Marriage is complicated. Well, thanks for the beer, Wade.

Wade: Yeah, well, enjoy it now, 'cause it ain't gonna last!

Exam room

Brick: Ow. Ow.

Zoe: Oh, there was a lot of blood, which surprised me. 'Cause, you know, I've heard you can't get blood from a stone.

Brick: Oh, ha-ha. Maybe you should worry more about the stitches and save your standup routine for later.

Zoe: I'm gonna have Addy take you to Mobile for a CT scan so we can rule out a cerebral contusion.

Brick: Oh.

Zoe: Or... A bleed.

Brick: You know, I don't need a CT scan. All I need is a nice, warm day... Whoa.

Zoe: That's it. Addy, can you come in here? Oh, as your doctor-- Or, sorry, at least as the person treating you-- I insist that you go home and lie down.

Brick: No.

Zoe: Addy, can you please drive him home?

Brick: I don't need a ride home. I...

Addy: Oh, hush now, or I will whack you on the other side of that head.

Zoe: Oh, hey, Addy.

Addy: Hmm?

Zoe: Was there a...?

Addy: Oh, I'm sorry, still no call from your dad.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Mom. You okay?

Carolyn: Oh, yeah. Just the onions, honey.

Lavon: You're not cutting onions.

Carolyn: Well, see, that's why I'm crying-- I really wanted onions.

Lavon: Mom, maybe this ain't the right decision. Maybe you and Dad shouldn't be splitting up.

Carolyn: Lavon, your father and I are just not the couple we used to be. Doesn't mean it isn't sad. Now, go wash up. Go on.

Lavon’s house: bedroom

Lavon: Didi, Didi. You were right-- they're not okay. Call Wade, 'cause we're gonna throw my parents a big-ass get-back-together party.

Didi: Wow! All right!

Breeland’s house

George: Lemon? I got my suit, got the rings. Your carriage awaits.

Lemon: Sweetheart, there's been a change of plans!

Magnolia: Is it going to be snowing in Charleston, because I am not wearing this dress with boots.

Lemon: She caught me trying on my dress. She is my sister, so...

Magnolia: And the maid of honour.

George: O-Okay, well... All right, then, let's hit the road.

Magnolia: Shotgun!

Lemon: No.

George: No.

Brick: Well, hey, kids. What are y'all doing?

Magnolia: Uh, it's a field trip.

George: Yeah. A field trip.

Lemon: Uh-huh.

George: So, ladies, we should...

Lemon: To the art museum!

George: Yeah. Art museum.

Lemon: Whoa, Daddy, what happened?

Brick: Oh, you know, I banged my head into a surfbord... No, it was a snowboard, and I'm just gonna go lie down. You just all have a good time at the museum.

Lemon: Okay, Daddy, stop. Um... I have to tell you something. Uh, so... George and I are driving to Charleston... And we're getting married in the morning. And Magnolia's coming with us. Will you come with us, too?

Brick: Y-You're eloping? I-I mean, no church, no party, no... Walking you down the aisle?

Lemon: Daddy, I'm so sorry. I know that this must be... Really disappointing.

Brick: Well... Not at all. Lemon-meringue, I would love to go to Charleston.

Lemon: Really?

Brick: Yeah.

Lemon: Oh, Daddy, thank you!

George: Really, Brick?

Brick: Well, I mean, you two want to save me thousands of dollars on a wedding, hell, yes, be my guest. But, uh, there's a couple of things that I have to take care of first. So, uh, just call me with the details, and then…

Lemon: Okay.

Brick: I'll meet you there, okay?

Lemon: Great.

Brick: You know, I think this is gonna be just... Great.

Lemon: Oh, Daddy, I love you so much. Hold your horses, I'm coming!

Zoe’s office

Addy: Line two. It's long distance. Europe!

Zoe: Hi, Daddy! Wait. I'm sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean no one named Ethan Hart lives at that address? He's my father-- I think I know where he lives… I see.

Addy: Oh, Zoe, honey, I'm sorry.

Zoe: It's okay. It was obviously a mistake. I mean, those stupid German street names are so confusing. I'm just gonna have to call my father myself. It's totally gonna ruin the surprise… Oh.


Zoe: There has to be an explanation for this. I mean, my father didn't just vanish. Oh, my God. He is a very important surgeon. Do you think one of those organizations maybe kidnapped him for ransom? Or they need a doctor.

Addy: Uh, no. No.

Zoe: No. Me, neither. Maybe he sent his new information to my old e-mail account at New York Hospital! I'm gonna check it.

Addy: Uh, no, you won't. A big rig just slid on the ice and smashed into the pole that carries the town's Internet cable.

