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#202 : Le triangle amoureux

Zoe essaie d'aider Rose à trouver quelqu'un pour effectuer un concert de rock à Bluebell. Pendant ce temps, Lemon est embauché au Jammer Rammer en tant que serveuse. Lavon et Ruby parlent de leur vie. Ruby raconte plus tard Lavon qu'elle se présente contre lui à la mairie.


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Always on My Mind

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Le triangle amoureux

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Extrait: George et Wade chantent  'Ramblin' Man

Extrait: George et Wade chantent 'Ramblin' Man


Extrait: Magniola chante "Take My Hand"

Extrait: Magniola chante "Take My Hand"


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Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Rose (McKaley Miller) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Rose (McKaley Miller) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Ruby Jeffries (Golden Brooks)

Ruby Jeffries (Golden Brooks)

Ruby (Golden Brooks) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Ruby (Golden Brooks) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Magnolia Breeland (Claudia Lee)

Magnolia Breeland (Claudia Lee)

Magnolia Breeland (Claudia Lee)

Magnolia Breeland (Claudia Lee)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)


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Mardi 09.10.2012 à 20:00
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Ecrit par: Carter Covington
Réalisé par: Anton Cropper

Guests :
Golden Brooks ... Ruby Jeffries
Amy Ferguson ... Lily Anne Lonergan
McKaley Miller ... Rose Hattenbarger
Charles Robinson ... Sergent Jeffries
Mary Page Keller ... Emily Chase
John Marshall Jones ... Wally Maynard
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
Mallory Moye ... Wanda
Dawn Didawick ... Eugenia
Charlotte Graham ... Kelly

Wade’s house

Zoe: Nope.

Wade: Nope?

Zoe: That is never happening again. Never, never, never, never.

Wade: Wow, Doc, that's one more "never" than yesterday. You must, uh, really mean it this time.

Zoe: I do.

Wade: You can't quit now, not when you're finally getting the hang of it.

Zoe: I am not finally getting... You know, never mind, it doesn't matter, because that is never happening again. Just help me find my pants.

Wade: Uh, that pile.

Zoe: The... Ooh.

Wade: Maybe you, uh, just need a soothing hug… Come on.

Zoe: Damn it.

Outside Zoe’s house

Rose: Wake up, Zoe. Zoe...

Zoe: Ow!

Rose: Zoe? Is that you?

Zoe: Hey, Rose! What are you doing up so early? Sleep in, why don't ya? You're a teenager.

Rose: Where are your pants?

Zoe: Oh, nowhere. I was, uh, running. Pantless. In heels, it's a new thing. People are doing it. I'm a doctor, have to keep up… Rose, look at me! Exercise is so important. Come inside.

Zoe’s house

Rose: Okay, so you remember how I finally found my niche in high school?

Zoe: Ironic Japanese anime girl?

Rose: After that. Indie rock girl?

Zoe: Right.

Rose: Well, guess who's going to the Black Keys concert this weekend in Austin?

Zoe: You? Rose, that is so exciting!

Rose: No, if it was me, I would've gone, "Oh, my God, guess who's going to the Black Keys concert this weekend in Austin?" Like that. No, Sara Lynn Willoughby. And when she walks into school on Monday wearing that T-shirt, I'll be back to eating lunch at the table by the Dumpster. Please, you have to help me.

Zoe: Okay, how?

Rose: Just diagnose me with liver failure and medevac me to Austin for a transplant.

Zoe: Oh, man, you know I totally would, if it weren't wrong in every possible way. Don't try to copy Sara Lynn Willoughby, that is the opposite of "indie." Be Rose, the best you that you can be.

Rose: Like you with your pantsless running?

Zoe: There are health benefits, okay?

Breeland’s house: patio

Magnolia: You're turning me into a liar.

Lemon: And how is that?

Magnolia: People ask me, "Is your sister really a waitress at the Rammer Jammer?" And I say no. Don't you ever think about anyone but yourself?

Lemon: Magnolia Breeland, there is no shame in honest work. I am an independent woman, working to save money to move out of my father's house and into my own apartment… It's an inspiring story actually.

Brick: Hey, good morning, girls.

Lemon: Good morning.

Magnolia: Daddy, please make Lemon quit her job! Just give her money so our family is not a laughingstock.

Brick: Oh, no, no, no, I have learned my lesson, I am not just giving you girls money and smoothing your way anymore. It is not good for anyone.

