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#210 : Le blues de Noël

Zoe est anxieuse car sa mère, toujours critique, sera bientôt en visite à Bluebell pour les vacances. Afin d'éviter de passer du temps avec sa mère, elle s'affaire avec un patient, mais ruines potentiellement le Noël pour toute la ville. En essayant de résoudre le problème, Zoe bouleverse Wade en se tournant vers son père. Pendant ce temps, Lavon veut se faire de la semaine un truc spécial pour Ruby, mais son plan tourne mal quand Lemon s'implique. Au même moment, George cherche le cadeau idéal pour Tansy.


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Blue Christmas

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Le blues de Noël

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Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)


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Mardi 11.12.2012 à 20:00
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Ecrit par: Leila Gerstein
Réalisé par: Patrick Norris

Guests :
Golden Brooks ... Ruby Jeffries
JoBeth Williams ... Candice Hart
Mircea Monroe ... Tansy Truitt
Laura Bell Bundy ... Shelby Sinclair
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Christopher Curry ... Earl
Mallory Moye ... Wanda
Reginald VelJohnson ... Dash DeWitt
Ross Philips ... Tom Long
Frank Birney ... Hal
John Eric Bentley ... Sheriff Bill
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Dawn Didawick ... Eugenia
Armelia McQueen ... Shula
Joe Massingill ... Cody
Nicholas Podany ... Max
Kevin Berntson ... Coach Scott

BlueBell’s square

Tom: What a magical time.

Wanda: It's like all is right with the world.


Zoe: Kill me. Do it, put me out of my misery.

Lavon: I know it's hard being alone at the holidays, and what with Wade breaking up with you.

Zoe: Whoa, whoa, Wade did not break up with me, and I am so much happier without him because now I can focus on more important things like figuring out how to redirect air traffic with my mind.

Lavon: Ah, your mother arrives today.

Zoe: Yeah, why did I agree to this visit? This is gonna be the worst Christmas ever.

Lavon: Well, come on now, Big Z, I mean, the holidays are a time for joy and forgiveness.

Zoe: Maybe in your family, but in mine they are a time for judgment and fear. My mother once spent an entire Rosh Hashanah dinner criticizing my eyebrows… Question is, which will she go after first... The fact that I still live in Alabama or that I'm not a practicing surgeon?


Zoe: Oh, do not let her hear that. That will just remind her that I don't have one golden ring. Lavon, promise to never leave me alone with her. It's my only chance. Candace Hart does not air dirty family laundry in public.

Lavon: I-I wish I could, but I got problems of my own. Ruby leaves next week, and we agreed to do this whole long-distance thing if, after a year, one of us moves, so I got to sell her on coming back here or I could wind up in Dallas, which is why I want to spend the week showcasing the joys of BlueBell at Christmastime. I mean, leave her with the best possible memories of this place, but I got to judge the gingerbread house contest, the Christmas cookie contest, and the dress your dog up like an angel pageant, and that's just today.

Zoe: Stop. Lavon, I have the solution to both of our problems. My mother, the born judger, will fill in for you, which will give you plenty of time to make Ruby's last days as perfect as possible. My mom will be too busy criticizing cookies. She won't have time to criticize me.

Lavon: That is a great plan. I'll make arrangements.

Breeland’s house: patio

Brick: No, please, plea... That is, that's too many cookies, I...

Lemon: Please, if AnnaBeth and I win, it'll be good press for the catering company. Just try the cinnamon jelly.

Brick: Ah. Mmm, mmm, delicious.

Lemon: Okay, are you sure?

Brick: Yeah.

Lemon: That you don't prefer the chocolate cherry thumbprints? Do you want to try those again?

Brick: No, no, no, no. These, these, just, just go with these.

Lemon: Okay.

Brick: So, with Magnolia and her choral group off terrorizing Orlando's theme parks, it's just gonna be you and me on Christmas Eve.

Lemon: Mm-hmm.

Brick: Now, perhaps you'd want to spend it with someone else... Maybe that, that nice Walt from the picnic?

Lemon: Daddy, clearly I am no expert in relationships, but I don't think that asking Walt to join me for the holidays after only two dates is such a good idea. Why are you trying to push me out?

Brick: No, I'm not, it's just your first Christmas as a single lady, and I know it can be hard.

Lemon: Oh, well, thank you for worrying about me, Daddy, but we'll have a blast Christmas Eve. You can try all my new pie recipes.

