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#111 : L'enfer des belles

En s'intéressant à l'histoire de sa famille à Bluebell, Zoe découvre que son héritage lui permet de faire partie des Belles de Bluebell. Lemon fait tout pour éviter que cela ne se passe ainsi. De son côté, George cherche une stratégie pour empêcher la création d'une grande zone commercial près de Bluebell.


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Hell's Belles

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L'enfer des belles

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Brick (Tim Matheson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Brick (Tim Matheson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson)

Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Brick (Tim Matheson) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Brick (Tim Matheson) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Brick (Tim Matheson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Brick (Tim Matheson) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)


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Ecrit par: Donald Todd
Réalisé par: Janice Cooke Leonard

Guests :
Nadine Velazquez ... Didi Ruano
Lisa Blake Richards ... Maureen Wilkes
Christopher Curry ... Earl
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Brea Angelo ... Geena
Danielle Courter ... Toni

Zoe’s office

Zoe: Go…

Practice entrance

Zoe: Uh, guys? We have a mouse.

Lemon: Dr. Hart, always a pleasure.

Zoe: Lemon. Brick. Do you know who this is?

Brick: Yes, I do. Where'd you get that?

Zoe: Well, I found this box of pictures and stuff. I think Harley must have left it for me.

Brick: And you're just now looking in?

Lemon: You surprised?

Zoe: I just saw it. And what do you mean "surprised"?

Lemon: Just, anyone I know in your situation would be tearing through every single box she could find to learn who her people are. Unless, of course, she thought the whole world began and ended with herself, in which case, it's perfectly understandable.

Zoe: I have been busy, trying to get patients.

Lemon: Bye, Daddy.

Brick: Yeah. Well, you might find an easier time fitting in if, uh, it didn't seem like you were just passing through.

Zoe: I'm not just passing through. I've been here for four whole months.

Brick: Oh, and you still haven't asked one question about Harley or have any idea who's in these pictures on the walls.

Zoe: That is not true.

Brick: Oh? Who's that?

Zoe: A president.

Brick: Uh-huh. Which one?

Zoe: Zachary Taylor.

Brick: Close. That's Harley's brother Jacob.

Zoe: I have an uncle? Uncle Jacob!

Brick: Yeah. He's dead. See, to Southern people, who we came from is part of who we are. You want to fit in? Find out where you fit.

Zoe: Okay, where do I start?

Brick: You already did. Go talk to your aunt.

Zoe: I have an aunt? Huh.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Wade: Mm… All right, man, I'm out of here… Oh, uh... Never mind.

Lavon: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. Never mind what?

Wade: Nothing. Look, I was just gonna say that, uh, these two girls I know are in town, and I got to work tonight, so I thought maybe you'd want to take them out.

Lavon: Okay. So why wouldn't I?

Wade: Because then I remembered that you don't go out anymore. You mope around here eating your cookie dough ice cream, pining over some lost love.

Lavon: You know what? Nah. That's the old Lavon Hayes. I-I'm like this game room here. All new fun for a whole new year. Time to carpe diem.

Wade: All right.

Lavon: Yeah, out with the past. I'm ready for anything.

Wade: Well, hey, these are the two girls I met at NASCAR last year the two best friends. The one's got the snake tattoo that starts on her butt and somehow finishes up on the other one's...

Lavon: No. Not that.

Wade: Your loss, Lavon.

Lavon: Mm.

George’s office

George: Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Pitt. That is great. No, you have no idea. All right, you have a great day… Yes! Didi, look. I did it.

Didi: Oh, yay! You won your game!

George: Not a game.

Didi: Oh, I thought you were "X."

George: No, this is the big box superstore thing I've been fighting my dad on. See, he told me that Large-Mart is buying land up here and they have such a head start on us that we cannot stop them from getting enough land to build a store on. However, if they don't have a road so people can get to the store, guess what, no store.

Didi: We're gonna blow up a road? I love this job.

