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#122 : Le grand jour

Le jour du mariage de George et Lemon est enfin arrivé ! Mais c'est sans compter un invité surprise de dernière minute... Un énorme orage arrive soudainement à Bluebell et met en danger la vie de tous les convives. Zoé tente de quitter la ville et cherche un abri dans une grange avec Wade.


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The Big Day

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Le grand jour

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Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade (Wilson Bethel) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King), George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lemon (Jaime King), George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

George (Scott Porter) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

George (Scott Porter) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

George (Scott Porter) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Tom (Ross Philips) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Tom (Ross Philips) & Lavon (Cress Williams)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)


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Ecrit par: Leila Gerstein
Réalisé par: Tim Matheson

Guests :
Peter Mackenzie ... Peter Mayfair
Mary Page Keller ... Emily Chase
Kaitlyn Black ... AnnaBeth Nass
Claudia Lee ... Magnolia Breeland
John Eric Bentley ... Sheriff Bill
Ross Philips ... Tom Long
Deborah S. Craig ... Shelley Ng
Ilene Graff ... Clora Tucker
Brandi Burkhardt ... Crickett
Mallory Moye ... Wanda
Esther Scott ... Delma Warner
Carla Renata ... Susie
Drew Koles ... Frederick Dean
Armelia McQueen ... Shula Whitaker
Kim Robillard ... Sal
Eric Pierpoint ... Harold Tucker

George’s dream

Peter Mayfair: We are gathered together tonight to join this man and these women... And this other guy.

George: Wait, no. There's been some mistake here. There's been a mistake!

George’s bedroom / Lemon’s bedroom

George: Uh... Oh. Baby, baby, hi. Uh, good morning.

Lemon: Today I'm the luckiest girl in the entire world. I love you.

George: I love you, too. Babe, I actually really want to see you. You want to get breakfast or something?

Lemon: Silly. A groom's not allowed to see the bride before the wedding.

George: Yeah. You're completely right. That's silly of me. Sorry.

Lemon: But, um, if you're running out, do you think you could do me a huge favour?

George: Uh-huh.

Lemon: Make sure to find Donald and make sure he has enough lilies to mix with the camellias-- there's suppose to be a three to two ratio.

George: Okay, uh... All right, three... Three to two lilies. All right.

Lemon: Yeah, and can you make sure that he has them there about ten to five.

George: Ten to five.

Lemon: With some extra arrangements maybe. I know like five to ten.

George: Three to two, ten to five and five to ten.

Lemon: I'll see you at 8:00. I'll be the one in white.

George: Okay.

Zoe’s house

Wade: Damn it, Zoe!

Outside the houses

Wade: You blew out my damn electricity again.

Zoe: Sorry about that. I got a new coffeemaker. I made you a cup.

Wade: What's that smell like?

Zoe: Crème brulée… Look, Wade, I was hoping that we could talk. You've been avoiding me ever since I decided to stay in town.

Wade: That's 'cause I hate you.

Zoe: Which is exactly what I want to rectify. Look, I'm really sorry that I lost you at the BlueBell Battle. I messed up. I really did. Can we please just sit, chat, move passed this?

Wade: No, no, and, uh... When pigs fly.

Zoe: Wade, you are one of the only people in this town that's been there for me. I'm realizing that living here is not going to be easy. I could really use every friend that I have.

Wade: Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you lost me my bar… Coffee shouldn't taste like a pastry.

BlueBell’s square

George: Great, Donald, thank you so much. Everything's going to be fantastic. Appreciate it.

Donald: Got it.

George: Oh, hey. Hey.

Zoe: George. Big day, huh?

George: Uh, yeah. Sorry about all this.  Seems like we're trying to take over the whole town.

Zoe: Oh, no, it's fine. It's so festive. I just, I'm sorry, I haven't gotten you a present yet.

George: Zoe, you don't have to get us a gift.

Zoe: I have a year though, right? I will find you the perfect thing.

George: Seriously, don't worry about it, 'cause, I mean, by the end of the summer, you'll be back up in New York, a happy surgeon again, right? And this whole BlueBell thing will seem like a strange dream, so...

Zoe: Uh, George, I thought you knew. I decided to stay.

George: Uh, stay... As in... For, for good?

Zoe: Don't worry. You know, I won't make anything difficult for you. I-I will live my life, and you and Lemon will live yours. And we will find a way to coexist.

George: Yeah.

Zoe: And every day from here on out will get easier, right?

George: Yeah.

Donald: Oh! Excuse me.

George: Oh! Um...

Donald: Sorry, uh...

George: Just all the way, just way back in the corner. Over there by the hydrangea.