Brick: Pies?

Lemon: It'll be so fun.

Brick: Uh, I can hardly wait.


Wade: Drive safe, okay? Doc, you need a hand with that?

Zoe: Nope.

Wade: Well, okay, then.

Zoe: It seems like a real achiever.

Wade: What'd you expect, I'd sit around pining for you?

Zoe: No, no, I'm not... I am happy.

Wade: If that's the story you got to tell yourself, that's fine.

Zoe: I am... You are not... You are infuriating… Just so you know, my mother is arriving any minute.

Wade: Is that why you're throwing out a piece of perfectly good furniture?

Zoe: Just, look, you know how difficult she is, and the last thing I need is for her to figure out that you and I were ever...

Wade: Don't you worry about it, Doc. As you can see, I, uh, I barely remember myself… May I? I, I just love wicker.

Lavon: Hey. Congratulations.

Zoe: Oh.

Lavon: Your mother is now signed up to judge all 22 yuletide events.

Zoe: That is great. Tonight I'll take her to the Rammer Jammer and get Wally to tell her all about the new sneeze guards on the salad bar, and then tomorrow night is the tree lighting in town square, so not a second for us to be alone. Christmas is saved.

Candice: Yoo-hoo!

Zoe: Uh-oh, and here we go. Smiles on.

Candice: Hi!

Zoe’s house

Zoe: Mom, it is so good to see you. You remember Lavon.

Candice: Who wouldn't? Four Pro Bowls, two Super Bowls. You call me when you're ready to get into broadcasting.

Lavon: I'll do that.

Candice: You've redecorated. It's lovely. Still maintains the original charm... And smell. I am delighted to be here. So, shall we have some lunch?

Zoe: Oh, man, I wish I could, but sadly I have to work this afternoon. I know, but some amazing news... Everyone here so respects your illustrious career, they have asked you to judge some of BlueBell's best Christmas contests. Doesn't that sound fun?

Candice: I so appreciate it, but I have come all this way to be with my baby girl, and I'm not going to let her out of my sight.

Lavon: I'll just invite Ruby to the contests with me. And I'll forward my mail to Dallas.

Candice: So, I want to hear all about your life in BlueBell, but let's stop by a drugstore and buy you a tweezer first.

Zoe: Uh...

Candice: Just a little.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Tansy: Yay, Wise Men, bring that frankincense and myrrh. Go, Joseph, go, nicest ass in Bethlehem. Come on, I meant the donkey, but Joseph ain't too shabby either.

Dash: George Tucker, Joseph of Nazareth would not be chuckling at his girlfriend.

George: Well, you know what? I bet Joseph wouldn't do this either. Hey, baby.

Dash: I am going to tell the reverend.

George: Stop looking for lightning where there isn't any, Dash. My shift's over, all right? Now... Oh, there is my saviour right there. Here. Oh, you know that's gonna look great on you, it really is.

Brick: Brown is your colour, brings out your eyes. Tansy.

George: Let's go. Enjoy, everybody, yeah. Hey, you kook, you almost gave Dash an aneurysm.

Tansy: Nativity heckling is something I do at the holidays. Deal with it.

George: Dealt with. Hey, do you want to go to the, uh, tree lighting with me tomorrow?

Tansy: I'd love to go to the tree lighting with you. I already got you the best gift.

George: Oh, well, I bet it can't top the one I got you… Yeah.

Wanda: What...?

Brick: What the hell?

Wanda: Oh, my goodness gracious. That was in the robe pocket?

Brick: Yeah.

Wanda: Do you know what that means? George Tucker is going to propose to Tansy… We'd better return that to him.

Brick: Don't you worry, I'll do it.

BlueBell’s square

Zoe: I'm getting used to BlueBell. You know, I definitely made the right decision staying. I am doing so great.

Candice: You're sure?

Zoe: Yeah.

Candice: You're happy here? You don't find it small?

Zoe: Small? It's cozy.

George: Oh, hey, Zoe.

Tansy: Hey, Dr. Hart.

Zoe: Oh, hey, George, Tansy, this is my... Mom.

George: Oh, it's nice to meet you. I heard an awful lot about you.

Candice: George, yeah, I've heard about you, too.

Tansy: Merry Christmas.

George: Yeah, happy holidays.

Candice: That's George Tucker... The man you may or may not be in love with? But I thought George was marrying Dr. Breeland's daughter Lemon. Who's Tansy?