George: No. No. No, see these-these red X's. They-they represent people that I got to agree to not allow commercial construction or building of a new road on their property. And they stretch in a solid wall from the lake here all the way over to Federal Forest land here, which means Large-Mart cannot get to us.  And guess what, Dad? Game over! You lose!

Didi: Wow, that is so smart. And I guess that little piece of land right there, that's not big enough to build a road, huh?

George: What piece of land? Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. I thought that was a printing error. Okay, Didi, I need you to get down to the courthouse right now. Find out who owns that little piece of land before Large-Mart gets to them. Okay, and remember, keep this top secret.

Didi: I will. But, George, if you blow up that road, I'm in.

BlueBell’s square

Lavon: Didi.

Didi: Oh, hey, Lavon.

Lavon: Look, you don't have to avoid me all the time. I mean, we only had one date. No need for things to be all awkward. So let's just be friends, okay?

Didi: Friends? How can I be your friend when I know you want to marry me?

Lavon: What?

Maureen’s house: living room

Zoe: Nice to meet you, Aunt Maureen. Thanks for seeing me.

Maureen: So... How are they down in BlueBell? Still crazy as ever?

Zoe: I think that's fair to say.

Maureen: Like the Planksgiving with their pirates?

Zoe: Mm.

Maureen: That's why I settled up here in Liberty, where Thanksgiving is turkey and stuffing.

Zoe: I know, right?

Maureen: And Christmas is the Great Beaver cutting down the town tree. And damming up the river so the Christ child doesn't float out to sea.

Zoe: So, anyway... I really wanted to meet you and to learn about my family our family.

Maureen: You didn't come to Harley's funeral.

Zoe: I didn't know he was dead… Or alive.

Maureen: My, you are full of excuses.

Zoe: I visit his grave.

Maureen: Yes, I'm sure that cheers him up. Do you talk to him?

Zoe: Sometimes.

Maureen: You must look like a lunatic. Fit right in in BlueBell.

Zoe: You would think so, but no.

Maureen: So... What do you say to him on these little chats?

Zoe: I don't know. "What now? You got me here; what's the plan?"

Maureen: Sounds like you are lost.

Zoe: It's like Harley left me this mystery novel with the next chapter ripped out.

Maureen: Oh, I hate that. My VCR used to cut out the last five minutes of Murder, She Wrote, and I would never know who the killer was. Usually it was Linda Purl. She had a bad streak in her. But sometimes it was Lee Meriwether.

Zoe: I really don't know any of those things you're saying right now. But ever since I got here, I sort of have felt like a leaf that has fallen from the tree and is just blowing around, never touches the ground.

Maureen: You've seen those big live oaks we have all around? Hundreds of years old. How is it they keep standing, storm after storm? Roots! Deep and wide.

Zoe: Yeah, I don't have any of those.

Maureen: Oh, don't be stupid, of course you do. You have your family, you have your history… How are the Belles?

Zoe: What? Uh, I don't know. Shallow and mean as ever, I guess.

Maureen: You see this? This is a sacred ring of the BlueBell Belles.

Zoe: You're a Belle?

Maureen: A proud and powerful group. Goes back 200 years. One that helped build the South. You want to know your family? Welcome to the family. Because, by legacy, you are a Belle.


George: Stuff isn't all yours, is it? Some of these things are your mother's?

Lemon: Mm, some, I guess.

George: Wow. Well, that's... Kind of a big deal, isn't it? I mean, you and Brick haven't touched this stuff for, like, 12 years, right?

Lemon: Well, it's a new year, and she's not coming back, so why not let somebody else enjoy it?

George: So is this that thing that I read about, where a woman who's getting married starts to clear some space for a new life?

Lemon: Mm-hmm.

George: Is that, by any chance, why you been unusually high-strung the last month or so?

Lemon: Why, yes, George, exactly.

Zoe: Hey, guys! Hi.

Lemon: Stop! Where'd you get that ring? It's a Belle ring. Where'd you get it?

Zoe: Turns out, I found out who my people are. Up high, sister.

Breeland’s house: patio

AnnaBeth: Why would Zoe Hart even want to be a Belle?