Magnolia: Oh, my God, see what you've done?

Lemon: Thank you, Daddy.

Brick: Not at all. Hey, you're doing honest hard work. Good for you… You know, I just remembered. You know, with Addy enrolling in graduate school in Mobile, I'm gonna be needing a new receptionist. You know, that job, it's got medical benefits, and a 401K, and a nice, comfy chair...

Lemon: Thank you, but working for my daddy is not that far removed from being taken care of by my daddy, now is it?

Brick: Oh, no, I was just thinking about the wording for an ad.

Lemon: Mm-hmm.


Lavon: Thank you, ma'am.

Ruby: Hey, stranger. I haven't seen you all week.

Lavon: Well, yeah, you know, it's a big town.

Ruby: Oh, yes, it's so big. So easy to hide in.

Lavon: Well, hey, hey, Lavon Hayes hides from no one. You know, I've just been, uh, busy running things.

Ruby: Oh, you've been running, all right. But don't, okay? Nothing to be afraid of here.

Zoe: Hey, guys.

Ruby: Hey, Zoe.

Zoe: Hey, guys. Coffee?

Ruby: Hey, thanks so much for the movie last night. So fun.

Zoe: Thank you. Lavon won't watch Kate Hudson movies with me.

Lavon: To which I partly credit my robust mental health.

Ruby: Mmm, well, I got to go. I'll, uh, call you later?

Zoe: Okay.

Ruby: 'Kay. Mayor Hayes.

Zoe: Thank you… She is so cool.

Lavon: I agree. She's up to something.

Zoe: You're still on this? Ruby is in town to visit family, not boil your bunny because a long ago, you were too chicken to break up with her. You've apologized, she forgave you. Done.

Lavon: Ah, no, no, no.


Lavon: I apologized, she accepted, yes. But she did not forgive me. Hmm, what do you say to that?

Zoe: That you might have exaggerated your mental health.

Lavon: Says the woman perched atop a love triangle.

Zoe: Hey, I told you, not anymore. I made a choice. I chose me. Everything is under control. I can't be a rebound, so I won't be with George until he gets out there and sows his wild oats.

Lavon: So, you're really gonna be okay if he starts to have sex with someone else?

Zoe: Whoa, hey, now. Sex is a long time away. George's heart needs to heal.

Lavon: Okay. And meanwhile, you just keep getting freaky with Wade.

Zoe: What? No, I totally stopped doing that.

Lavon: Since when?

Zoe: Recently. Like an hour ago. See? Under control.

Rammer Jammer

Lemon: Here you go, everyone. Oh, elbows off the table, please. And, sir, if the sun gets too bright in here, feel free to wear your hat indoors. If not, let's take it off, okay? Enjoy.

Mr. Maynard: You gotta fire her.

Wade: No, she's... She's not that bad.

Mr. Maynard: She's the worst waitress we ever had and we've never been known for our service.

Wanda: I'm bussing all her tables 'cause she refuses to touch half-chewed food!

Mr. Maynard: See? Take care of it.

Wade: No way. Not happening.

Mr. Maynard: What, you afraid of her?

Wade: Yeah.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Zoe: Casual day at the law firm?

George: No, I'm just, uh, just going fishing.

Zoe: Good. I mean, if you like fishing. And it makes you happy. Are you happy? Because I want you to be happy. And I know I threw a lot at you last week.

George: Oh, wait, wait. You're talking about when you told me that you want me to date other people instead of you, right?

Zoe: Yup, that was it then. Yeah, uh...

George: That... I'm still not happy about.

Zoe: And I'm sorry, you know, it's that you just got out of a...

George: 15 year relationship, I know, I was there… Zoe, I am, uh, not giving up on the two of us. See, I'm still hoping that we'll be together someday, so I'm just gonna take this time I got here and I'm gonna become the best version of myself that I possibly can be because well, you deserve that.

Zoe: Yes. So do you.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: I'm bad. Bad, bad, bad.

Lavon: You having sex with Wade isn't bad.

Wade: Not bad? I've heard it's freaking awesome.

Zoe: Ha, hardly. And it doesn't even matter because never again.

Wade: Oops, aren't you, uh, aren't you supposed to say that after we do it?

Zoe: No more, Wade. Lavon, tell him.

Lavon: Me? No, no, I-I'm way out of this. This is y'all.

Zoe: Oh, come on, you're the landlord. You can make a rule, no sex between tenants.