Zoe: Tansy is short for Lemon. Those crazy Southern ways. But George and she are still very happy together. Nothing happened to derail that wedding, that's for sure.

Candice: So what about you... Are you seeing anybody?

Zoe: Well, yeah, Mom, I have been here for a year and a half. You know, I've definitely dated. I was totally with this guy. He was the best. He was from Mobile… His name was Mo.

Candice: Mo from Mobile?

Zoe: Mm-hmm.

Candice: What did he do?

Zoe: He works for NASA on the new Mars Rover. You ever heard of it?

Candice: Mars? Uh, yes, dear. Uh, so what happened?

Zoe: You know, my practice keeps me so busy, and he was so busy exploring Mars. It was tough with the time difference.

Candice: Hmm, I would imagine so. Oh, look, there's that Wade. Oh, I do find him amusing. Wade, hi.

Wade: Hey there, Mrs. Hart. Zoe mentioned to me that you might be coming to town.

Candice: Nice shirt. Didn't I send you that shirt as an ironic joke?

Zoe: Oh, no, no.

Wade: Yeah, she lent it to me.

Zoe: What? No, I didn't.

Wade: Yeah, you did when I painted your house.

Candice: You painted her house? That seems awfully nice.

Wade: It wasn't nice, it was a... Business arrangement. Yeah, I do odd jobs around town, and Lavon paid me.

Candice: I see.

Wade: Well, good to see you. Doctor, I'll see you around.


Zoe: Brick's off today. The office is probably packed with pinkeye, lice, you name it, contagious and possibly flesh-eating diseases. Lord knows who paged. You are probably safer going to tour some historic homes instead.

Candice: Oh, not on your life. I can't wait to see all the action.

Hal: It's the bunion again, Dr. Hart. I called, but nobody answered.

Zoe: Come on.

Candice: I'll just sit here and do some e-mail. I'll be here when you get out.

Zoe: Okay.

Rammer Jammer

Lemon: Ruby?

Ruby: Mm-hmm?

Lemon: Merry Christmas.

Ruby: Likewise. Though I don't know how merry it could be. Poor thing... Being alone at the holidays can really expose the emptiness of one's life.

Lemon: Me? Oh. I'm fine and dandy. I'm dating someone, actually. Walt. You may remember him... He's the guy that chose me over you that night at Torchy's.

Ruby: The dentist?

Lemon: The orthodontist.

Ruby: Well, perhaps he can give you a "free consultation" on that under-bite.

Lemon: You are just such a riot. I heard you took that job in Dallas. That's such a shame because I will just miss that sense of humour.

Ruby: Me and my sense of humour will be around plenty.

Lemon: And I think that I speak for most of the women in BlueBell when I say that we will be as welcoming to you as always.

Dash: BlueBell's Christmas Cookie Champion is none other... Than Lemon Breeland!

Lemon: Me? Well, merry, merry.

Lavon: Hey, Ruby. So, I don't have another contest to judge for two hours. How about we enjoy the magic of Christmas in our wonderful hometown? Ruby, you all right?

Ruby: You know, the one good thing about moving to Dallas is not having to run into Lemon Breeland ever again. I just don't understand why you're friends with her.

Lavon: Well, she just helped me with my campaign, is all. It's not like we're close.

Tansy: What's so funny?

Wanda: I can't... I can't tell you… Oh, I really can't tell you.

Tansy: Wanda, laughing at someone is not nice and kind of scary. What? You're freaking me out!

Wanda: Well, if it was me, I'd want to know so I could be sure to get a manicure. But you can't tell George I told you.

Zoe’s exam room

Zoe: We're all set.

Hal: Thanks, D-Dr. Hart.

Zoe: You okay, Hal? Bunion got you down?

Hal: Not the b-bunion, it's my wife. She... She really wants to go see our grandkids in Pascagoula for the holidays, but I have to work.

Zoe: That stinks.

Hal: It does. I have worked every Christmas Eve for the last 20 years. Every year, my wife doesn't want to leave me behind, but... But who knows how many holidays we have left to... To spend with our grandkids?

Zoe: How about... I write you a note for extreme exhaustion, with a prescription for R & R? Would four days be enough?

Hal: That would be... A Christmas miracle, Dr. Hart! Seriously!

Zoe: Let me get a pad.

Hal: Okay.

Practice: entrance

Candice: Oh, all set? What do you say we go get some coffee? Yeah.