Lemon: To drive me to an early grave. Isn't that obvious? And that is the only way she will ever become a Belle. We all have our roles to play, and we must play those roles and not some other roles and, Cricket, why do you have your arm in the air like a first grader having to go tinkle?

Cricket: Just that Zoe Hart's a legacy. Can't imagine how we can stop her joining.

Lemon: Because you have a tiny imagination.

Cricket: That may be true.

Lemon: Just because she can be a Belle doesn't mean that she'll pass the initiation and, Anna Beth, if you raise your arm, I will pull it off at the shoulder.

AnnaBeth: What initiation?

Cricket: Yeah. My mama said the Belle's stopped doing Hell Week back in the '70s, when three girls almost drowned getting their riverboat paddling.

Lemon: But the bylaws have not changed, which means that any new Belle can be asked to pass a series of trials designed to reflect the strengths, challenges and skills of the Southern woman throughout history.

AnnaBeth: Let's make her drink a milk shake every day. She'll get so fat!

Lemon: I got this, thanks.

Zoe: Oh… Is it okay if I sit here? Cool. First Belle meeting. Sorry, am I late?

Lemon: Not at all. We were just discussing your initiation.

Zoe: Initia-what?

Lemon: Well, I mean, unless you prefer to resign now and just get it over with. What no one's wanted to tell you is that the Wilkes are not of a very strong stock. They have a lot of quit in them.

Zoe: Yeah. Not in this Wilkes. I have the opposite of quit in me. Which is... Not quit. Come on. Do your worst. Let's do it.

Lemon: Yes. Let's.

George’s office

Didi: Every time I run into the mayor, I get so sad for him. On our first and only date, he was already talking about soul mates and getting married. It's like that time when I was eight years old and I was at the petting zoo and I tried to feed the lama, but instead of taking a little lick, he grabbed my whole arm and pulled it through the fence.

George: Didi, I just asked you how things went down at the courthouse. Did you happen to find out who owns that little piece of land?

Didi: Yes, someone named Earl Kinsella.

George: No. Oh, no.

Didi: What? W-What, is that bad? What does it mean?

George: Just that the fate of BlueBell is in the hands of Crazy Earl.

Rammer Jammer

Earl: I'm not drunk, it's just... M-my blood pressure medicine makes me a little loopy, is all.

Wade: Why don't you go ahead and make a big old loop right on out of here?

Earl: Can't you just front me a little something, you know, for my medicine?

Wade: You sure do go through a lot of medicine, Earl.

Earl: Just a loan. You'll get it all back.

Wade: Go on and get out of here like I said.

Lavon: Geena.

Geena: Hi.

Lavon: How you been, girl? Hey, when did you get back from Atlanta?

Geena: A job ended two weeks ago. Been laying low here since then.

Lavon: Well, it's good to see you, yeah. Hey, maybe you and I should get a bite to eat sometime.

Geena: Oh, Lavon, that sounds good, but I've started being friends with Didi, and, well, you know how that is.

Lavon: No, I-I don't think I do.

Geena: It's okay, she told me. You're just too hung up on her. I can't.

Lavon: Oh, n-n-no. No, no. No.

Wade: What's wrong, compadre?

Lavon: Didi, that's what. It's bad enough, she thinks I'm in love with her or something. Now she's telling other women. She keeps this up, I might as well be the town eunuch.

Wade: Something happen to Wally Hodge?

Lavon: Yeah, he moved away.

Wade: Oh. Well, why does Didi think you're in love with her?

Lavon: I-I got drunk. Started acting crazy. I-I may have said something about us being soul mates and, uh, intimated at a double wedding scenario.

Wade: Oh!

Zoe: Two iced teas for Crickett and Anna Beth outside… What? Oh, yeah, I'm joining the Belles. Part of Hell Week is crazy stuff like I have to wear this dress every second, and I have to be AnnaBeth's servant for one day, and then I have to shout some Belles slogan if someone says the secret word.

Wade: Which is what again?