Lavon: I could make one, no coming in my kitchen without knocking, too, but I doubt anyone would listen.

Wade: This wouldn't, uh, happen to be about George Tucker, would it?

Zoe: No. This is about being the best version of me I can be. I told Rose to be her best self. George is trying to be his best self. And sleeping with someone that I don't even like is hardly me being mine.

Wade: Problem is, Doc, you're hooked.

Zoe: Oh, I am not hooked.

Wade: Yeah, you are. You try to quit on your own, I'll bet you $50 we have sex within the next 48 hours.

Zoe: $50?

Wade: Mmm.

Zoe: Why don't we make it a 100?

Wade: Shake on it.

Zoe: Out! Two days without you is easy. I have gone way longer than that without sex. I have gone years.

Lavon: Yeah. That may be part of the problem.


Sergeant Jeffries: Oh, there he is! There he is now!

Ruby: Hey, Grandpop, please, okay?

Lavon: What's going on, y'all?

Eugenia: Ruby here has just informed us that Southern Living magazine has dropped BlueBell from their list of the top 100 Southern towns.

Sergeant Jeffries: Mm-hmm.

Lavon: They what now?

Ruby: The editor is a friend of mine...

Sergeant Jeffries: Yeah.

Ruby: So she just gave me the heads-up.

Sergeant Jeffries: It's what we get for electing a linebacker to run things. Especially one who let Auburn score the winning touchdown off him.

Lavon: I was clipped on that play, now the replay was very clear.

Eugenia: What if the tourists don't come? Who'll buy my toaster cozies?

Lavon: No, no, now. The tourism is just fine, okay? Just today, a-a women's pro-beach volleyball team is stopping here on their way to Daytona.

Sergeant Jeffries: Daytona, exactly. More business slipping through your fingers like an Auburn running back! I have been silent long enough!

Ruby: Grandpa, when have you ever been silent for five minutes?

Sergeant Jeffries: No, there is an election coming up, and I intend to run against Mayor Hayes, and I intend to win!

Ruby: Okay, Grandpa.

Sergeant Jeffries: Hmm.

Ruby: Let's go get some breakfast, okay? Let's get you something to eat.

Lavon: I was blocked in the back.

Ruby: Yeah, yeah.

Rammer Jammer

Lemon: Good morning, George. Table for one?

George: Lemon, I heard you got a job here. I tried to stay away. But there's only two restaurants in town and, well, Fancie's doesn't serve breakfast, so...

Lemon: Don't be absurd, George. We're both two working adult professionals. We can occupy the same space and be civil. Why don't you just, um, go ahead and take a seat anywhere you'd like. If you'll excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchups… Maybe they'll go through with it.

George: Hey.

Wade: Hey yourself… You know, uh, last time I saw you, I think I had my fist in your face.

George: Yeah, yeah, you know, that was right around the same time I was body slamming you through a table.

Wade: Good times.

George: Yeah, it was… So, I see you hired my ex-fiancee.

Wade: I did. Hey, uh, wonder if you might have any advice I can give to Wally on how to fire her?

George: Yeah. Yeah, I do… Don't.

Wade: I thought so. All right.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Ruby didn't have to blindside me with that Southern Living news. No, she could have told me first. She is up to something.

Zoe: Look, stop being crazy. Just ask her if she has an evil plot to destroy you.

Lavon: Says my reasonable friend who's on her second bag of marshmallows.

Zoe: Hey, it takes a lot of marshmallows to get any nutritional value. Plus, it's almost been 24 hours since I had sex with Wade. It's either this or smoking.

Rose: Zoe, there you are.

Zoe: Hi.

Rose: I took your advice.

Lavon: Smart girl like you should know better.

Rose: Like you said, anyone can go to a rock concert. But it takes a really hip, plugged-in person to throw one.

Lavon: BlueBellapalooza.

Zoe: Mumford & Sons, Pink, Arcade Fire, Talking Heads Reunion? This is quite the lineup.

Rose: Well, that's what being plugged-in is all about.

Zoe: And are you plugged-in?

Rose: No, but your mom is. You said she's worked with tons of music people. If she can help me get just one of these bands.

Zoe: Rose.

Rose: I know, but it has to be this weekend, before Sara Lynn Willoughby gets back with her stupid Black Keys T-shirt.

Zoe: I guess I can ask my mom, but that is all that I can do.