Zoe: Mom, I am so sorry, but this is gonna take a while.

George’s office

George: Oh, hey... You. Mm!

Tansy: Look, George, falling in love with me quickly kind of comes with the territory of looking how I look, but I just don't want to make the same mistakes I have in the past, and things are just going way, way, way too fast with us right now, so I think we need to take a break.

George: A break? But I-it's two days before Christmas.

Tansy: Call you after the holidays.

George: Uh, what...


Lavon: Thanks for meeting me. I need to ask you a favour.

Lemon: Anything.

Lavon: Well... I'm trying to sell Ruby on eventually moving her new company to BlueBell, or at least nearby, and it's very important that this week, of all weeks, she really love it here.

Lemon: I don't know what that has to do with me.

Lavon: Well, you aren't exactly making her feel welcome.

Lemon: Well, that's because I loathe her with every fiber of my being.

Lavon: Lemon.

Lemon: Lavon... Ruby is meaner than a sackful of rattlesnakes, and what you see in her, I will never, ever, ever know.

Lavon: Look, I know you two have had your differences, but... I got 14 more contests to judge tomorrow, and I need this… So I'm asking you. Please, find it in your heart to just reach out to Ruby.

Lemon: Okay… For you, I will.

Lavon: Thank you. You have no idea what this means to me.

Outside the Rammer Jammer

Brick: George Tucker, I 100% forbid you from spoiling my little girl's Christmas.

George: Okay, what are you... I don't understand anyone today.

Brick: Just wait a week, wait a month, but you can't propose to your new girlfriend now, not on Lemon's first Christmas alone.

George: I'm not proposing to anyone, Brick.

Brick: Then why, why did I find this in the Joseph costume, huh?

George: That's... Not mine. I'm not the only one who's played Joseph this week.

Lavon’s house: living room

George: Hey. Lose something today?

Lavon: Oh, thank the good Lord… Whew!

BlueBell’s square

Candice: I just can't believe you spent six hours with two patients.

Zoe: Well, it's because I heal the whole patient, from mind, body to soul. As a matter of fact, I saved an old couple's Christmas today.

Candice: Well, that's a lot of healing.  You must be exhausted. Well, maybe we could skip the Christmas tree lighting?

Zoe: The tree lighting is a pretty big deal, and I'm the town doctor, so everyone counts on me being here… What's going on?

Tom: Apparently, the doctor wrote a note saying, Senor Kringle had exhaustion.

Zoe: Oh, my God, Hal was Sant...

Tom: Christmas Eve is ruined.

Zoe: No. We can still have the tree lighting without Santa.

Girl: Santa's not coming?

Zoe: This kind of thing happens sometimes, but I'll fix it, don't you worry.

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Lavon: Really?! Really? You had to send Santa to Pascagoula?

Zoe: I've been up all night trying to fix this. Not only is there not another Santa available, but apparently Hal took his outfit with him and there's not another Santa suit to be found on the whole Gulf Coast.

Lavon: Of course there's not... It's Christmas Eve! How could you do this to me?!

Zoe: Stop yelling! I did not do this to you.

Lavon: Well, it sure feels like you did, Zoe. Because tonight at the tree lighting, I was gonna give Ruby my gift. Which just so happens to be an engagement ring.

Zoe: Whoa! Wh-Whoa, you were going to propose? Holy cow. Feelings, so many feelings right now. That is a huge step. Are you sure that's a good idea? How could you not tell me about this? Propose? Why?

Lavon: I love Ruby. And I want her to leave knowing that I'm serious about committing. Equally important, I wanted her to leave with the greatest memory of BlueBell ever. Which is why I had this whole magical night planned. There were gonna be Dickensian carollers and everything. And then you got Christmas Eve cancelled!

Candice: Hey, Lavon. Hey, honey. What's on the agenda today? I was thinking maybe a little mother-and-daughter day trip?

Zoe: I'm sorry, Mom, but today I need to find a Santa. Hey, maybe you could help me by making calls to all the important people you know and seeing if you could drum up a suit.

Lavon: I need Santa.

Candice: Of course you do. I'll go make some calls.


Lemon: I'm glad that you were able to meet me. Listen, I... I'm not proud of my behaviour at the cookie contest, or in general, since you arrived. I would like to help you feel like you are a part of this community, so later on, some volunteers from church are gonna be wrapping gifts at Santa's Workshop. Your little pal, Dr. Hart, might have driven away Santa, but we are still determined to show the children of BlueBell a good time.

