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#110 : Paillettes et guirlandes

Zoe encourage Rose à participer au concours de Miss Cidre Cannelle, bien que la petite soeur de Lemon, Magnolia Breeland, soit proche de la victoire. Mais avec Zoe qui coache Rose, et Lemon qui soutient Magnolia, la rivalité prend un tout nouveau sens.


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Hairdos & Holidays

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Paillettes et guirlandes

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Magnolia (Claudia Lee) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Magnolia (Claudia Lee) & Lemon (Jaime King)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Magnolia (Claudia Lee) & Frederick Dean (Drew Koles)

Magnolia (Claudia Lee) & Frederick Dean (Drew Koles)

Rose (McKaley Miller), Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Magnolia (Claudia Lee)

Rose (McKaley Miller), Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Magnolia (Claudia Lee)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Rose (McKaley Miller)

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) & Rose (McKaley Miller)

George Tucker (Scott Porter)

George Tucker (Scott Porter)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)


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Ecrit par: David Babcock
Réalisé par: David Paymer

Guests :
McKaley Miller ... Rose Hattenbarger
Meredith Monroe ... Alice Breeland
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
Reginald VelJohnson ... Dash DeWitt
Carla Renata ... Susie
E.E. Bell ... Sheriff
Drew Koles ... Frederick Dean
Virginia Gardner ... Lemon jeune

People of Bluebell are decorating the town for Christmas. Zoe and Lavon are walking in the street.

Zoe: Really? Even Christmas has to be Dixie?

Lavon: We honour every holiday in our own BlueBell way.

Zoe: Santa's sleigh with a gun rack?

Lavon: Maybe he hunts deer.It's a noble hobby.

Zoe: Yeah, which one? Donner? Blitzen? Rudolph?

Lavon: No, no. Rudolph's nose lights up. It makes him too easy to track. It's unsportsmanlike. Okay. I'll have them take it down.

Zoe: Oh!

Lavon: "Oh!" what?

Zoe: Rose and Frederick Dean. Maybe he dumped Magnolia Breeland and he's asking her out.

Lavon: Do you find it a little odd how invested you are in the love lives of 14-year-olds?

Frederick leaves and Zoe and Lavon join Rose.

Lavon: Okay. Here we go.

Zoe: So?

Rose: No.

Zoe: Oh. Then what?

Rose: We were just talking about school. Fredrick's still totally into Magnolia, and I'm still just the flat-chested nobody who gives him answers to our geometry homework.

Lavon: Are you crazy, Rose? No, no. You get back out there, you give him hell. 'Cause winners never quit.

Rose: Okay.

Lavon: No guts, no glory! What? I spent half my life in a locker room.

Zoe: Look, I'm sorry, Rose. That sucks.

Rose: Yeah, and the worst part is that everyone knows Magnolia's a shoe-in to win the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant, so now the whole town will love with her, too. But hey, I'm on the drama club tech crew, so I get to help build the stage she's gonna win on. Merry freaking Christmas.

Rose leaves.

Lavon: Never say die, Rose!

Zoe: Okay, stop.

Lavon: That's all I got.

At Lemon’s house.

George: So I wrapped up the Maliska case yesterday.

Lemon: Oh, that's excellent. Oh, Magnolia still needs gloves. We really need to rethink her accessories.

George: You know, it's the one where I was defending the guy who was falsely accused of tax fraud?

Lemon: And of course, we still need hair and nails. Do you think we should drive to Mobile for her hair, or stay local? I mean, Mobile obviously would do a better job, but sitting across the salon from her competition would definitely psych them out.

George: I lost the case. Judge gave the guy the chair.

Lemon: That's a shame.

George: I know.

Lemon: Wait, what? Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. This time of year is just so crazy for me, and I have to help Magnolia win the pageant, just like I did, and that means that my workload is doubled now. Speaking of which, hey, when is the tree going to be delivered for town square?

George: Wade's guy is going to deliver it this morning.

Lemon: I still can't believe I let you talk me into letting Wade provide the most important decoration for the town square.

George: Baby, I promise you are going to get a beautiful, 18-foot Douglas fir, just like you wanted. Even Wade Kinsella is too scared of you this time of year to screw that up. Okay?