Zoe: Like I'm gonna tell you. Iced teas, go.

Wade: Hmm.

Lavon: I don't even know where to start.

Zoe: I know, it's weird, but it's about roots.

Lavon: Roots?

Zoe: Yes. I don't have any, but I want to know about my family.

Lavon: They got these things called genealogy Web sites. Cost, like, 39 bucks.

Zoe: Yeah, I know, it's not that clear to me either. I just know that Wilkes girls have been doing this same thing for hundreds of years. And what if, by doing it, it makes me feel more connected to something? It's one crazy week. What's another week of crazy in BlueBell?

Lavon: Plus, Lemon's got to hate it.

Zoe: No, Lemon really hates it.

Wade: Two iced teas. I, uh, I sweetened them with sugar, though I suppose I could have used honey.

Zoe: I'm a Belle, a southern Belle, a 'Bama Belle, a Dixie Belle. I got secrets I won't tell. Y'all don't like it, go to… Hello, soldier, what's your pleasure?

Wade: Bravo, bravo, that was beautiful.

Lavon: Oh, you knew the secret word was "honey"?

Wade: I've known my share of Belles. They won't admit it, but I do.

George: Really?

Zoe: Yep.

Wade: Tucker.

George: Lavon.

Lavon: Hey.

George: Hey, Wade, you got, you got a second?

Wade: Yeah, yeah.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

George: Here's the thing, Wade. I need your dad to help save the town.

Wade: From what?

George: My dad. Large-Mart is going to open a store outside of BlueBell, and they are liable to throw a lot of money at Earl to be able to build a road on his land.

Wade: That little scpepe of mud? No way.

George: No, trust me, okay, and nobody wants that because as soon as they set up shop outside of BlueBell, it's gonna drive all the business out of here. Okay?

Wade: Well, I'm not gonna talk to him, and my advice is, neither should you.

George: Why not?

Wade: He only listens to me, so Large-Mart doesn't stand a chance unless you go talking to him. 'Cause Crazy Earl-- he ain't stupid, and you, George Tucker, do not know how to lie. If he knows there's money involved, he's going to want it. Best bet-- do like I've always done and just stay away from Crazy Earl.

BlueBell’s square

AnnaBeth: Oh, well, there you are. I'd begun to think you got called up in the Rapture or something. Wait, do your people go to Heaven?

Zoe: With my family, it's Fort Lauderdale. Okay, here is your dry cleaning, your diet root beer float, your flowers, your groceries. Oh, I'm sorry it took a while, but on your list, it just said "feminine products," so I had to guess.

AnnaBeth: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you not say that out loud around here?

AnnaBeth: It's fine, I'm fine. It just means I'm not pregnant again.

Zoe: Oh, sorry. How long have you been trying to conceive?

AnnaBeth: It doesn't matter, it's silly. Every month, here I go again being sad when I know I can't get pregnant anyway.

Zoe: I'm sure it just feels that way. I did some work in a fertility clinic, and often there's a reason fror it.

AnnaBeth: There is, yes. I can't have a baby because I've been cursed by Lemon.

Zoe: AnnaBeth, AnnaBeth, wait. What do you mean, Lemon cursed you?

AnnaBeth: Can we talk somewhere else?

Zoe: Sure, where?

AnnaBeth: There-- I'm in the sun, and I burn.

Zoe: Okay, what?

AnnaBeth: Well, it was about three years ago, up at the Gypsy's grave. We go there for sacred rituals and sometimes margaritas, and that night Lemon had us make a pact.


Lemon: In front of the Gypsy, who watches over us and provides the magic and mystery in our lives, we agree among sisters, under the threat of curse, that none shall have babies until we all get married and can all have babies at... The same... Time.

BlueBell’s square

AnnaBeth: It just seemed like a fun idea, and we all knew how important it was for Lemon to have babies, and she had been through so much losing her mother, and she and George were about to get married anyways, but then George moved away for two years and they're still not married, and I wish they would just elope and have a baby before my insides dry up.