Ruby: Surely you're not asking me to dress up like an elf?

Lemon: Listen, Ruby, if you don't want to do it for me, then do it for Lavon, because... I know that he would really like you to try and fit in here, too.

Ruby: Yeah. All right. I'll see you later.

BlueBell’s square

Candice: You're saying you don't have a single Santa suit on that whole bus of yours?

Zoe: You're supposed to be a seamstress. How hard is it to make a Santa suit?

Shula: It is impossible to find red felt this time of year!

Zoe: What if we got white felt and coloured it in?

Shula: Oh!

Candice: I have called all of my East Coast connections. Found a few Santa suits, nothing that can get here tonight.

Zoe: Thanks for trying. Hey, Dash! Hey, Dash.

Dash: Hello.

Zoe: I need your help. Think... Is there anyone else in town who has a Santa suit besides Hal?

Dash: Well, Hal has been our Santa for almost 25 years. Ever since Crazy Earl retired.

Candice: It's so cute how much you care about these people, but we gave it a shot. How about we go get manicured? Talk about that haircut, huh?

Zoe: You know what? Sorry, but we have to do one thing first. I hope you don't mind armadillos. Come on, Mom. Mom.

Rammer Jammer

Tansy: What a misunderstanding. I can't believe I thought you would propose.

George: I would never propose after a few weeks. That would be crazy.

Tansy: Totally crazy. Oh, I'm so relieved. For a second I thought you lost your mind.

George: No. Not at all. A-And please don't take this personally, but I'm not rushing into anything. I'm gonna take it nice and slow.

Tansy: So am I.

George: See, truth is, I haven't even gotten you a gift yet.

Tansy: Excuse me?

George: Yeah. I mean, I just didn't quite know what to get someone I've only been dating a month.

Tansy: Yesterday you said you got me a great gift.

George: I lied. I just figured that I'd wing it, you know? I'd be... Spontaneous.

Tansy: But I got you something, something great. What is wrong with you? Why would you tell me this?

George: I just thought that we were being honest, but...

Tansy: I'll see you later.

George: I was just in the... I was just in the moment. I just... I...

Shelby: Hi, Georgie boy.

George: Uh... Shelby, hey, what...

Shelby: Oh, silly, I don't mean any harm. It's not like I'm gonna slap you again. I can see that you need a little help.

George: Yeah. You know what? I've had enough crazy in my life...

Shelby: I know... That I was a little batty batso when we were dating. I'd just gotten out of a relationship, you'd just gotten out of a relationship, and I'd just gotten off caffeine.

George: Oh, and this is you off of caffeine?

Shelby: Nope. I'm back on. And much, much saner.

George: Yeah, clearly.

Shelby: And I want to make it up to you by helping you find the perfect gift to get your girlfriend back.

George: Okay, and why would you want to do that?

Shelby: My fingers are itching to shop. Oh, come on. That Tansy deserves a nice gift, does she not?

George: Okay… We can shop. If... We stay in public places.

Breeland’s house : living room

Brick: Hey, sugar.

Lemon: Oh, hey, Daddy.

Brick: What are you up to?

Lemon: I am doing a favour and spending a terrible afternoon with the terrible Ruby Jeffries.

Brick: Ooh. Well, maybe you, uh, better get used to her. She's going to be our new first lady.

Lemon: What?

Brick: That is the gossip. The mayor is proposing.

Earl’s house

Zoe: Oh!

Earl: Oh. It's the pretty doctor.

Zoe: Hi, Earl. Do you happen to have a Santa suit?

Earl: I happen to... Do have one.

Zoe: That's amazing. I'll give you 50 bucks for it.

Earl: No. I don't want to sell my suit.

Zoe: Fine. I'll give you 50 bucks to borrow your suit.

Earl: Uh-uh. No.

Zoe: Earl, come on. We don't have anyone to play Santa for the tree lighting. Don't you care about the kids?

Earl: Of course I care about the kids. I used to be their Santa.

Zoe: So give me the suit.

Earl: On one condition.

Zoe’s car

Zoe: Mom, meet Earl. He'll be our Santa tonight.

Candice: Is he drunk?

Zoe: No! Of course not. What kind of town do you think this is? A drunk Santa? I am outraged.

Earl: You must be the mom. It's nice to meet you. Someday we may be in-laws, if you know what I mean.