Magnolia arrives.

Magnolia: Hey, George.

George: Hey.

Magnolia: Lemon, I thought we were going shoe shopping.

Lemon: Absolutely are.

George: Shoe shopping. Sounds like fun. Okay, baby, please... Try and remember the holidays are supposed to be about joy. Okay. You have a good day.

George leaves.

Magnolia: Thanks for taking me shopping. But you've got a lot going on, so... You can just give me the money to go alone. I won't mind.

Lemon: I'm sure you wouldn't, but our family legacy is at stake. Plus... I want to be there with you every step of the way, just like Mama was for me. Okay?

Magnolia: Okay.

Magnolia leaves. Lemon takes a picture of her and her mother. She remembers how her mother supports her.

Lemon: What if I forget how the dance goes?

Alice: Lemon, sweetheart, you've gone over that dance so many times, you've worn out the rug. Oh... Just be your radiant self, and trust me, you will win that Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant.

Lemon: Like you did, when you were my age.

Alice: Just like. Here. For good luck. You are gonna wow those judges, and carry on our family legacy.

At the practice, Zoe exams a girl.

Mother 1: Everyone knows a few minor scrapes and bumps come with the territory of rhythmic gymnastics, right?

Zoe: I guess. Never been to that territory. Since it's a sprain, you're going to have to stay off your ankle for at least two days, okay?

Mother1 : Two days? Oh, no, no, no. She's performing in tomorrow's pageant.

Zoe: I'm sorry. I'm sure every pageant has one injury victim-- You're it.

Later, in the practice, Zoe exams another girl.

Mother 2: She was practicing gluing on her false eyelashes, for the pageant. Well, now all the boys think she's winking at them. Let's just say I have seen some texts on her cell phone that I wish I could un-see.

Other mother, other girl.

Mother 3: In my day, regular batons were enough, but now everyone wants flaming.

Other mother, other girl.

Mother 4: Four hours of yodelling practice every day and now laryngitis! Can you fix her?

Zoe: Are you sure you want me to?

At the Rammer Jammer.

George: Now, Wade, this Christmas tree is the centerpiece of Lemon's town square decorations, and I promised her...

Wade: And I promised you. For you to doubt me, George Tucker, that I'll come through... well, that hurts my feelings.

George: Well, I'll tell you this: Lemon doesn't get that Christmas tree soon, your feelings are going to be the last thing you should be worried about.

Wade: I'm terrified.

George: I'm just saying.

Zoe comes to sit next George.

Zoe: Hey.

Wade: Hey.

Zoe: Hi.

George: Hi.

Zoe: It is 80 degrees out there. The elves are melting. I miss New York.

George: I bet you do, especially this time of year. You know, the tree at Rockefeller Center, and the smell of chestnuts roasting in the air...

Zoe: Yeah. I guess I'm making new holiday traditions. Like sweating through three pairs of underwear.

George: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: That happened.

George: Hey. Listen. I've been meaning to ask you. I have this case, and there's a medical issue involved, and I was wondering if you might want to help me with some of the research.

Zoe: Help you? Really?

George: I mean, it would be like an unpaid consultant type of thing, you know. And I wouldn't want it to interfere with your work hours but maybe we could do it after your office closes. You know, it should only take a couple of nights.

Zoe: I could probably swing that.

George: Really?

Zoe: Mm-hmm.

George: Great. How's, uh... Tuesday night sound? I mean, I promise you we will have the best takeout that Fancie's has to offer.

Zoe: Tuesday sounds great.

Lemon comes.

Lemon: There you are, my love. What are you two talking about?

George: Zoe's just gonna help me out with that malpractice suit I was telling you about.

Lemon: That's fantastic news. Uh, anyway, I went shopping for Magnolia's pageant shoes, and I found three wonderful options, but the best part is, I found a dress for our rehearsal dinner. Isn't this the cutest thing?

George: Yeah.

Lemon: Right?

George: Yeah.

Lemon: Oh, I'm so sorry. This must be torture for you, me talking about my wedding.