Rose: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Zoe: You're welcome.

Rose: Because it kind of was your idea.

Zoe: Hey, I said I'd ask.


Brick: Hi, Virgil, how you doing? Good to see you. Come on with me. Get you right in here now.

Lemon: Daddy?

Brick: Hold on one second, just have a seat.

Lemon: I got your message… What was so important that you needed to talk to me in person?

Brick: I'll be right back, I have to quickly drain poor. Mr. Hanson's abscess before it bursts.

Lemon: Sure, go, go, go.

Brick: Would you get that, honey? I'm the only one here today.

Lemon: Certainly, gy, go… Dr. Breeland's office… Yes, could you call back, please? Thank you so much… Daddy? Listen, according to your calendar, Mr. Hanson's only here for his blood pressure medication.

Brick: Whoa, hey, good catch. You're good at this.

Lemon: Daddy! You set this up so I would want Addy's job. I have a job, okay? I thought you said that you were proud of me.

Brick: Well, I'm not. I mean I'm proud of you, yes, but you are degrading yourself to prove to me you're an independent woman.

Lemon: I am a great waitress. And I'm sorry that you're not thrilled about it, but I'm not thrilled about you tongue kissing your girlfriend in the middle of town square either.

Brick: Okay, I was going to tell you all about Emily...

Lemon: I'm happy for you, okay? I just wish that you could be happy for me, too.

Brick: I just think you are capable of so much more, Lemonade.

Lemon: Tell you what, why don't you and Emily come the Rammer Jammer tonight for dinner? Watch me work.

Brick: I mean, isn't this your night off?

Lemon: I can pick up an extra shift. I can meet Emily and serve you two a lovely meal.

Brick: Well, you've served me many meals.

Lemon: Yeah, well, this time you have to tip.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: So how are you spending your newfound freedom, my friend?

George: Well, so far, a lot of fishing.

Wade: Oh, all right, attaboy. Trolling the waters, as they say.

George: Yeah, just, uh, waiting for a nibble.

Wade: Reeling 'em in.

George: And then gutting them and throwing them on the fire.

Wade: I hope you're talking about actual fishing.

George: I am.

Wade: Man, you're single for the first time since Clinton was president and you're spending it alone on a boat. You should be naked with strangers. Boat optional.

George: I'm not really the-the one-night stand type of person.

Wade: How would you know, you haven't given it a shot.

George: Yeah, that's true, but... I mean, look, even if I did, I don't have those kind of moves. And besides, this is a small town, okay? People talk and... Now Lemon works at the only bar.

Wade: Well, you are in luck, my friend. Because Lemon is not working tonight and I am. And there is a whole crew of lady beach volleyball players passing through town. Can you say, bump, set and... You do the spike.

George: What?

Wade: You're the worst student ever, okay?

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: Okay, Mom. Yeah, I understand. No, we just need someone. Didn't anyone say yes? Okay, Mom, I'll call you later.

Rose: Man, I really put the "lose" in BlueBellapalooza.

Lavon: Hey, how about Lily Anne Lonergan?

Rose: Lily Anne Lonergan? She's indie, she's local, she'd be perfect.

Lavon: Yeah.

Rose: Do you know her?

Lavon: No, but Wade does. He played in a band with her before she hit it big solo.

Rose: Oh, I forgot that. Oh, my God, yes! Could you ask him to call her?

Zoe: I really don't think that I can. I think it's a better idea if Lavon does, I think.

Rose: Oh, that's where your pants went.

Lavon: Surely you can, uh, ask the man a question without falling into bed.

Wade’s house

Wade: Well, well, well, you caved sooner than I expected.

Zoe: You're not winning the bet. I'm need a favour for Rose. She's planning a music festival tomorrow and she needs a headliner. Would you ask Lily Anne Lonergan?

Wade: Well, I would, um, but as it turns out, Lily Anne hates my guts.

Zoe: I can't imagine why.

Wade: Hmm.

Zoe: Can't you just call her?

Wade: I don't have her number anymore. Suppose I could show you where she lives in Mobile, but you'd have to drive… What? My car's up on blocks, see for yourself.

Zoe: You think if you can get me in a car alone, I won't be able to resist having sex with you?

Wade: Oh, you see right through me, Doc.

Zoe: Only if I look in your ears.

Wade: Ooh!

Zoe: Mm-hmm. See you in an hour. Wear a shirt.