Zoe: Okay, wait, shh. There's no such thing as a curse. Pregnancy is biology. There is a biological reason that you can't conceive.

AnnaBeth: My husband and I snuck out to Mobile to see a specialist, and he ran all these tests and said nothing's wrong.

Zoe: Okay, then we'll run different tests… Lemon can't stop you from having a baby if you want one.

AnnaBeth: I do... I really do.

Rammer Jammer

Toni: Sorry, Lavon. Didi's my friend, and besides, I am no one's rebound girl.

Lavon: No, no, no problem. It's cool.

Wade: Bye.

Lavon: Have a good one… This will not do. How am I supposed to go and carpe diem when Didi is telling every woman in town I'm not dateable?

Wade: Well, if, by "carpe diem," you mean "get laid," you're not. The people in this town need to see that you are dateable and that you don't give a damn about Didi.

Lavon: How am I gonna do that?

Wade: Leave that to me. Making women feel like I don't give a damn is right in my wheelhouse.


Zoe: Okay, all right, I'm gonna have you wait in here. I'm gonna call your doctor in Mobile, get your records.

Brick: Dr. Hart, I wanted to ask you, do we have enough sore throat drops? I mean, it's cold season now, and I would hate for people to have to rely on hot tea and honey.

Zoe: I'm a Belle, a southern Belle, a Dixie Belle, a 'Bama Belle, and I've got secrets I won't tell. If y'all don't like it, go to-- hello, soldier, what's your pleasure?

Brick: Oh, never mind-- Look what I found.

Earl’s house

Earl: Well, how about this? Two visitors in one day.

George: Wade.

Wade: What's he doing here?

George: Same as you. The Large-Mart deal. See, you don't have to be a good liar to be a good lawyer. You just got to be good at spotting one.

Zoe’s office: exam room

Zoe: I went over your doctor's records from Mobile, and my ultrasound doesn't show anything abnormal either.

AnnaBeth: So it's true. I'm cursed.

Zoe: No, no. One girl not getting pregnant isn't a curse. Look, sometimes people take a while before conceiving. There is no curse.

AnnaBeth: Well, uh, thank you for caring, Dr. Hart. I mean it. Now, go wash my car while the sun's still up to dry it off. Okay, bye now.

Practice entrance

Brick: Oh, AnnaBeth, how are you?

AnnaBeth: Dr. Breeland. Hi. Uh, I was just in there on Belle business, not doctor business-- Belle business.

Brick: You know, that, that is a lovely pin you have there. Where, where did you get that?

AnnaBeth: Oh, thank you. I just bought it today over at the church flea market.

Brick: Well, that-that's very nice.

AnnaBeth: Oh Uh... You take care.

Brick: You, too.

Earl’s house

Earl: I don't want to sell. There's money in that land, and I want to leave it for my sons.

Wade: The land ain't worth a cent, you crazy old man, and I, for one, don't want some wet old piece of dirt. Why don't you sell the land to Large-Mart, get yourself some actual money?

George: No, you mean get you some money. See, I saw it in your eyes the moment that I told... I-I should have never told you what was going on.

Wade: I thought it would be nice for him to stand on his own two feet for a change, to not have to come begging me for money all the time, and I don't want to feel like I'm letting down the entire town because of it or that I'm selling out my dad so that you can beat yours.

George: That's not what's going on here.

Wade: Yeah. Yeah, I bet.


AnnaBeth: That is a very fine job. You are officially not my servant anymore.

Zoe: I did it? I'm in? I'm a Belle! Where's my crown or whatever?

Lemon: Oh, you silly girl. That was just AnnaBeth's turn. We all get a crack at you before you're a Belle.

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: Away, away Away down south In Dixie...!

Zoe’s house

Zoe: This better be worth it, old man. Come in! Oh, no. What do I have to do for you, now? Mani-pedi? Brush your teeth?

Cricket: You're a doctor. You need to break Lemon's curse so I can get pregnant.

Zoe: Huh.

Breeland’s house: patio

Zoe: What exactly is a pink tea?