Zoe: Torture? No. The accent is kind of a fingernails-on-the-chalkboard thing, but...

Lemon: Listen. I just want to let you know that it does not make you any less of a woman that you yourself have no wedding plans. Or a boyfriend. Or even the prospect of one. Because that little doctoring job you have can keep you busy for years to come, and we have a great tradition of dignified spinsters down here.

George: Lemon.

Zoe: George. Lemon. A pleasure, as always.

Zoe joins Rose next the kiosk.

Zoe: Rose. Put down the hammer. It is time someone showed those Breeland girls that there are other people that matter in this town.

Rose: I agree.

Zoe: Because you are an incredible girl. Every bit as deserving of Fredrick Dean's attention as Magnolia. And what better way to get it than by winning the Miss Cinnamon Cider Beauty Pageant. Come on. We've got work to do.

At the Mayor’s plantation.

Zoe: Beauty Pageant contestants are judged on their dress and their hair.

Rose: Well, I don't want to go all pageant-y, okay? I want to wear my hair like this. And wear something really comfortable, so it's easy for me to clog in.

Zoe: I'm sorry, clog?

Rose: Mm-hmm. For my talent… Clog dancing. Oh, but I brought some other stuff if you want to see what else I can do.

Zoe: Yeah. Let's see that.

Rose plays the trombone. She makes ula up. She plays puppets with her feet. She does roller skates. She taps dancing.

Zoe: And... Clogging it is!

I definitely don't think other contestants will clog dance, do you, Lavon?

Lavon: I hope not. Uh, I mean, to keep Rose's competitive edge.

Zoe: Rose, let's take a break, and we will talk about it over lunch. Okay?

Lavon: She has ten talents, each one worse than the one before.

Rose sings.

Rose: Uh-oh.

Zoe: "Silent Night"? Holy crap, you can sing!

At the practice, Zoe exams a woman.

Zoe: She has got the voice of an angel.

Susie: Oh.

Zoe: Say "ah."

Susie: Ah...

Zoe: But she won't sing in public. I have begged, and I have pleaded, but she's too scared. I'm just hoping that with my coaching, the clog dance will be enough to win.

Susie: Only if by coaching you mean you're gonna bribe the judges.

Zoe: Susie, you have bronchitis. I'm going to write you a prescription and send you home to bed.

Susie: Oh, no can do. It's my busiest time of the year. So many little pageant hairs to coif. Been booked for months. But listen, if you want, I can try to squeeze Rose in for an appointment tomorrow. I could make her hair look like a three-tiered chocolate sponge cake. But that pageant is still gonna be won by Magnolia Breeland, right?

In the street.

Magnolia: Katie Lynn just texted me the funniest news. Rose Hattenbarger is entering the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant.

Lemon: Wonder who gave her the idea?

Magnolia: I guess Dr. Hart is couching her.

Lemon: Oh, so Zoe Hart is helping her?

Magnolia: I guess.

Lemon: Okay, let's see… There are three judges, right?

Magnolia: Uh-huh.

Lemon: Delia Ann we know will vote for you. Dash DeWitt… He and Zoe share that same perverse obsession with New York City. He might be harder to get on our team.

Magnolia: That leaves... The mayor.

Lemon: The mayor. Excuse me, darlin'.

Magnolia: Okay.

Magnolia leaves.

Lemon: Lavon.

Lavon: Yeah?

Lemon: I understand that Zoe Hart is helping Rose with the pageant.

Lavon: Yeah, I caught that little item on CNN, too.

Lemon: I know that you two are friends, and I assume that a smart man like you will be objective in judging the pageant.

Lavon: I assume a smart woman like you wouldn't try to flirt with one of the judges to influence his decision.

Lemon: Flirt? I don't know what you're insinuating...

Lavon: Lemon, I will vote for whomever I think is the best girl. And I resent you using our personal history to try and change that.

Lemon: I was doing no such... You are an arrogant ass.

Lavon: Well, you are a manipulative little...

Lemon: Don't...! Don't you dare.

Lemon remembers her first meet with Lavon.

Lemon: I do not care who elected you. This is not the way that a Nativity should look.