Zoe: Okay, he is drunk. Don't listen to him. Why don't you practice your ho-ho-ho-ing?

Earl: Ho ho ho!

BlueBell’s square

Kids: We want Santa! We want Santa! We want Santa! We want Santa!

Tom: Looks like the doctor healed Santa up. Good news for good boys and girls around the world.

Zoe’s house

Earl: Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho!

Zoe: Keep drinking the coffee. You are doing a good job. Whew! Let's get you a shower.

Candace: So, Earl, you were saying something about your son...

Zoe: Earl loves the sun. Yeah. Vitamin D.

Candace: Earl, who is your son?

Zoe: I told you... He's drunk. He doesn't know who his son is.

Candace: He's had six cups of coffee. And people don't forget their children. Earl, who is your son?

Earl: Who do you think? The doctor's boyfriend. Wade.

Candace: Wade? Like, Wade next door?

Zoe: He is not my boyfriend. Nothing... Nothing is going on with me and Wa...

Earl: Hello, son.

Candace: Wade. Nice to see you.

Wade: What the hell is going on here?

Zoe: I saved Christmas. Your dad is going to be Santa.

Wade: What is wrong with you?

Earl: I happen to be a great Santa.

Zoe: Wade, calm down. Come on.

Wade: How could you ask him to be Santa without talking to me first?

Zoe: We haven't really been talking.

Wade: This is not about you, Dr. Hart. My dad... He is not up for this. You know what happened the last time he was Santa? Huh? He knocked over the Christmas tree, yelled at the kids. Half of them were crying. I know I certainly was. And now you want to send him back out there to ruin more kids' Christmases?

Zoe: He said he wanted to do it.

Wade: You are supposed to be the doctor in this town. I wish to hell you'd start acting like it.

Zoe: Oh, right, just walk away. Real mature!

Candace: They don't seem like a couple.

Earl: Oh, they're totally in love.


George: You were exactly right. A necklace with the name of her dog, Dolly Parton, on it. Shows that I know what Tansy likes, but it's not too much. It's simple yet thoughtful.

Shelby: If I were you, I would get a bottle and a blanket, and I would have the picnic in Santa's house. And I would put the necklace in the wine.

George: Yeah, that's a little too elaborate for me. Plus, it also sounds a lot like a choking hazard, so...


Ruby: The reason why long-distance couples don't work is because there's no endgame. See, Lavon and I plan on moving in together after a year.

Crickett: It sounds complicated.

Ruby: Oh, but it's well worth it.

Ruby: Lavon and I have history on our side.

Lemon: What history? You've only been together for a couple months.

Ruby: Lemon, sweetie, I think you need to lay off that nog. Don't forget Lavon and I dated in high school. He hasn't had a significant relationship since me.

Crickett: That's right... He's never gotten over you.

AnnaBeth: Anyone need more double-sided tape?

Crickett: You are the love of his life.

AnnaBeth: Who wants to sing Christmas carols?

Ruby: I suppose I am. It's destiny… Did you just snort?

Lemon: No.

Ruby: Poor Lemon... Must be so hard for you to hear about my happiness when it's your first holiday since being left at the altar.

Lemon: You don't know what you're talking about, Ruby Jeffries. In fact, you don't know anything. You are a snobby witch, and you aren't the only person that Lavon ever loved!

AnnaBeth: Lemon!

Ruby: What are you talking about? Who else did he love?

Crickett: Who? Who did Lavon love? Who?


Zoe: How you doing, Earl?

Earl: I think I may have made a mistake. It's been a long time since I faced this town sober.

Zoe: You know what they say. Just shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly. You will be great.

AnnaBeth: Lemon! Lemon! Stop!

Candice: I thought you said that other woman was Lemon.

Zoe: There are two.

Candice: No, there aren't. I have been trying so hard, biting my tongue, while you told lie after lie ever since I got here. And the lies aren't even well executed. People don't live on the Mars Rover. There is no Mo from Mobile. And the person you were seeing was obviously Wade. I-I don't know what to be madder about... The fact that you lied or the fact that you didn't even bother to make the lies good. Why didn't you just tell me the truth?

Zoe: Why do you think? Because I didn't want you to tell me that my whole life is a complete and utter failure. I didn't want you to judge me like you always do.

Candice: You know what? I came here to spend time with my daughter. Maybe, if you had taken one second out of your plan to not spend one second alone with me, you might have noticed that I haven't judged you at all… Well, not on the important things.