Zoe: Hey, Lavon.

Woman: Out of the way. Swans coming through.

Lavon: Uh, George, George. As the mayor, I have to tell you, if those swans bite someone, the city's liable. You have to get rid of those.

George: This from a man with a pet alligator. The swans? Lavon, seriously?

Zoe: Come with me.

Lavon: Mm-hm.


Lavon: You okay?

Zoe: I told George I was staying, and he looked like he was going to throw up. No, no, it's a good thing. He was upset because he still has feelings for me. I just know that in romantic comedies, there's always someone marrying someone that they shouldn't while everyone is waiting breathlessly for the one that they truly love to show up at the church and say, "I object!"

Lavon: Oh, no.

Zoe: That is exactly what I am going to do. I'm going to say, "I object!" That's a good idea, right?

Lavon: No, no, no. Look, Zoe, he chose Lemon. Now you show up at their wedding, he's going to chose her again. It's going to be painful and a humiliation from which you will not recover.

Zoe: I don't know I've recovered from a lot.

Lavon: Zoe...

Zoe: You're right. I know you're right.

Lavon: Which is why you're going to take my car and go to Mobile. All right? Go shopping, see some non-romantic movies. Ceremony starts at 8:00. You are not allowed to enter BlueBell, Alabama till at least 9:00. Lavon Hayes is its mayor, well, he can make those sort of rules.

Zoe: Restraining order.

Lavon: Yeah.

Breeland’s house: lunch room

Magnolia: Oh, your husband cheated? I am just shocked.

AnnaBeth: Honestly, started over is exciting, you know?  Just going to get an apartment, maybe even in Mobile. Gonna go back to school.

All: There's our glowing bride!

AnnaBeth: Oh, honey, what's wrong? What is wrong?

Lemon: Do you not see this monstrosity on my face?

Magnolia: There is nothing even there. It is all in your head.

AnnaBeth: It's a teeny pimple. We can cover that right up. Don't you worry about anything.

Clora: Hello, darlings. Oh, I am so excited. And don't you look gorgeous.

Lemon: Oh...

Clora: And don't worry, with your veil over your face, no one will see that thing on your chin. Is there any coffee?

AnnaBeth: You know what, let's get a mimosa!

Clora: Oh! Have a good time.

BlueBell’s square

Tom: Lavon, we have an emergency.

Lavon: What is it?

Tom: My knee, it's tingling.

Lavon: No. Are you sure?

Tom: Of course I'm sure. And what's worse, I just saw Rita Urban's rooster lying down in the barn.

Lavon: No... No... No!

Lavon’s house: kitchen

Zoe: Hey, Wade. Old pal. Have you seen Lavon's car keys?

Wade: I got 'em, but my alternator's busted and I got an appointment.

Zoe: Well, I'm sure that your appointment is very important, but I have a medical emergency in Mobile. My patient is very sick. Peritonsillar abscess. And, um... I really have to go because every moment I'm here, it's just making things worse, so can I please have those keys?

BlueBell’s square

Woman: Come here! This way!

Lavon: Hey, George?

George: What now? Oh, there's a city ordinance that says I can't have flowers, right?

Lavon: I know how it must look to you, but we have a problem. Tom Long's knee is tingling.

George: Okay. What are you talking about?

Lavon: I know it sounds crazy, but just before the last six squalls, there have been four signs. First, Tom's knee tingles, then the roosters lie down, then the pelicans fly inland, then Chuck Mimoun, the weatherman on channel 4, says there's going to be a storm. Then, bam, storm!

George: Lavon, weatherman said nothing about a storm.

Lavon: Believe me, a storm is coming: lightning, thunder, wind. It is not going to be safe to be outdoors. We have to postpone the wedding.

George: This is sad, Lavon. It is. You need help. You need some serious help.

Shoe shop’s

Seller: Where you in from, sweet little thing?

Zoe: BlueBell via New York.

Seller: You're kidding? Why would you leave?

Zoe: Oh, well, um, I didn't get the surgical fellowship, and there was this man I didn't know was dad.

Seller: I mean, why would you leave BlueBell? Don't you know today is the day that the Breeland girl marries the Tucker boy? Ooh, it's like a Southern royal wedding. I made a commemorative plate.

Shoe shop’s / Lavon’s office

Zoe: Ooh. Hey, Lavon… Excuse me. That's fine. I'm in Mobile, okay? You don't have to check up on me.

Lavon: We have a bit of a situation. A storm is coming and by the looks of things, it could be bad.

Zoe: What, do you think the wedding's going to be cancelled?

Lavon: Though Lavon Hayes wants nothing more than for all of this to be behind him, mayor can't let it happen, not in this storm.