Cricket: Well... Everything is pink.

Zoe: Right… So, I've been thinking about your situation. Do you know if any other of the other Belles can't get, you know?

Cricket: I thought I was the only one trying. Lord knows what Lemon would say if she found out. Someone said they saw AnnaBeth coming out of your office. I made her tell me why. All I know is, no one has gotten... You know... Since the pact.

Zoe: I need to find another non-curse reason. Like, is there anything that you all have in common?

Cricket: We like pink.

Zoe: Okay, good.

Cricket: And God. We like God.

Lemon: I just saw the lemonade, and it's supposed to be dyed pink, but it's red! How are we supposed to have a pink tea with red lemonade? We'll all just look like we're sipping a cup of blood, just a bunch of pretty vampires, enjoying a cup of blood before we all go out on a killing spree! I dumped it all out. Y'all need to start over. Do it right.


Didi: Hiya, Amy. How you doing? It's so good to see you.


Wade: Okay, okay. Go now. Take the NASCAR girls and show this town Lavon Hayes is open for business, ready to carpe him some diem.

Lavon: Yeah.


Lavon: Oh, I love that. What's up, Didi? Yeah.


Didi: Breaks my heart. It does. Trying to get me jealous. He's you're friend. Make him get over me.

George’s office

George: Mr. Kinsella.

Earl: Earl is fine.

George: Uh, please, have a seat.

Earl: It's okay. I just come to get the number of them folks at Large-Mart. I'm gonna sell 'em my land.

George: Okay. Look, Earl, I... I don't think you understand what could happen to BlueBell if you sell your land.

Earl: Oh, I am aware, thank you. And don't try to talk me out of it. I heard what my son said. He's right… If I sell that piece, he won't have to give me money no more. Won't have to bother with me at all, I expected.

George: Okay. I'll get you that number… Just... Give me a day or two, all right?

Breeland’s house: patio

Zoe: So, I just heard the craziest rumour. You're going to laugh when I tell you this. That you and the Belles made some sort of pact that you're all waiting to have babies together.

Lemon: That is none of your business. Someone tell you that? Who told you that? Is someone pregnant? Who?

Zoe: No. Actually, no one's pregnant, because, well, they all think that you cursed them.

Lemon: Cursed them? You're a doctor, and you believe in curses?

Zoe: No, but I do believe that fear can freeze the uterus, and that fear of how you'll react if one of them gets pregnant before you is stressing them out, so be nice. Let them have babies.

Lemon: So, let me get this straight. I'm a witch with the power to make women infertile. Is that what you think?

Zoe: No.

Lemon: That I terrorize my friends? Well, Zoe Hart, who thinks she can come into my house and tell me how to speak to my Belles, prepare to feel the cold hand of fear around your heart, and take tonight to get your affairs in order, because tomorrow, you are mine.

Zoe: Wow. I think I just felt my eggs dry up… Yup.

Street / Zoe’s house

Lavon: Zoe Hart.  Good morning.

Zoe: Hey, when you left this morning, did you notice anyone or, say, any animals hanging around?

Lavon: Oh, Lemon's got you turned inside-out, I see.

Zoe: Yeah, well, today's her day with me, and I couldn't sleep last night, wondering if the day started at midnight, or at dawn.

Lavon: Ah. She's engaging in effective psychological warfare-- breaking you down without even lifting a finger.

Zoe: Oh, my God, you're right. It's like what she does to the Belles-- making them afraid of something she might do.

Lavon: Yeah. That Lemon-- she sure can get in your head.

Zoe: Well, not mine. I'm going to stick it out to make sure she eases up on those girls. No more making myself crazy over things that probably won't even happen. Thanks, Lavon.

Outside Zoe’s house

Lemon: Fire!

Rammer Jammer

George: You got a second?

Wade: Yup.

George: Your dad came by my office today. Told me he's gonna go ahead and sell to Large-Mart.

Wade: Okay. Well... I know it's not what you wanted.