Wade: Bring a hundred bucks.

Outside the Rammer Jammer / Wade’s house

George: No, no, it's okay if you can't make it tonight. We'll just take a rain check, all right? It's no big deal, we'll just do it another night.

Wade: Are you kidding, man? Next time BlueBell has a bar full of out-of-town female professional athletes, you and I will both be long dead. Stay the course.

George: Wade, you're my wingman here and I am not even certified in this type of plane.

Wade: Look, you got something to write with?

George: No. Just go ahead.

Wade: All right, first, find the, uh, girl in the corner who just broke up with her boyfriend. She's mad and sad... A good mix for poor decisions.

George: Okay, and I know this about her how?

Wade: Uh, glass of Chardonnay, purse on her lap. You go up to her, insist on buying her a drink, then you press C-7 on the jukebox and ask her to dance.

George: Okay, wait a minute. So, your entire plan revolves around a magic song?

Wade: Yup, and when the song ends, you grab her by the hand and then you're gonna pull her close and you say, "Let's get out of here." She will, bam. I got to go, all right?

George: Wade?

Zoe’s car

Wade: Whew! Well, hello there.

Zoe: Stop. You're helping me get Lily Anne to perform. That's it.

Wade: I'm helping you get to Lily Anne. I'm not talking to her… Radio?

Journalist: The markets were up today on good news about the housing sector.

Zoe: I like to stay current.

Wade: Huh.

Journalist: The median price on new homes saw a 1.4% monthly...

Zoe: I'm gonna pull over right up here.

Wade: You're the driver.

Rose: Road trip! Woo-hoo!

Wade: What the hell is wrong with you?

Rose: Can I ride shotgun?

Wade: 'Cause I get carsick in the back and I just ate spaghetti.

Wade: No.


Ruby: Lavon, for the record, I'm not waiting to spring some kind of evil trap on you.

Lavon: Well, you know, the Southern Living thing. There's the whole Sarge running for mayor thing.

Ruby: Oh, please, Grandpa can't run his dishwasher. He's not running for mayor. He's just still mad at you for breaking my heart.

Lavon: Well, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to get revenge, too, you know.

Ruby: Lavon, that was a long time ago. Can we be friends? That is how we started, at the roller rink.

Lavon: When you taught me to skate backwards.

Ruby: Well, someone had to pull your clumsy butt around. I mean, tell me, honestly, how is it possible that a future pro athlete can have such a bad center of gravity?

Lavon: Check, please.

Rammer Jammer

Lemon: I should've worn heels. I don't like feeling short.

Mr. Maynard: What are you doing here? It's supposed to be your night off.

Lemon: Well, I could use the extra shift, and you could use the extra hand.

Mr. Maynard: Uh... I was gonna do this tomorrow, but, uh, this didn't work out.

Lemon: What?

Mr. Maynard: Yeah.

Lemon: You're firing me?

Mr. Maynard: Yeah.

Lemon: Wally, look at me.

Mr. Maynard: No.

Lemon: Wally, look at me… You cannot fire me tonight. My father is coming here on a date, and I have to show him that I'm good at this.

Mr. Maynard: But you're not. I'm sorry, Lemon, this just isn't your line of work.

Lemon: I'll pay you not to.

Mr. Maynard: What?

Lemon: $50. Let me work tonight. $75. Or though, I'll have to work tomorrow to make up for it.

Mr. Maynard: But by that math, you could be working here forever.

Lemon: Oh, Wally. Thank you, but I do have other plans in life.

George: Chardonnay, purse on the lap. Go time… Hello. Uh, may I buy you a drink? Right… I am a lawyer.

Kelly: Do I seem like I'll need a lawyer?

George: You know, it's hard to say. Night is young. So... All right. Uh, hey, Chester. Can I get another drink for this lovely young lady?

Zoe’s car

Wade: Uh, it should be coming up on the right here.

Rose: Good, 'cause I'm starting to feel nauseous.

Wade: Hey, man, I can't help you put it on. You should have practiced on a banana.

Zoe’s car / Rammer Jammer

George: I can't believe I'm saying this, but your plan is actually working. However, I'm out of small talk, and your magic song hasn't come on yet, so...

Wade: Just wait for it, all right? C-7, works every time. All right, bye.

Zoe’s car

Zoe: Why is George Tucker calling you? What's C-7?