Zoe: W...

Lavon: Okay. Tree lighting's about to start. Got the ring in my pocket. We all set?

Zoe: Yeah, we're great.

Lavon: Yeah.

Zoe: Come on, E... Earl? Oh, holy oy.

BlueBell’s square

Zoe: Santa is circling Florida right now. Bit of clouds, lots of turbulence. But don't worry, he'll be here any minute. I'm gonna give him a call and get an ETA.

All: Boo!

BlueBell’s square / Rammer Jammer

Zoe: Santa's still missing.

Wade: You mean Crazy Earl disappointed you? Shocker.

Zoe: Wade, you have to help me find him. Please.

Wade: Look, I'll go look for him because you don't know what you did. But he cannot be Santa tonight. He is in no state.

Zoe: No. He has to be. No one else can do it, and Lavon needs him for his plan... To propose to Ruby.

Wade: Meet me at the church in five minutes.

BlueBell’s square

Lavon: Okay, now, when I say "I love you". You start singing.

Tom: Got it, Mr. Mayor. You can count on us.

Lavon: All right.

Wanda: Oh, isn't it romantic? Two proposals in one night.


Wade: Remember when you used to call that old  station wagon your sleigh? I mean, you were a damn good Santa. Before. I remember. Hell, you... You knew how to coax the shy ones and... Soften the blow for the ones who... Wanted more than their parents could afford… You were great. And, yeah, one year... You weren't. Come on, Dad. She had just died… The cancer was... It was awful. But you think anybody in this town remembers you messing that Christmas up?

Earl: But you do.

Wade: Yeah. That doesn't mean I don't understand.

Earl: I told the doc I wanted to be Santa 'cause I wanted to make it up to everyone… To you… But I can't. I just can't go out there again.

Wade: Dad. It's a time for miracles… And I believe that you, Earl... Can be a normal person for two hours… I'll help you.

Zoe: You never told me any of that stuff about your family.

Wade: Well, you never asked.

Zoe: It wasn't... The way we were… Doesn't mean that I didn't want to know.

Wade: Well, it's a little late for that now, isn't it?

BlueBell’s square

Lavon: Okay, now, when I say "I love you," hit it. You got it? Yeah? Okay. Whoa. Whoa. I see her. She's here. Red alert! Red alert! Hey. Hi. You're here. I-I have something for you.

Ruby: Did you have a thing with Lemon Breeland?

Lavon: Uh, yes, a-a long time ago, but we have more important things to discuss. Come on.

Ruby: Did you love her?! I need to know.

Lavon: No, no, really, we have more important stuff to talk about. Come on.

Ruby: You did, didn't you? Lavon, why wouldn't you just tell me?

Lavon: Because it wasn't relevant. Look, I know how you feel about Lemon, and, well, there's nothing between her and me anymore. I love you!

Wanda: Oh, he said it. He said it.

Ruby: Lavon, long distance relationships are hard. And you can't do it without trust. How can I trust you when you somehow forgot to mention that Lemon Breeland was the love of your life? I mean, I don't know what I'm supposed to think or believe anymore… What am I supposed to do now?

Lavon: Marry me?

George’ houseboat

Tansy: So, are you ready for the greatest gift ever?

George: Yes, ma'am… All right. Let's see what you got here… I-I... I love it… What is it?

Tansy: Oh. It's a pear cozy. See, I know that pears are your favourite fruit, so now you can take one to work in your briefcase without it getting bruised. Uh, I made it myself. Took knitting lessons from Shula and everything.

George: You're right. This is the greatest gift ever… Thank you.

Tansy: You're welcome. Where's mine?

George: You know what? I-I don't want to give it to you here. I want to... I want to make it special. Grab that blanket, and I'll get some wine, and, uh... Come on.

Tansy: Okay.

BlueBell’s square

Earl: My last gift goes to you, little fisher dude. Enjoy! Santa's got to go.

Boy: Santa, don't go.

Earl: Oh, well, I have many, many more gifts to give out. Then I got to head back home and feed my reindeer. But I'll see you again next year if you're good.

Wade: Come on, buddy. Santa's got to get back to his sleigh. You run along now. Come on, Santa… You did a great job.

Earl: Thanks, son.

Wade: Ho, ho, ho, ho, this way. Let's go.

Crickett: AnnaBeth explained everything, and, well, I am horrified, scandalized and impressed all at once. I want details.