Lavon: Miss Breeland, now maybe if you stop shouting for one minute, I could help you with your problem.

Lemon: My problem, Mr. Mayor, is that a raccoon broke into the manger in the middle of the night and at the arm off the baby Jesus. As if he didn't suffer enough.

Lavon: Well, I'm sure we can fix it.

Lemon: The point is, that your new administration is dropping the ball on matters of security.

Lavon: Security? Ma'am, I am the mayor, okay, not the raccoon catcher.

Lemon: That right there is the reason why no one I know voted for you. Because you don't know where your priorities should be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to papier-mâché an arm back onto our saviour.

Lavon: Do what you have to do, ma'am. I mean, I was trying to help, and...

Lemon read a newspaper and seems to be upset.

Lavon: Miss Breeland?

At the Rammer Jammer.

George: Wade, I got your call. Please tell me this emergency has nothing to do with the Christmas tree.

Wade: Okay, so I got the tree, and, uh, and, uh, and it's a Doug fir, just like you... Just like you wanted.

George: Great.

Wade: Well, it's not exactly to specifications.

The tree is tiny.

Wade: George, I swear to God, I told the guy 18 feet. But maybe he's got that number disease where you hear...

George: There's no disease like that, Wade.

Wade: Could be.

George: Oh, my God, I promised Lemon a huge Christmas tree for town square. This is... She's going to freak out.

Wade: It's not a problem, man, I got another connection. This guy… He's got tons of trees. Big ones. You can see them from space. You just come by later with your truck, and we'll go get one. Hey, you know who'd love this tree?

George: Charlie Brown is a cartoon character, Wade.

Wade: Yeah, you're probably right.

Magnolia repeats a scene of Going with the Wind in he kiosk.

Magnolia: I tell you, Ashley, the South is dead. It's dead. The Yankees and the carpetbaggers have got it, and there's nothing left for us. Oh, Ashley...

Lemon: That's good enough for now, Magnolia. Don't want you to get stale. It's in the bag.

Rose: Hey, Frederick.

Frederick: Oh, hey, Rose. She's great, isn't she?

Lemon: Magnolia's a born actress. Oh, guess what? I was going through Dash DeWitt's video history, and Gone with the Wind is his favourite movie.

Lemon leaves.

Frederick: Magnolia, that was awesome. You're like as good as Katherine Heigl. Let me get you a beverage.

Magnolia: Okay.

Frederick leaves.

Magnolia: Oh, Rose Hattenbarger. Get your own contest, and your own boyfriend. Mm-hmm. Bye.

Magnolia leaves.

Rose: Frederick doesn't want me. He never will. I don't know why I'm even in this competition. I'm never going to win.

Zoe has lunch with Dash.

Zoe: Another chicken popper, Dash?

Dash: Now you've already let me eat most of them.

Zoe: Hey, you know, I'm helping my friend, Rose Hattenbarger, with the beauty pageant.

Dash: Oh.

Zoe: We were just saying how generous it is of you to volunteer to be a judge. Giving up your valuable time. Doing... Whatever it is that you do.

Dash: Dr. Hart, I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm a sucker for a girl in a sparkly dress.

Zoe: Is that right?

Dash: Mm-hmm. Which would explain why I saw La Cage Aux Folles 16 times.

Zoe: I'm sure.

Dash: Mm-hmm.

Zoe: You know, it just so happens that my mother is a publicist, and one of her clients is Bernadette Peters.

Dash: I love, love, love me some Bernadette.

Zoe: Next time you're in New York, maybe I can have my mom arrange for a backstage visit with Ms. Peters.

Dash: Dr. Hart… If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're trying to bribe me into voting for your friend Rose.

Zoe: Bribe? No.

Dash: Well, I'm sorry, but I cannot be bought. Good day.

Dash leaves. Zoe phones Rose.

Zoe: Rose, it's Zoe. You need to start picturing yourself doing the clog dance number in a sparkly dress.

George drives in a forest. Wade is with him.

George: Wade, these are the woods. You said this was a Christmas tree farm.

Wade: No, I implied it was. These woods belong to the dad of a girl I used to... Be cozy with. He and I became buddies. He's not going to give a damn if we take one of his trees.