George: No, it's not... But the main thing is, is I don't think it's what he wants, either. Wade, I think he really wants to leave his land to his boys.

Wade: Well, why would he think we want it?

George: I don't know, but Earl, I know, has not done right by you guys, and that little patch of dirt is not much of a legacy, but it's all he has.

Wade: Well, then, why doesn't he sell it, live off the money, and when Old Earl croaks, he can pass on what's left to his precious sons?

George: 'Cause it's not about the money, Wade.

Wade: Well, he asks me for enough of it, George.

George: Exactly. Just like... Why does he come into town once a month and make you, and only you, get him down off that roof? Because he wants to know you will… I really think that Earl just wants to know that you love him before he dies. And he... Wants you to know that he loved you... Afterwards.

Wade: Is that all?

Breeland’s house: patio

Lemon: You call that silver polished?

Zoe: Yup.

Lemon: That is not polished!

Zoe: I don't know. Seems pretty polished to me.

Lemon: I'm sorry. Did I say talk? Do it again!

Zoe: You know I have knives here, right?

Lemon: Well, if this is too much for you, then, why don't you quit?

Zoe: Because there is nothing you can bring that I can't beat. I have pulled 30-hour shifts in the ER, I've ridden the subway to Queens at 2:00 a.m., and I have eaten oysters off a truck. I am strong. But, Lemon, your other Belles-- they're not, so you're gonna have to take it a little easier on them.

Lemon: You would like that, huh, if I just took things easier? Well, how about instead, you go out back, and you milk our cow? And I want two buckets of milk, or don't come back into the house.

Zoe: With pleasure.

Lemon: Great.

Brick: We have a cow?

Lemon: We do today.

Rammer Jammer

Lavon: Hey, how you doing?

Guy: Good.

Lavon: Hi. Please don't run.

Didi: No hookers on your arm today?

Lavon: They-They weren't hookers. I don't think. Maybe they were. I don't know. But I came here to say that I am not obsessed with you… I don't want us to get married.

Didi: Well, then, why did you say all that stuff?

Lavon: Because... To be polite. I can be real polite.

Didi: You called us soul mates to be polite?

Lavon: Okay. Truth? I was trying to get over someone, and I shouldn't have dated, but I wanted to because I liked you.

Didi: Well, I liked you, too.

Lavon: And I was acting all crazy and stuff. I'm sorry. Please tell all your lady friends so they will go out with me.

Didi: Lavon, I don't think I'm comfortable doing that.

Lavon: Why not?

Didi: Because if you're not all Looney Tunes... Then I want to go out with you myself.

Lavon: You do?

Didi: If you promise not to ask me to marry you.

Lavon: Yeah, I do. I-I do.

Didi: Well... Then I accept!

Breeland’s house

Lemon: Oh, Daddy.

Brick: Lemon, what are you doing?

Lemon: Taking Mama's things to the church again after you bought 'em all back.

Brick: Yeah, I did. Now, I did not want to get into this you, without consulting me. I mean, she is your mother, but she was my wife.

Lemon: Why do you want to keep it all here anyway? Listen, Daddy, I am sorry, but she is not coming back. Not ever.

Brick: You don't know that.

Lemon: Yes, I do.

Brick: How?

Lemon: Some things you just know… In your heart. Listen, she is not a part of our lives anymore, and I don't see why you want to keep us surrounded by reminders of that.

Brick: No, I see that. And how painful that must be for you. Look, I don't need all her clothes around here to remind me of her, anyway... Because I got you girls. Especially you. You're so much like your mother. It's almost like having her around here sometimes.

Lemon: Thank you, Daddy.

Breeland’s house: patio

Zoe: Okay, I planted the bulbs, and brought in firewood. Anything else?

Lemon: Um... Yes. I may have dropped an... An earring in the garbage. Could you run out to the cans and dig around for it?

Zoe: No problem.

Lemon: Stop! Garbage? Are you insane? I want to know right now. Why do you want to become a Belle? Is it because I don't want you to?

Zoe: No, but it does keep me going, so, thanks.