Lemon: And I can't wait to give them to you. In the New Year.

Brick: What was she talking about?

Lemon: Nothing. Well, a lot, but... I'd rather not get into it tonight. Daddy, would you mind if I just go home and take a bath, and I can just see you tomorrow?

Brick: Oh, now, no, no. Whatever you need, Lemonade.

Ruby’s porch

Lavon: I'm sorry.

Ruby: I'm sorry I-I ran out on you.

Lavon: No. I should have told you about Lemon.

Ruby: Lemon is just one thing. I mean, let's just face it, Lavon. We both have been fundamentally dishonest with each other.

Lavon: I've never lied to you about a single other thing.

Ruby: Really?

Lavon: Yeah.

Ruby: I mean, do you really see yourself leaving BlueBell and moving to Dallas?

Lavon: Well, you can move here.

Ruby: Come on, Lavon. I mean, that's just it. We have to stop fooling ourselves. I mean, the way you feel about the big city is how I feel about this town.

Lavon: So, what-what does that mean?

Ruby: It means... Lavon Hayes, although I love you, we... This...

Lavon: Please don't say, "Over." It's Christmas Eve.

Ruby: Then I'll just say good night.

Zoe’s house

Zoe: Okay, you were right. A, this place does still smell, B, you didn't judge me. I did. I made some big mistakes, and I didn't want to see them through your eyes.

Candice: Do you mean you're not happy you moved to Alabama?

Zoe: No, I am. I like my life here. Weirdly, being a GP suits me. And Lavon... He's, like, the best friend that I have ever had. I'm even getting a taste for catfish… It's my romantic life that has been a disaster.

Candice: You mean... Wade?

Zoe: I got scared, so I pushed him away. But I miss him. I know, you don't get that.

Candice: I'm not sure I see the two of you having a future, but you know what? I don't want to judge you anymore. You're a grown woman. Besides, what do I know? I mean, the only real risk I ever took was having an affair with a small-town GP on a Greek cruise years ago, and that got me you.

Zoe: Thanks.

Candice: You have made some decisions in your life that I absolutely question. Beginning with your choice to live so far away from me, but if you want to be with him, don't let my irrational fears, or worse, your irrational fears, stop you from being happy.

Lemon’s apartment

Lemon: Lavon.

Lavon: I asked you... To be her friend. Not tell her something that was not your business to tell!

Lemon: I know. I am so sorry!

Lavon: Worse, I can't believe you had the audacity to tell Ruby that she wasn't the love of my life… She could have been! She didn't have some fiancé she was never going to leave!

Lemon: I know. I am so, so, so, so, sorry. I will talk to her, and I will make it better, I promise you.

Lavon: No. There's no point. She just broke up with me.

Lemon: Oh, my God.

Lavon: I will never forgive you for this.

BlueBell’s square

Tansy: George Tucker, where are you taking me?

George: Shh, shh. I just figured that we'd shake up the gift-giving a little bit. All right? Hold on.


George: Oh. Oh, my God, I'm-I'm so sorry. I didn't... Oh! Shelby?

Shelby: Hey, George.

George: Brick? Brick. No.

Brick: Uh...

George: No, no. No.

Brick: Hello, son. Uh, please, never speak of this.

George: No problem.

BlueBell’s square

George: Okay. Change of plans. Back to my boat immediately.

Tansy: Are you okay?

George: Oh, yeah, sure. Nothing that months and months of therapy won't fix.

Wade’s terrace

Wade: Doctor.

Zoe: I just wanted to apologize.

Wade: For, uh, which thing exactly?

Zoe: For our date at the picnic… You really put yourself out there, and I was so scared that it wouldn't work, you know, that we would have nothing in common, I kind of sabotaged it… But the thing that I realized was... It turns out that I like you, Wade Kinsella. I really like you… And who knows? Maybe there's a chance, you and I could be happy together. We'll never know unless we try.

Wade: What are...? What are you saying?

Zoe: What I'm saying... Is that, would you maybe consider... Being my for-real, out-in-public, everyone-knows-about, actual boyfriend? It's okay. You know what? You can think about it, 'cause I know that I am a handful, and neurotic, and sometimes I am too bossy, and that I do that, but...

Wade: Come here.

Zoe: Oh.

Wade: It's Christmas Eve, Doc. Crazier things have happened on this night than a doctor and a bartender.

Zoe’s house

Wade: Can you shut up? We're kind of busy here.

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