Wade finds a lipstick in the car.

Wade: You want to talk to me about this?

George: No. It's Lemon's. Put it back. Okay, so who's this girl that you used to be cozy with?

Wade: Her name was Stella. Owns a bait shop. No one special.

George: Yeah, well, that goes without saying, doesn't it? I mean, geez, Wade, you have been with a lot of women. I mean, there was Tina the stripper... I'm sorry, I'm sorry… The exotic dancer.

Wade: No, my friend, Tina was a stripper.

George: Vicki Carter, Diane Knox, the Hollis twins, both of them.

Wade: They were twins? I thought I was just really drunk.

George: I think you've been with pretty much every single woman in this town.

Wade: And you've been with the same one for the last eight billion years. And now your truck is her cosmetics case. So whose life is better, I ask you?

George: Oh, I get it, Wade. You think you're having a good time, think you're having a lot of fun, but seriously, you ever thought of just finding a nice girl and actually settling down?

Wade: What is this, The Oprah Show? Look, do me a favour. Pull the truck over and let's chop down a tree.

George: Fine.

Wade: Maybe that was your lipstick.

Zoe meets Lemon at the Rammer Jammer.

Zoe: I went to the dress shop. They were all out of Rose's size. Dotty told me that you bought them all.

Lemon: I wanted Magnolia to have choices.

Zoe: Yeah? Well, guess what? I am so glad that you bought all those dresses because I've got this hot little Chloe in my closet with Rose's name all over it. The pageant legacy of the perfect Southern Breeland girls ends this year.

Zoe phones Rose.

Zoe: Rose, forget clog dancing. You're going to have to sing.

Lemon phones George.

Lemon: George, are you...? What is that noise?

Into the Woods.

George: Babe, babe, I'm in the car. No, that's… That's just some idiot on a motorcycle. No, babe, look, I'm going to have to call you back, okay? All right, love you.

Wade cuts the tree. Lemon remembers a call that she gave to George.

Lemon: Hi, George. Um, I know that I agreed not to call you while you're working up there in New York, but...

George: Hey, I'm right in the middle of a settlement conference. Is this urgent, or can I call you back?

Lemon: Yes, sure. Bye.

George: I'm really sorry. I'll call you later, okay? I love you.

Lemon starts to cry. Lavon arrives.

Lavon: Excuse me, Miss Breeland. Miss Breeland, you-you all right?

Lemon: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Lavon: I-I know we barely know each other, but sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger.

Lemon gives Lavon a newspaper.

Lavon: So you're upset because a critic didn't like the Daphne Theater Company's revival of A Doll's House?

Lemon: The doll in that photo is my mother. She left us 12 years ago. Said she wanted to pursue her career as an actress. She never came back. All this time I thought maybe her dreams had come true. Because... Why else wouldn't you contact your husband? But it turns out that she's 30 miles away. And not once did she bother to contact us. Not once.

Lavon: I'm sorry. That is awful.

Lemon: She is awful. Well, I am never going to think about that woman for the rest of my life.

Lemon throws her necklace in the pound.

Lavon: I-I know that things may seem confusing and wrong, but she was your mother. You can't not think about it.

Lemon: She had this way of making me feel like I was the most important thing in the whole world. And I loved her so much. She used to call me her little angel.

Lavon: Uh, Miss Breeland, I'm so sorry.

In the forest, George and Wade puts the tree on the truck.

George: Well, I do have to hand it to you. The tree is pretty awesome.

Wade: Well, don't thank me, thank Stella from the bait shop. See, my friend, playing the field does have its benefits.

George: Take your word for it.

Wade: Yeah, well, Lemon's gonna be...

The Sheriff’s car parks near the boys.

George: Evening, Sheriff. There, uh... Seem to be a problem?

Sheriff: Oh, yeah. There's a big problem.

Mr. Reese: Should've known it was you, Kinsella.

Wade: Oh, hey there, Mr. Reese. How's Stella doing?

Mr. Reese: Just fine. Ever since I said if you ever saw you her again, I'd shoot you dead.