Zoe: Okay. So, then, I... Will sit here, steaming, because the hospital Web site won't let you check your account from your cell phone! Damn it! I'm gonna get online somehow, get to the bottom of this.

Addy: Honey, why don't you wait until tomorrow, when the snow'll stop bringing its bad luck.

Zoe: 'Cause I am a scientist, and scientists may have different theories on how the dinosaurs died off, but not one of them ever said it's because it was snowing that day.

Addy: Because there was ice.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Wade: If your parents are splitting up, why would they come to a dinner party?

Lavon: I said I'm owed a final dinner with my mom and dad as a married couple! And then I kind of let my voice get all crackly like I was choking back tears.

Didi: I saw him. He milked it good.

Wade: Wait, maybe if your parents have a favourite song, I could learn it, and then, like, uh, you know... Serenade 'em with it.

Lavon: Yeah, yeah. Uh, "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" was their wedding song.

Wade: Do they have a favourite by Tom Petty?

Didi: I'm gonna make my famous spaghetti. Maybe they'll share a bowl and end up sucking on the same piece of pasta, like those dogs.

Lavon: Everybody should probably have their own bowl of pasta. But I appreciate the sentiment, though.

Didi: Oh, do you have any old pictures of them? Nothing makes a couple get all gooey emotional like seeing themselves together back in the day.

Lavon: Oh, oh, you know what, I have some of their old slides.

Didi: Perfect! We can have a This Is Your Marriage show. I saw it on Dr. Phil. We'll show them pictures of their wedding, their honeymoon, their children, everything that'll remind them of why they're still together.

Lavon: Didi, you are a genius. Really. It isn't said enough.

Wade: I know I've never heard it.

Marriage shop

Brick: Oh, hey. Hey, Norbert.

Norbert: Hey, Doc.

Brick: Oh... Hey, listen... Whoa. Well, listen, I have this, uh, vintage veil... Is that the right word, "veil"? Anyway, it belonged to my mother, and I want to give it to my daughter, Magnolia, who is getting married tomorrow.

Norbert: Magnolia's getting married, too?

Brick: Shh! It is a secret...

Norbert: All right.

Brick: No, it's Lemon who's getting married.

Norbert: Oh.

Brick: Yeah, sorry. So anyway, so this veil is missing a couple of, uh, of gems, you know, in the, uh... What do you call that?

Norbert: Tiara.

Brick: Yeah. Right, right.

Norbert: Doc, uh... Are you all right?

Brick: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we good for lunch?

Norbert: Lunch?

Brick: Launch. Good for launch?

Norbert: Uh, yeah.

Brick: Yeah, are we?

Norbert: Yeah.

Brick: Okay. Good-bye.

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: You don't know anyone in this town whose Internet service isn't messed up by that pole that went down?

Shelley: I’m sorry, honey, but... Sometimes it's good when you can't get online, 'cause it gives you a chance to connect with a real person for a change.

Zoe: Anybody have a satellite phone?! Sailors have satellite phones sometimes… No? 'Kay. Go back to being no help at all.

Tom: You, uh, you looking for a hookup?

Zoe: Can you clarify what you mean first?

Tom: Internet. I've got a dial-up connection.

Zoe: That's fantastic! Let's go!

Tom: Oh... I have waited so long for that line to work.

Zoe: How far is your house?

Tom: Not far. It's my mom's house, actually. I live in the basement.

Zoe: The basement? You do mean the basement and not a crawlspace, right? No, seriously.

Tom: Wha...?


George: So, we got flowers? We got champagne.

Lemon: Yes.

George: We got everything, right?  We can go to Charleston now?

Lemon: Yes, unless you want to stop by and get Oliver the organist.

George: Very funny.

George’s car

George: Magnolia, hold that for me? Thanks.

Magnolia: You know, you aren't supposed to throw rice at weddings. It kills the birds.

Lemon: Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine on a stormy day.

Magnolia: It's true. The birds eat it, then they get so filled up on rice that they don't want to eat anything else that's good for them. And then they die.

George: Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's... Not what happens.

Lemon: Is there a problem?

George: Magnolia.

Magnolia: Mm-hmm?

George: Did you, uh... Happen to, while you were waiting for us, have the radio and the interior lights on while you had the heat on full-blast?

Magnolia: Maybe. It's freezing outside, but it's okay after a while; it just turned off by itself.

George: Snow day.

Lemon: Snow day.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: I don't get it. Are we gonna eat at Fancie's or not? I'm hungry. Well, hang on, hang on; there's something more important right now. I want to make a toast. Mom, Dad, uh, tonight we want you to put a pause on all talk of separating. All right? Tonight we honour your 40 great years of marriage.