Lemon: Okay, then why?

Zoe: Because I want to know who I am. And the people who I came from they did this, and according to you and everyone else, who we are is who we came from.

Lemon: Don't say that.

Zoe: Why?

Lemon: Because it's ridiculous. Because if who we are is who we came from, then I am destined to be the worst mother in the entire world. The kind who doesn't care about anyone but herself, the kind who can just leave her children without a glance back.

Zoe: Okay, whoa. No, I-I didn't...

Lemon: Okay, and I won't do that to a child. I won't.

Breeland’s house: patio – pink tea

Lemon: Well, ladies, the day is upon us. Zoe Hart has met every challenge, and she is to be... A Belle.

AnnaBeth: Oh, I don't know. She didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought.

Lemon: AnnaBeth has the right attitude. We must accept it. Our ancestors weathered the presence of Northern aggressors 150 years ago, and we shall do the same until this storm, too, has passed.

Zoe: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Lemon: I'm sorry. Is there something about the term "pink tea" that you find confusing?

Zoe: Most of it, actually. Can I talk to you in private? Ladies.

Breeland’s house: hallway

Zoe: I'm not joining the Belles.

Lemon: Pardon me?

Zoe: I'm sorry you went to the trouble, but I kind of think you'll survive.

Lemon: I'm sure I will, but... Why the change?

Zoe: Because of what you said last night… How you thought you wouldn't be a good mother because your mom wasn't. Lemon, that's just not true.

Lemon: So, you're a fortune teller, now?

Zoe: No. And I'm also not my Aunt Maureen… The truth is... Yeah, I'm a little lost. And I thought finding my family, you know, would be finding myself. But even though I share their blood and their history, it's the choices that I make today and every day that make me who I am… And I'm not a Belle… And you, Lemon, are not your mom.

Lemon: You never even knew my mother.

Zoe: No, but I've heard about her. And I know that you are not weak, and you don't run away from things. And now, thanks to my Aunt Maureen and Harley and you, I know that I don't, either… Except for paintball guns. Those hurt.

Lemon: Well... There's a lot of pink cake to be eaten. You're welcome to have a piece.

Zoe: Thank you.

Lemon: To go, of course.

Zoe: I assumed.

Earl’s house

Wade: Hey… Saw this shirt at the church flea market. Thought it might fit you… Just so you know... If you ever sell this land to anyone, anyone at all, I'll never talk to you again… Get some decent food. You look like crap.


Lemon: In front of the Gypsy, who watches over us and provides the magic and mystery in our lives, we agree that anyone who wants to have babies shall have babies, and none shall be cursed… It is done! And we would like to thank the Gypsy for teaching us the credo of the Southern woman. She has one hand on the past, one hand on the future...

All: And you must always bring her a present!

Zoe: Hey, running dry over here! You should run some electricity up here. Seriously, it wouldn't be hard.


Brick: That's Harley's cousin Olin. He's not really a cousin. See, his mom—your Grandma Claire-- she took him in when they were kids, so it was like they were related. He lives in Japan now, retired over there.

Zoe: Why are you telling me this?

Brick: Well, I watched all that stuff you did to try and be a Belle, and, uh, well, the fact that you toughed it out, and you never quit, uh, that is a Wilkes if I ever did see one.

Zoe: I knew it! Lemon.

Brick: So, anything you want to know about your people, you can ask me. I know about all there is to know.

Zoe: Who's that?

Brick: That is your Grandma Claire, and her second husband, Guy. Only he pronounced it "Gee," 'cause he was French Canadian, but no one around here obliged him.

Zoe: What about him? Oh, I bet he was an uncle. Look around those eyes. I have those same eyes.

Brick: No, that one is a president.

Zoe: Oh.

Brick: Now, this fellow over here... Harley met him on a barge floating down the Nile, and he took Harley for everything he had playing poker. Of course, Harley always said it was worth every cent. Look at all this. A letter from Alaska. Now, do you know that Harley lived in Alaska for two years?

Zoe: Really?

Brick: Yeah.

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