Wade: Okay, maybe her dad didn't exactly love me.

Sheriff: You're under arrest.

Wade: I'm thinking about running.

George: Do... Not... Run.

Wade: Okay.

Lemon is putting garland on the kiosk.

Lavon: I'm sorry. About losing my temper earlier.

Lemon: You were right. I might've been flirting. Shouldn't have.

Lavon: I shouldn't have reacted that way. I know how charged this time of year is for you, emotionally. Have you told your daddy? Anyone? About... What you found out about your mama last year?

Lemon: I prefer not to think about it. If I do, I'll just remember the woman I spent my whole life looking up to was a coward and a liar.

Lavon: We can't pretend to understand what makes people do the things they do. But shame can be a hard thing. I mean, she left her family to be a big star. Maybe she doesn't know how to face you.

Lemon: Well, that's just her loss, isn't it?

Lavon: Yeah, it is… Lemon... I'm here... If you ever need to talk about it.

Lemon: Thank you. You always know what to say.

Rose is training at the plantation.

Zoe: You forgot again. Receive... Right? Like you are the earth, receiving its king.

Rose: Receive her king. Let ev... Do you really think that I should sing a Christmas carol?

Zoe: Dash DeWitt is the swing vote, okay? Magnolia is doing a monologue from Gone with the Wind which, apparently, Dash just loves, loves, loves. He loves, loves, loves show tunes, too.

Rose: Why don't I sing a show tune?

Zoe: We're already skating on thin ice with the sparkly dress. Come on, Rose, let's go over it again.

Magnolia repeat her lines at her home.

Lemon: But this time, I want some emotion.

Magnolia: The Yankees and the carpetbaggers have got it, and there's nothing left for us! Oh, Ashley!

Lemon: Tears? Where are the tears?

Magnolia: I don't know how to get tears.

Lemon: Well, then pull a nose hair! Magnolia, come on!

Back to Rose and Zoe.

Zoe: You can do it. You can hit that note, if you try.

Rose: Her king!

Zoe: Yes!

Back to Lemon and Magnolia.

Lemon: No! Scarlett would never have her arms down by her side. Like this… Okay. Her arms would be out here, like the delicate wings of a bird. Now do it like that!

Back to Rose and Zoe.

Zoe: Exactly like that. Loud, like you want them to hear you in the next county!

Rose: Do you think we could take a break?

Zoe: Sure. We could take a fiver. We could talk about your hair. How are you going to do it?

Rose: Just like this. Why? What do you think?

Wade and George are in jail.

Wade: Serious? You never saw Transporter?

George: No.

Wade: How about Transporter 2?

George: No!

Wade: What about Transporter 3?

George: Wade... It has been a long night. I am tired. I do not feel like talking right now.

Wade: For the millionth time, George, I'm sorry, okay?

George: For what, specifically, Wade? Is it, getting me a baby Christmas tree? Lying about being best buds with the guy whose tree we ripped off?

Wade: Hey, I...

George: Oh, no, no, no... You're sorry for mouthing off to the sheriff, and making him deny us on bail.

Wade: That sheriff was a righteous...

George: You just need to stop please?

Wade: Anyway, I think he violated some kind of law by taking away our phones. I should have been able to call my lawyer.

George: Your lawyer was hanging on to the other end of a Christmas tree that you tricked him into stealing. I mean, God, Wade! You know, you never cease to amaze me, 'cause you're immaturity knows no bounds!

Wade: Oh, oh, I'm sorry, 'cause you're perfect, aren't you, golden boy? Oh, no, wait… I seem to recall you shooting yourself in the damn leg with a crossbow.

George: And I seem to recall it was in the process of saving your stupid life.

Wade: Well, good thing you were there, huh?

George: You're damn right it was.

Wade: Over at Zoe Hart's house. At midnight. Just... Just... the two of you.

George: Yeah, that's a long story.

Wade: Oh... Well, you know what? That's nice. Because I love stories.

The Sheriff arrives.

Sheriff: Gentlemen, you can call someone to pick you up now. And keep the tree. Mr. Reese has dropped all the charges. And I hope the night in jail has taught you boys a lesson.