Ernie: Well, make up your mind. You want to honour 40 years or just the great ones?

Didi: Now, a stroll down memory lane.

Lavon: Oh.

Wade: Coming over.

Lavon: Uh, sit back and enjoy a little show I like to call Carolyn and Ernie: Love Never Dies.

Ernie: Ha.

Lavon: Hit it, Wade.

Carolyn: Look, darling, there's no need to...

Lavon: I can fix this, I can...

Ernie: Don't matter whether you can fix that damn machine, you can't fix us. There's no point in doing any of this. Your mother's in love with another man.

Didi: This is not how it went on Dr. Phil.

Lavon’s house: living room

Lavon: You want to tell me what Dad was talking about?

Carolyn: I have, um... Reconnected, through Facebook, with a high school boyfriend, Dwayne.

Lavon: How long has this, uh, reconnection with Dwayne been going on?

Carolyn: About a year. Your father found out a few weeks ago, insisted that I cut off all communications with him. Your father-- I mean, I can't tell you the last time he looked up at me from the sports pages, let alone, you know, take me out on a date.

Lavon: I thought every Friday you two go out?

Carolyn: Bowling is not a date. I mean, we talked about jetting off to the South Pacific. Now it's all about the restaurant and whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher.

Lavon: Okay. So, you hit a rough patch. No need to turn to somebody else.

Carolyn: Dwayne makes me feel alive and young, like I did in high school, I thought he was my true love. I know, honey, it's hard for you to understand; I...

Lavon: No. Actually, it's not.

Carolyn: Please, honey, just go find your father. I don't want him out there on the road in the snow.

Lavon: Okay.

Tom’s basement

Tom: Sorry about the hamster trail. It started off as a cage in my bedroom. But then I realized a hamster is no different than an antelope or a cheetah. It lives to run, right?

Zoe: Sure. Oh, yeah.

Tom: Ladies, meet the boys. Boys, meet the ladies.

Zoe: See why I called you to come with me? Scary.

Addy: I'm just glad he doesn't have his mother sitting in a rocker down here.

Tom: I keep a dial-up connection in case everything goes out in the middle of World of Warcraft. Oh, if somebody named JarJar8388 pops up, ignore him.

Zoe: Okay.

Tom: Okay, it's all yours.

Zoe: Okay, old e-mail account. Crap! I forgot my old password.

Addy: ZoeHart?

Zoe: No.

Tom: ZoeHart1?

Zoe: Uh-uh, no.

Tom: ZoeHart2?

Zoe: No.

Addy: Favourite pet?

Zoe: Ooh, MrMittens. No.

Tom: ZoeHart3? ZoeHart4?

Addy: No. Stop it... Wait, that's it. Okay. E-mail account. All right, come on… There's nothing from my dad… Thanks, Tom. Let’s go.

Tom: No, not now, JarJar8388!

George’s car

Magnolia: We're gonna die. We're gonna die here. I mean, it happens all the time. People freeze to death in their cars.

Lemon: Okay, you know, rarely on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, and never on a 20-minute walk from their own home. Magnolia, you just don't seem very positive about all this. Why did you even want to come in the first place?

Magnolia: Because you promised I could be the maid of honour.

Lemon: Well, sweetheart, you are.

Magnolia: In a wedding. I wanted to wear a poofy dress, to be in all the pictures right next to you, right up in front of the whole church! Everyone in school was gonna be jealous. But mostly, I wanted to be with you on your wedding day. To see you all glowing and crap. That's what I wanted.

Lemon: Aw, sweetheart. I love you, baby. It'll be good, okay?

George: Okay, so the gas station's closed, of course, because the pumps are broken, so... No battery.

Lavon: Everything all right?

George: Uh, you know what, actually, it's not. We could use a jump.


Zoe: Mom, it's me. Listen, something really weird happened, I tried to send Dad something in Germany, and he's not at his old address. His phone's been disconnected. I'm getting worried that something might've hap... What do you mean you ran into him? He moved back to New York? Yeah, no, that must've been an awkward conversation. Talk to you later, Mom.

Norbert: You okay, Dr. Hart?

Zoe: Huh? Yeah, thanks.

Norbert: Well, good. This town doesn't need both doctors out of whack. You know, Doc Breeland came to see me earlier. Boy, was he out of it. Must be the snow. See you.

Other street

George: All right. All right, jumper cables. Should just about do it.

Lavon: You going somewhere special? I mean, you don't really want to be out on a night like this.

Lemon: Actually... George and I are eloping.

Lavon: Are you?