Wade: I'm coaching him on, uh, a game of Battleship. Hopefully, this time he sinks those pesky submarines… All right, I was supposed to be his wingman tonight, but I'm helping you with this, so I'm talking him through it.

Zoe: Talking him through what?

Wade: I'm talking him through making a casual... Friendship. Hmm? The kind that lasts till just before breakfast tomorrow?

Zoe: What?

Rose: He means a one-night stand.

Zoe: But George isn't ready for that. His heart needs time to heal.

Wade: Oh, sweetie, trust me, his heart has nothing to do with what's about to happen… What's the big deal? I thought you, uh, didn't want to be with him.

Zoe: I don't. And I'm fine with it.

Rammer Jammer

Kelly: You know what I mean?

George: Yeah, I mean, I, uh... C-7.

Kelly: Huh?

George: Um...

Kelly: Oh, I love this song.

George: Really? Wow. Uh, would you like to dance?

Kelly: Absolutely.

George: Oh, uh...

Kelly: Nice move.

George: Yeah, it-it's crowded out there. We should dance in the corner. Yeah?

Lemon: And here you go, Emily. Chicken gumbo for you and seafood gumbo for you, Daddy.

Brick: Thank you.

Lemon: Let me know what you think. The chef often asks for my suggestions, as do many of the employees, so...

Brick: Ooh, that is delicious, honey, really.

Lemon: Thank you.

Brick: This place is packed tonight with freakishly tall women.

Lemon: I know.

Brick: Emily, are you all right?

Lemon: You're turning really red.

Emily: I think I accidentally got the seafood gumbo is all. I'm a tiny bit allergic, and I seem to have left my EpiPen in my room.

Lemon: Oh, my God. Emily, I-I'm so sorry.

Emily: Oh, no, no, we have a few minutes before my throat closes up.

Brick: Gonna get you over to my office, and I can give you a shot.

Lily Anne’s house

Lily Anne:

You're the nose hair of humanity

You ravaged me emotionally

I was blind but now I see

You disgust me, you disgust me

You disgust me, whoa-oh-oh


Thanks. I felt really inspired when I wrote that. Really, really inspired.

Wade: Well, I forgot how beautiful your voice is, Lily Anne. I also forgot that you were a crazy nut job.

Zoe: Wade! He didn't mean that.

Wade: I miss one little show, and you up and quit the band.

Lily Anne: That show was my sister's wedding! Who are you, his girlfriend? Run. Run from Wade. You can hear further instructions in my song, "Run from Wade."

Wade: Wait, that was about me?

Zoe: I'm not... No. I'm his doctor. And we're here, actually, because Rose is puttin' on a music festival tomorrow.

Rose: And I'd really love it if you'd perform.

Lily Anne: You're a doctor? Can I ask your medical opinion on something? Yesterday, I had this really bad acid reflux, and I'm worried it could affect my voice.

Wade: And here we go. Uh, in addition to being a nut burger, she's also a hypochondriac.

Zoe: Why does nothing ever affect your voice? Um, reflux is caused by things that we ingest, so have you made any changes to your diet, any new drugs?

Lily Anne: I am on a new mood stabilizer.

Wade: Hmm, you should consider upping your dosage.

Zoe: I can take a look at your medications, if you like.

Lily Anne: Let me go get them.

Wade: Yeah.

Rammer Jammer

Kelly: So, you want to get out of here?

George: Yes. Just give me a second. Just don't-don't go anywhere.

In a corner

George: Hey.

Lemon: What are you doing here, George? Pouring salt into the gaping wound that is my life?

George: Lemon, are you okay?

Lemon: No, I'm not okay… Listen, all I wanted to do was prove to my father that I could take care of myself… And then I poisoned his girlfriend.

George: Lemon, I think a big part of finding out what we're good at is figuring out what we're not, so... Good news. You can wipe waitress right off the list. Just...

Lemon: You were always good at giving me perspective… I still hate you for what you did to me.

George: I know. And I hope that someday I can figure out a way to make that up to you.

Lemon: Could you start by busing up a few tables? I'm really backed up.

George: Actually, Lemon, I, uh...

Kelly: Do not leave my side. I almost had a one-night stand with that busboy. So clearly, I can't be trusted.


Lavon: That's it.

Ruby: It's funny. The whole time I lived in BlueBell, I thought as soon as I got out, I'd find myself. And here I am, 16 years later, and still just as lost… Like a fancy sailboat waiting for the wind to whip up.