Wade: Why, yes, Sheriff, it's taught me an invaluable lesson. It taught me that you're a horse's...

George: Yes, sir. It did, sir. Thank you so much. And it will not happen again.

Wade: Ow! Thank you.

In the street of Bluebell.

Zoe: I'm not talking Dolly Parton big, you know, but you just need something that screams: Hair! Hair! Like, screams it, you know?

Rose: Yeah.

Zoe: Susie can do it.

The hairdresser is closed.

Zoe: That is not good for so many reasons.

Lemon: What?!

Zoe: Could've been any doctor.

Lemon: I cannot believe that you would have Susie Collins close up her shop so that Magnolia can't get her hair done.

Zoe: Susie closed her shop because she's sick. I cannot believe that you bought up every single dress in Rose's size.

Lemon: Me?! How about you taking Dash DeWitt to dinner! Whole town saw you!

Zoe: You started it, with the Scarlett O'Hara monologue!

Lemon: This pageant is important to my family. I respect its integrity, just like I respect the integrity of marriage. And engagements.

Zoe: What is that supposed to mean?

Lemon: It means that everybody knows that you have been making eyes at George Tucker.

Zoe: What? That is insane.

Lemon: Listen good, Missy… You can steal my daddy's medical practice and this pageant, but you are not gonna steal my fiancé!

Zoe: It is not my fault that your fiancé is flirting with me. Maybe there's something about me that he just isn't finding in you.

Lemon: You are... Low. And short!

Zoe: Well, you... Are pale! And you are only gonna get paler, when my girl Rose here wi...

Rose and Magnolia left.

Zoe finds Rose on a bench near the kiosk.

Zoe: Remember me? I used to be Zoe Hart, level headed doctor. Then Dr. Hart turned into Miss Hyde.

Rose: I don't want to be a pawn in your war with Lemon. I am done with Miss Cinnamon Cider.

Zoe: You're right. I did turn this into a battle between Lemon and me. But it is not just her that I am mad at. I am so sorry I disappointed you. Please stay in the pageant. You wear whatever you want. You keep your hair exactly how it is. And you clog your way into first place.

Rose: Well, I guess I better go get ready then.

Rose leaves and Zoe phones George.

Zoe: George, it's Zoe. Can you meet me at my office later? We need to talk.

Lemon looking for her sister at home.

Lemon: Magnolia! Magnolia!

Lemon remembers when she wins the pageant.

Alice: You see, Lemon darling, I never had a doubt that you would win that pageant!

Lemon: I don't know why I was so scared! Of course I won! Just like you! And I'm gonna go on, and I'm gonna be head cheerleader like you, and I'm gonna find a handsome husband, maybe a doctor or a lawyer, and we're gonna have two children and raise them here in BlueBell. Just like my mama.

Alice: Lemon, sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with being a wife and a mother, but you… Oh, sweetie… You have that fire burning inside you, just like me. And you are gonna want more out of life, and you should let yourself have it. 'Cause if you don't... Well, that is a disappointment you will live with forever.

Magnolia arrives.

Magnolia: You were looking for me?

Lemon: Magnolia, I am so sorry for pushing you so hard. This pageant, this day, just hold so much meaning for me, just like it did for mama.

Magnolia: But mama's gone, Lemon.

Lemon: I know, sweetheart. I know. And I wish you all the luck in the world tonight. And I love you so much.

Magnolia: I love you, too.

Lemon: But there's somewhere I need to go. So, you... You wow them, Magpie.

Magnolia: Oh, I will.

Wade puts graffiti on the wall of the jail while George listens to his messages.

Wade: Well, who's the message from? Lavon? Is he coming to get us, or not?

George: No, it was actually from, uh... It was from Zoe.

Wade: Oh. Right. Secret plans with the secret girlfriend.

George: Just lay off, all right? I mean, why are we even talking about this?

Wade: We're talking about it, George, 'cause what you're doing stinks. Ever since Zoe moved here, she hasn't gone out with a single guy. Why? 'Cause you... You keep leading her on

with all your stupid flirting. Well, guess what? Unless you're planning on scrapping your wedding plans with Lemon, just back off from Zoe Hart, okay?