Lemon: We're driving to Charleston. We're getting married first thing in the morning.

Lavon: Well, good for you.

Lemon: You know, that... Night back in December when I came to your house, and you wouldn't let me in? You were right. I went and told George about finding my mother, and he was just... He was wonderful. And... We've never been closer.

Lavon: I'm glad you're happy… Well, I wish you all the best.

George: All right. Well, Lavon, we cannot thank you enough.

Lemon: Yes, thank you.

Lavon: Drive safe.

Lemon: Thank you. For everything.

Breeland’s house

Zoe: Anybody home? Hello? Brick? Brick?

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Mama, we need to talk, okay?

Carolyn: Did you find your father?

Lavon: Yeah. He's with Wade, getting drunk, talking about God knows what. But you need to end things with this Dwayne guy.

Carolyn: What? Honey, I thought you understood.

Lavon: What I understand is that in real life, you don't always get be with the one who makes your heart pound or your knees weak. Okay? No, real life is about being with a person that you can make a life with. Someone who's attainable. Someone you have something in common with. Like... Bowling. True love... True love is a fantasy. Even if dad is not everything that you thought you wanted, he's real. Okay? He's there… You got to make that work.

Wade: Hey, hey, I'm sorry to interrupt y'all. Uh, it's Ernie. There's, uh, a bit of a situation. Y'all better come with me. Now.

Zoe’s house

Carolyn: Why can't you just answer? Where is Ernie?

Lavon: What the hell is going on, Wade?

Wade: Oh, I'm not Wade. I'm your bellhop, Dade. Ma'am, your suite awaits.

Carolyn: What is all this?

Ernie: You always wanted to go to Bora Bora. Look, I'm sorry I gave you that ultimatum about breaking things off with Dwayne. Dwayne wasn't the problem. I was.

Carolyn: Ernie, I...

Ernie: No, no, Carolyn, our relationship needed just as much of my attention and devotion as I gave to the restaurant and the Crimson Tide. I blew it. Now, I... I'll pick my socks up off the floor. I'll even take ballroom dancing. Sweetheart, you are my one true love. And I will do anything for a second chance.

Carolyn: It was Fiji. I always wanted to go to Fiji… But this is close enough.

Wade: Dance with her… That's me. Who would have figured? I'm a damn cupid.

Breeland’s house

Brick: I-I don't know what happened. I was... I was... heading up the upstairs, and I... Oh, I got dizzy, and-and I... I lost my balance.

Zoe: Okay. Well, a few hours ago, you had a significant head injury. And now you're trying to climb a ladder? Seriously, you need to lie down.

Brick: No, I... I got to get going. I got to be in-in Charleston by 8:00 a.m.

Zoe: Whoa. Hey, there. No, no. You, my friend, are not going anywhere.

Brick: No. Of course I am, 'cause Lemon and-and George-- they are... They are halfway to, um-- what-you-ma-call-it? Yeah, now, South... South Africa.

Zoe: Pardon?

Brick: Look, I mean South Carolina. They are eloping.

Zoe: Eloping?

Brick: Yeah.

Zoe: As in, getting married quicker than we thought?

Brick: Well, yes, that is the definition of eloping.

Zoe: Well, that's... Good for them. Wait. Brick, you can barely walk, okay? You are not driving to South Carolina or South Africa or anywhere.

Zoe’s car

Zoe: How far is it to flipping South Carolina?

Brick: It is far. Do you have to hit every bump? I mean, I have such a nasty headache.

Zoe: Because you probably have a mild concussion, which is why we should be taking you to a hospital.

Brick: No!

Zoe: Seriously, Brick, I don't get it. I know Lemon is eloping, but is it really worth risking your own health?

Brick: I have been waiting for my little girl's wedding since she was two weeks old. I would not miss it for anything. When you have kids, you'll see. All parents feel this way.

Zoe: Not all parents.

Brick: Well, maybe you're right. But if it's any consolation, it's his loss.


Lemon: Sorry, honey. The restroom of a city park is not the most convenient place to put on a wedding dress, but...

Magnolia: There was a woman in there, with the tiniest skirt and tallest heels I've ever seen, counting a lot of money. Whatever job she has, that's the one I want.

Lemon: Uh-uh.

George: Well, you... Both look very beautiful. Now, as soon as your dad gets here, we can get in and get started.

Lemon: Well, he's not here yet?

George: Well, I mean, you don't want to go through this without him, do you? Look, if we have to, we just... we just reschedule.

Magnolia: There he is!

Brick: Folks, I'm so sorry this drive took me longer than I thought, but I'm here now, okay?

Magnolia: Daddy.

Lemon: Daddy.