Zoe: Great, then I can come back.

Lavon: Oh, you still need to stay away. I still need to convince everyone first. At least now you have company.

Zoe: Huh? Who?

Lavon: Wade's car broke down on the side of Gulf Road. Now, I can't leave, so, I need you to pick him up before the storm hits.

Zoe: And then what, take him shoe shopping? Look, Lavon, despite my best efforts, Wade still hates me.

Lavon: Well, uh, think of this as your opportunity to work out your crap.

Breeland’s house

Clora: My skin was flawless on my wedding day. They wrote about it in Southern Living. Green, AnnaBeth, at your age?

AnnaBeth: It's fashionable, and I'm a single girl now.

Crickett: Are you really ready to be out there again?

AnnaBeth: I can't wait. Truth be told, in bedroom matters, Jake had all the touch of a plumber unclogging a sink.

Susie: Uh-uh.

AnnaBeth: Oh... I hope the mayor's still available when I'm divorced!

Susie: Lavon Hayes is delicious.

AnnaBeth: So hot.

Magnolia: I'd like to butter his biscuit.

AnnaBeth: Magnolia!

Magnolia: What? He looks like a man who enjoys a nice dairy spread on his bread products.

Lemon: No. Please tell me you did not just spill a mimosa all over my Monique Lhuillier wedding gown.

BlueBell’s square

Brick: It's your family. Why on Earth would I pay for their bed-and-breakfast stay?

Harold: Well, I assume, when one foots the bill for a wedding, one foots the entire bill. The way you Breelands throw money around like it's birdseed, I figured it was no big deal.

Brick: Oh, we throw it around? Birdseed?

George: Hey, guys, guys. Of course, if you can't afford it, Dad, Dad.

Harold:… Now, I'll... Brick.

George: Hey, hey. We're going to go have a peaceful 18 holes of golf.

Brick: George.

Harold: Uh... Son?

George: What? No, no, no, no, no. Uh, Bill, what the hell is going on here?

Bill: George, uh, I thought you knew.

George: Knew what?

Bill: The mayor revoked your permit to use the town square.

Brick: What? Why would he do that?

Harold: There must be some mistake.

George: No, no, you know, you guys go and head down to the club. I'll meet you there in a little bit. After I kill the mayor.

Brick: He... He didn't mean that. Uh, just a figure of speech.


Zoe: Hey... Wadester.

Wade: I called Lavon.

Zoe: Yes, well, unfortunately, he's busy. There's a big storm on the way, so I'm here to give you a ride.

Wade: Go away.

Zoe: Look, I promised Lavon, okay? So I am just going to sit here until you get in the car… Staring at you. Sitting, waiting. Staring and waiting I'm staring and waiting...

Wade: All right, fine! Okay? I'll ride with you. So you can stop singing.

City Hall: Lavon’s office

George: What the hell is wrong with you?

Lavon: Look, I tried to talk to you. I had no choice, okay? It's a public safety issue.

George: Oh, come on. Just admit that you are doing everything in your power to keep Lemon and me from getting married today.

Lavon: Oh, come... Believe me, I want this wedding to happen. Okay? On another day.

George: And that is so believable coming from the mouth of a man who lied to my face for a year and a half.

Lavon’s car

Wade: Where are you going? This isn't the way home.

Zoe: It's the back way to Mobile. I thought, you know, we could hang out, maybe see a rainy day movie. Or bowl. I have never bowled before, but I am willing to try.

Wade: Are you insane? Turn around. Look, I-I know this is your first one of these storms, but we shouldn't be driving in this.

Zoe: Come on. It's just a little rain. Look, Wade, how long are you going to hold a grudge? We live in the same house. We share a kitchen.

Wade: I'm working on correcting that situation. Before my car broke down, I was on my way to ctock out an apartment. I'm moving off the plantation.

Zoe: What?

Wade: Look, Dr. Manhattan, in about three minutes, there's going to be more lightning than you've ever seen before, so just turn us around and get us back to BlueBell.

Zoe: I can't. I cannot turn around… Okay, maybe I can turn around.

Wade: It's too late now. This storm's kicking up fast. We need to get to that barn back there.

Zoe: I am not scared of a little lightning.

Wade: That's 'cause, in New York, you were surrounded by 100-story lightning rods. Next tree that comes down could be on this car. It's up to you, Doc.

Zoe: Wait for me!

Breeland’s house

Crickett: Let's dance. Whoo!

Lemon: Crickett, this is no time for a dance party. We still have to work to get this spot out. My God, what else can happen to me today? It's less than six hours to my wedding, and I still haven't even done my hair yet.