Lavon: You know, I can relate. Yeah, when I retired, I didn't know who I was without football. So, I moved back here and bought the plantation and basically played video games for four months… Somebody suggested I run for mayor. Then everybody did… Suddenly, I was Mayor Lavon Hayes. I'm just saying, you know, sometimes I feel... Adrift... Myself.

Ruby: Well, I, um... I better go.

Lavon: What?

Ruby: My grandpa has me on a curfew. I know, it's humiliating, but... Good night, Lavon.

Lily Anne’s house

Zoe: Don't take these without food, and if it happens again, just give me a call.

Lily Anne: Thanks, I will. And I really do wish I could help you guys out with your festival, but my band's on hiatus.

Rose: You could play with your old band.

Lily Anne: Not a good idea. Too many memories.

Wade: Yeah.

Zoe: One moment… Apologize to her and she might sing tomorrow.

Wade: Well, that's a big can of worms, Doc. Don't you see she-she's still got the hots for me.

Zoe: From George?

Wade: Look, you can relax, all right? He struck out… You know, I think I will apologize… Yeah. Huh… Lily Anne… Playing with you was the best time of my life, and I screwed it up by being an idiot. So, maybe we could just forget what happened, and, uh, play together once more… For old time's sake.

Lily Anne: You have no idea how long I've waited just to hear you say you're sorry… Okay.

Rose: Oh, my God. I got to go tweet this. Suck it, Sara Lynn Willoughby. Aah!

Zoe: We have to go. We have a long drive back to BlueBell.

Lily Anne: Good point. I hate driving after a gig. Maybe I could stay tomorrow night with you, Wade.

Wade: Yeah. Fine with you, Doc?

Zoe: Whatever. Get in the car.

Wade: All right.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: Before you say anything, I spent the whole night with Rose, setting up the square for BlueBellapalooza. I did not have sex with Wade… Thank you.

Lavon: So, just 12 hours to go.

Zoe: Yep. And I imported a toy to distract him, in the form of Lily Anne Lonergan. So Wade won't be bothering me for sex tonight. Booya! I'm done, hundred bucks!

Lavon: I would have paid you a hundred bucks not hear to any of this.

Zoe: Oh, yeah? How did it go with Ruby last night? Did you foil her plan for global domination?

Lavon: We talked. We're good.

Zoe: Oh, I love it when you are coy. You still have feelings for her.

Lavon: Look, why can't we just say that I am glad she's back in town and leave it at that?

Zoe: Because I'm me.

Lavon: Morning.

Zoe: Lavon!



You seem so bad and you seem all wrong

But they never felt love like a love this strong

Don't give a darn for what they have to say

And they think we don't know

But we know too well

And I have no fear what time will tell

Don't give a darn for what they have to say

Rose: How cool is this? Half of my school is here. Excuse me while I walk through the crowd, looking really important.

Zoe: But cool.

Rose: Cool, right. Thanks!


They think it's the same when they were young

And they all were blind and screamed, "How dumb!"

Don't give a darn for what they have to say...

Lily Anne: Zoe!

Zoe: Hey.

Lily Anne: Zoe, am I glad to see you.

Zoe: Thank you again for performing today. Rose is so excited.

Lily Anne: My finger's numb.

Zoe: Say what?

Lily Anne: My middle finger of my right hand is a tiny bit numb.

Zoe: Oh, when that happens to me, it's from so much flipping it to Wade. Just switch hands.

Lily Anne: I'm not kidding.

Zoe: Oh. Oh, I'm-I'm sorry. You know, it's probably... Just the nerves.

Lily Anne: Something's wrong with the nerves in my pick hand?

Zoe: No! Like in nervous, not like in nerve damage.

Lily Anne: Nerve damage? Could it be that?

Zoe: No!

Lily Anne: Okay. Definitely not?

Zoe: Well, I mean, it could. There's a chance, but very small. If it still feels like that in a few days, go see a specialist.


The cure from yourself, our voices in this town

We know this love is on

When you're holding me so tight to the end...

Zoe: Hey, what are you doing? You're going on next.

Wade: Yeah, well, see, we don't have a lead singer anymore. Apparently, someone told her that she might have nerve damage.

Zoe: What? No. No, no, no! I-I said, "could". Very remote. Probably not. Where is she? I'll talk to her.