George: I don't understand why you care about this so much, but there is nothing going on between me and Zoe Hart… Okay, I admit, there may be some sparks there. But it's only because she reminds me of New York City, and yes... We may have flirted. A little. And I shouldn't have. But let's get this straight. I am engaged to Lemon Breeland, and nothing is going to change that. You see, we love each other. And nothing, and no one, can compete with the history that we have. We are going to be together. And we are going to stay together. Forever. You got that?

Lavon arrives and hears George.

Wade: All right, then.

Lemon is parking before a house. She sees a man and a girl in the garden. She thinks she has the wrong address but she hears her mother’s voice.

Alice: Okay, you two. Come on in for supper. Oh. You guys did a fantastic job. Frosty's so sparkly. Beautiful. I just love all the sparkles. All right, my little angel, let's go inside for supper.

At the practice.

Zoe: You can't go around being all nice, and friendly, and flirty with someone when you are clearly with someone else. It's misleading, it's frustrating, and it's not fair. And I should have never let myself get swept away in it.

Frederick: Huh?

Zoe: I mean, Rose shouldn't have. I mean... In case you didn't know, Fredrick, Rose likes you. But you are in a relationship with Magnolia, which is fine, then be in that relationship, and stop trying to have it both ways. Because you are not worth her time. She deserves to move on, and she deserves to have a life.

Frederick: I just came in 'cause I have a sore throat.

Zoe: Right. Sorry. Let's have a look.

Lemon remembers when Lavon visits her.

Lemon: Mayor Hayes. What a surprise.

Lavon: May I come in?

Lemon: Please.

Lavon: Hi.

Lemon: Hi.

Lavon: I'm... I'm sorry to just show up here unannounced.

Lemon: It's no problem.

Lavon: Uh, I-I was thinking about the-the talk we had, by the lake, and I know you're angry at her because she came back here and didn't get in touch with you. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? But no matter how angry you are, you should never throw away something that was given to you out of love, so...

Lavon gives Lemon her necklace.

Lavon: You have to remember, she left here for her own reasons. It had nothing to do with you. And-and I know you'll always love her. I mean, she's your mama, you... You can't help that. But that necklace she gave you says it all. She loved you, too.

Lemon: Thank you.

Lavon: I g-guess I should be going, now.

Lemon: You should.

They kiss.

Lemon drives back to Bluebell, she is crying.

Zoe meets George before the pageant.

Zoe: Hey.

George: Hey. Sorry it's so late. I had to, uh... Put up a Christmas tree.

Zoe: Right. No problem.

George: So what'd you want to talk about?

Zoe: You know what? I think I worked it out myself.

George: Oh. Okay.

Zoe: And, George... That medical consultation thing?

George: I just don't think it's something I can do. You know what, that's... Probably a good idea. Bye, Zoe.

Zoe: Bye, George.

Lemon knocks on Lavon’s door. He opens.

Lavon: Lemon. You okay?

Lemon: Lavon, I know I shouldn't be here. But I went to go see my... Mother, and... It wasn't what I expected. She... She wasn't alone. It was... Terrible. Um... May I come in for a minute, please?

Lavon: Uh, Lemon... I can see that you're hurting… And please know that this is killing me to say this… But this isn't right. No, I can't... Be here for you like this anymore when you're going to marry someone else.

Lemon: Lavon, please...

Lavon: If you have something meaningful that you need to talk about, the person that you need to talk about it with is your fiancé. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lavon closes the door.

At the pageant, Magnolia plays Scarlett O’Hara. Rose clogs. George watches the Christmas Tree. Either Magnolia nor Rose win. Lemon congrats Magnolia and Zoe do the same with Rose. Lemon joins George next the tree. He kisses and hugs her but she is still upset. Zoe joins Wade.

Zoe: Hey, Wade.

Wade: That was... Quite the clog dance.

Zoe: She was amazing.

Wade: Well, you showed her how to be.

Zoe: Thanks.

Wade: I'm going over to the Rammer Jammer. Can I buy you a drink?

Zoe: It's been a really long day. Rain check?

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