Brick: So, let's do it, huh?

Lemon: Yeah.

Magnolia: Ugh, this place smells like pee.

Lemon: Yes, it does.

Magnolia: I just don't get it. This is how people want to get married? It's gross.

George: Wait. I can't... Do this. I agree with Magnolia.

Lemon: What-what are you saying?

George: It's just a funky-smelling courthouse and a-a judge we don't even know? I don't want that. Lemon, I want a real wedding.

Magnolia: Oh, my God, you are such a girl.

Brick: Magnolia.

George: You know what? I don't... I don't care how it sounds, because I do. I want a real... Wedding. I want my brother to be there, and I want my parents to be there. I want my niece to be the flower girl like we said she was gonna be. Hell, I-I want my... My bachelor hunting trip. Come on. But Lemon, most imptantly, I don't want to miss out on the chance to see the single most beautiful bride in the world walking down that aisle towards me.

Lemon: I want a real wedding, too. I do. I do.

Brick: Thank God, 'cause I want one, too! I want a really big washing! A wedding. Wedding. What did I say? A wedding. That's what I want for my little girl. You know, and... And I want some aspirin.

George: Yeah, of course.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Ernie: Morning, son.

Carolyn: Morning, baby.

Lavon: Hey, hey, you two. How was, uh, Bora Bora, or Fiji, or wherever y'all went? It was just as you'd expect the tropics?

Ernie: Hot and steamy.

Carolyn: Mmm.

Lavon: Okay, yeah, well, that's, um, um, all I need to hear.

Carolyn: Wherever we were, it was divine. Your father and I... Found the romance again.

Ernie: That we did.

Carolyn: Mm-hmm.

Lavon: I'm glad. Hey, honeymoon suite also comes with complimentary brunch.

Carolyn: Honey, brunch sounds wonderful.

Ernie: Hey, um, listen, I'll be right back. I want to say good-bye to Wade.

Carolyn: Lavon, I just wanted to let you know that, um, I'm going to unfriend Dwayne.

Lavon: Well, I think that's a good idea.

Carolyn: But son, what you said to me last night has me worried. I mean, marriage is hard. Your father and I, you know, fell into the same trap a lot of people do. I mean, it's easy to fantasize about being with someone else. But that's all it was, was a fantasy. Your father and I-- that's the real deal. Hard as it may be sometimes, he is my true love.

Lavon: That's great. I'm glad you guys have each other.

Carolyn: All that hullabaloo about true love being a fantasy just leads me to believe you might not be with yours. Hmm? Love you, babe.

Zoe’s house

Wade: Oh. Hey. Uh, I-I can explain.

Zoe: You know what? It doesn't matter. I'm too tired to care.

Wade: Well, let's just say, I, uh, helped get Lavon's parents back together.

Zoe: Which they did... In my bed.

Wade: Well, no, I wa... I-I changed the sheets already. Yeah… Uh, by the way, I'm sorry if I'm the reason that you and Judson broke up. I shouldn't have butted in. I don't know. Everyone's talking about true love, and... Well, if Judson was your true love, then... He'll come back.

Zoe: For the record, Judson was not my true love.

Wade: Anyway, a package arrived for you "return to sender."

BlueBell’s square

Didi: We made it. We survived a BlueBell snow day without any huge disasters.

Lavon: Didi... I don't think you and I should keep seeing each other.

Didi: You're kidding, right?

Lavon: I wanted to-to make this work, I really did. I thought I could, but... I'm just not ready.

Didi: I wish you had told me earlier.

Lavon: I wish I had known. You are an amazing woman, Didi Ruano… I can't thank you enough for what you did with my parents, but I have been unfair to you. I'm sorry. Last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you.

Didi: It's a little late for that. See you around, Lavon.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: Hi.

Lavon: Hey.

Zoe: How was your snow day?

Lavon: To sum up. My parents didn't break up, Didi and I did, and I helped Lemon and George elope… Yours?

Zoe: My dad was not kidnapped, my dad still sucks, and you didn't help them elope.

Lavon: They-they didn't do it?

Zoe: Sorry about Didi.

Lavon: Um, sorry about your dad.

Zoe: Hey, on the bright side... More macaroons for us.

Lavon: Hey. So, Lemon and George really didn't elope?

Zoe: They're still getting married, though, you know.

Lavon: Yeah, I know. And BlueBell snow day? Wasn't as bad as it could've been… May we each find our Bora Bora, wherever it may be.

Zoe: I know where Bora Bora is. It's right near...

Lavon: Shh.

Zoe: Oh. Why?

Lavon: Eat your macaroon.

Zoe: Hey!

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