AnnaBeth: And the wedding's going to be great!

Crickett: Whoo! Just my flash photography. Smile!

Lemon: Crickett, stop. What are you doing? What was that?

Magnolia: What? I did not hear anything.

AnnaBeth & Crickett: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Zoe: Wade? Are we really going to sit in silence for the next six hours? You know, we're going to be in here for a while. We... We should play a game! Like 20 questions or ghost. You know, any game with talking would be fine. Look, Wade... I feel horrible that you hate me so much you want to move out of your house. So just... Just tell me what I have to do to make us friends again.

Wade: That's the thing. You and me-- we were never friends.

Zoe: Yes, we were. Look, maybe we weren't besties, but we shared some moments, some laughs. Come on. I'm funny. I'm fun! I can tap dance. Whoo!

Wade: I can see through your shirt when you do that.

Zoe: Shut up. Oh, does it help?

Wade: No.

Zoe: I'm hungry.

Wade: Are you hungry?

Zoe: You know, Lavon has some candy in his glove compartment, and I will go out there and get it just to show you that I care. And my shirt will get even more wet.

Wade: Don't, okay?

Zoe: Don't worry… Oh, wait. Baby goat. Wait!

Wade: Just sit down.

Zoe: No, Wade!

Wade: And be quiet before you endanger the lives of somebody else.

Breeland’s house

Lemon: Do you remember when we were kids and we used to try on our mothers' wedding gowns and take turns marrying the dog?

AnnaBeth: Yeah. That dog turned out to be more loyal than my actual husband.

Lemon: I have spent months and months of work into this day, and now it's just... Washing away.

AnnaBeth: My wedding day was perfect, and look what happened to me.

Lemon: What's that supposed to mean?

AnnaBeth: Just that a wedding is one day out of what's supposed to be a lifetime.

Lemon: So you're saying, if I can't make my wedding work, then I can't make my marriage work?

AnnaBeth: That's not what I meant at all.

Lemon: I mean, because all day long, all you've been talking about is how you can't wait to be a single woman. Well, I don't want to be a single woman, AnnaBeth.

AnnaBeth: I didn't say that you did.

Lemon: But you did spill your drink all over my wedding dress.

AnnaBeth: Are you saying I did that on purpose? You're exactly right, Lemon… And not only that-- I drove Jake into the arms of a Baton Rouge waitress just so that I could use my evil divorcée mojo to make it rain, too.

Rammer Jammer

George: Well, it's looking like this storm's going to go through the night.

Brick: I'm never going to get my deposit back. I mean, all that food. And, you know, flowers-- they were flown in from South America. And the swans. You know how much those swans are costing me? Look at that.

Harold: Brick, there's more to worry about than money. Like my poor cousins, who took three planes from North Carolina, and now they're stuck at the Whippoorwill Blossom Inn until we find a solution to all this. It could take days.

George: Days. You know what? I am not paying for that.

Brick: No, I don't care who they are. I'm not... No.

Lavon: Hey, guys.

George: Hey.

Lavon: I-I-I feel terrible about this weather situation. And I-I want to offer to help any way I can. Look, how about moving the... The wedding inside? I mean, you might be able to fit that many people in the library or-or the old firehouse.

Brick: Thanks, Lavon, but, you know, Lemon has been preparing her perfect wedding under the stars for the last year and a half. I just... I don't want her to compromise. I'll go tell her we're going to postpone. She's going to be so disappointed.

George: No, Brick, wait. Lemon, honey, it's me. Uh, I just want to let you know that, come hell or even higher water, we are getting married today. It may not be outside, it may not be under the stars, but, baby, I promise you it is going to be perfect. Okay? I love you.


Zoe: Daddy goat, as soon as the rain dies down, I'm going to do everything I can to get your baby back. I am a doctor. Which is like a veterinarian for people. This has got to nearly be a hurricane. So, have you heard anything about the wedding? I mean, George and Lemon couldn't get married in this.

Wade: There was no sick lady in Mobile, was there? You took the car 'cause you couldn't stand to see Goldenboy wed his golden bride.

Zoe: So? Is that so wrong?

Wade: Yes, it is. You know, if you had been a grown-up and just sucked it up like everybody else, we wouldn't be in this situation right now.

Zoe: Me? I'm not the grown-up? You can't even admit why you're really mad at me.

Wade: What are you talking about?

Zoe: Oh, come on. Don't make me say it.

Wade: Say what?

Zoe: Lavon told me. You have feelings for me that I don't. I know it, you know it, and that's what this is all about… Wade... Wade!

Barn / Lavon’s office

Zoe: Lavon, things aren't going so well. I'm all alone in a barn in a storm. With some goats.