Wade: Well, she's on her way back to Mobile now to see a specialist. So BlueBellapalooza has no headliner, and Rose gets to eat by the Dumpsters. You, uh, happy now?

Zoe: No, of course I'm not happy. Do you think I did this on purpose?

Wade: Oh, I'm sorry. You think you didn't? You didn't want me sleeping with Lily Anne, didn't want George sleeping with... Whoever last night. Apparently, nobody can have sex in BlueBell without a prescription from Dr. Zoe Hart!

Zoe: That-that is not true, okay? I'll fix this.

Wade: Well, it's too late. You won our bet. I'm not interested anymore. So, uh, let's see… Here's a hundred bucks… Go hire yourself a new band.


Zoe: Just wait, wait. Wait. Can anyone sing? Can anyone sing? Can you sing? Anyone? George Tucker, don't move.

George: What? Why? Why? Is there a bee in my hair?

Zoe: Huh?

George: Is there a bee in my hair?

Zoe: No. There's been an emergency. I won't get into the absurd details, but... I need you to sing with Wade's band.

George: Me? You want me to sing?

Zoe: Yes. You sang in New Orleans, and you were amazing.

George: Yeah, but, Zoe, that was in front of complete and total strangers, and that was after I downed three hurricanes, so...

Zoe: It's for Rose. If I screw this up for her, I will never forgive myself.

George: All right, do I have time for at least one hurricane?

Zoe: Thank you.

George: Yeah.

Zoe: Thank you! Let's go.

George: Yeah. Okay.



Lord, I was born

A ramblin' man

Trying to make a living and doing the best that I can

But when it's time for leavin'

Well, I hope you'll understand

That I was born a ramblin' man

My father was a gambler down in 'Bama

Wound up on the wrong end of a gun...

Lavon: Hmm. He's really good.

Zoe: Yeah. You're not the only one who's noticed.

Lavon: Did you really tell a hypochondriac she might have nerve damage?

Zoe: Might.

Lavon: Ha!

Zoe: I didn't know what I said would send her away. I didn't.

George: Come on, y'all, put your hands together!

Zoe: Okay, even if I knew, I-I didn't know that I knew, you know?

Lavon: No.

Zoe: I know. There's something wrong with me.

Lavon: Well, it seems pretty obvious. You don't want Wade to have sex with somebody else because you like him.

Zoe: No, I don't! Wade drives me crazy. I like George. Haven't you been paying attention?

Lavon: But you told George you two couldn't be together. You told him to date other people.

Zoe: I know I did. I just don't want him to.

Lavon: But you don't want Wade to date anybody else, either.

Zoe: No. I know how selfish and horrible that sounds, but I am a mess, okay? A complete and utter mess!

Lavon: It's okay. I mean, we all been there. I guess.

Zoe: Thank you. You know, I need some marshmallows.

Lavon: Okay.

Ruby: Wow! This is quite some event. Next year, we'll have to let Southern Living know. Maybe get us back on the list.

Lavon: Us? Wait, wait, does that mean you're gonna be around here next year?

Ruby: Actually, Lavon, I... I wanted to talk to you about that.

Lavon: Oh, I'm all ears.

Ruby: Well, I've decided to... Run against you. For mayor.

Lavon: That's good. That's good. I love it! I like how serious your face is right now.

Ruby: I am serious.

Lavon: I'm s-sorry, you-you what, now?

Ruby: Lavon, listen, I know this isn't the news you wanted to hear, but, I mean, you basically said the job just fell into your lap anyway, and...

Lavon: So you want to take it from me?

Ruby: No. I said I was waiting for the wind to come up and take me someplace.

Lavon: No, the only wind around here was coming from your mouth, when you said you weren't mad about high school anymore.

Ruby: Come on, Lavon.

Lavon: Or is this it? Just to get my reaction.

Ruby: No.

Lavon: Get in my head. You're not really running, right? Or are you?

Ruby: I think we should talk about this later.

Lavon: Huh… You're not getting in my head!


Zoe: Thank you.

Wade: Stop it. Come on, now.

Rose: That was awesome. Who knew George Tucker could sing like that?

Zoe: Not me. So, did we cement your status as indie rock chick?

Rose: For another week, at least. But to be honest, I kind of miss being the ironic Japanese anime girl... It was a lot less work. I can't wait till I'm all grown up and know who I am and what I want.

Zoe: Rose, I hate to break it to you, but even grown up, we're all 15 at heart… That is so good.

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