Lavon: Where's Wade?

Zoe: I tried to apologize and-and be nice, and then things took a turn and he left.

Lavon: With the car?

Zoe: My guess is yes. And then there are some goats, who I think are mad at me, too.

Lavon: You want me to send someone to get you?

Zoe: No. No, you can't. I can't be in town for the wedding. Just four more hours. Bye.


Zoe: I thought you left me here!

Wade: I considered it. Then I decided I needed to clear the air… See, Lavon was right. I did like you. You're plaguing me, walking around in your little outfits, smiling. It confused my feelings. But now I see those feelings... It was just, uh... Well, it was just sexual frustration.

Zoe: Oh, come on.

Wade: You see, you were the first and only girl I couldn't get to sleep with me, and it... It messed up my mind. It got me deluded so I was thinking that you were like this, uh, this like Holy Grail, which, sweetie, you are not.

Zoe: Thank you.

Wade: See, if we had just slept together that first night we met, I would have seen you as the annoying, electricity-robbing neighbour that you are.

Zoe: Right, yeah. And then all of this fighting and horribleness would have been eliminated if I had just slept with you. Then we could turn the page, if we just got it out of our systems.

Wade: Something like that.

Zoe: That is ridiculous.

Wade: Yeah. I guess we'll never find out, will we? Well, are we gonna help that goat or not?

Lavon’s office

George: Hey, um, we're not postponing. So, can we use the old firehouse? I need a permit from your office.

Lavon: Yeah, of course. I'll, um, lend a hand.

George: That's okay. I don't need or want your help.

Lavon: Look, George, I'm sorry, but you are the town lawyer, and I'm the mayor. We will be running into each other in town square for the rest of our lives, I bet… So, can't we just admit that life is complicated? Just leave it at that? Uh, it couldn't have been easy when Zoe told you that she was standing down.

George: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lavon: I'm just asking that we-we try to move on. I, for one, would really like to.

George: You know what, I'm-I'm probably gonna need every single hand in town if I'm gonna save this wedding, so...

Lavon: Good, 'cause have you seen the old firehouse lately?


Harold: What is that smell?

Lavon: Incontinent Dalmatian.

Brick: Yeah, poor Spot. He is 13.

George: All right, you know what, gentlemen, we have... We have three hours to turn this old firehouse into a-a beautiful ballroom.

Harold: How are we gonna do all this?

Brick: Harold, you forget, this is BlueBell. Come on! Come on in!

Lavon: Come on in. Thank you for coming.

Brick: Watch your step. How you doing? I'll start with this equipment right here.

Woman: I'll see to the flowers, George.

George: Yeah.

Shelley: I will tie up Spot. There's a lot of work. So dig in anywhe..

George: You do that, Shelley… Thank you, everyone… What am I standing here for? Let's get... Let's get to work!


Zoe: Hey, there he is.

Wade: He's trapped in the barbed wire.

Zoe: How am I gonna get him out? Uh... Come on. Ow.

Wade: Whoa, whoa, hey, hold on. There's got to be some better way than that.

Zoe: Wait. Wait. Come on… Wade. He's so scared. I don't think he cares about your abs, Wade.

Wade: want to save that goat, Doc? Okay.


Zoe: Here you go, mama. See? He's okay.

Wade: Hey, hey, Doc, you're bleeding.

Zoe: What? Ow. Wait, I'll be okay. Just go get me a bandage out of my bag.

Wade: Okay, all right, hang tight, hang tight.

Breeland’s house

Lemon: I thought you had left.

AnnaBeth: I'm not about to drive in this storm… Lemon, you're my oldest friend. I wasn't trying to rub my choices in your face. I just didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me.

Lemon: AnnaBeth, I'm so sorry. I lashed out, and I know that you had nothing to do with all the disasters of today.

AnnaBeth: Thank you… Anyway, it looks like it's all gonna be fine. The girls said George is moving the wedding inside.

Lemon: Into the firehouse.

AnnaBeth: See?

Lemon: Into the firehouse, AnnaBeth. My wedding's gonna be in a firehouse.

AnnaBeth: Yeah, okay, well, it's not ideal.

Lemon: I've been working so hard, but what's the use?

AnnaBeth: What are you talking about?

Lemon: I made some mistakes in my relationship, some big, big ones, and... And I thought that if I I worked hard enough, or if I tried hard enough, I could make up for everything. But truth is is I don't deserve a perfect wedding. I really don't, and... Clearly, someone else up there agrees.

AnnaBeth: That's not true. This is just weather. It's just... Life. We all make mistakes. You deserve the same happiness we all do. It's gonna be fine. I know it.


Wade: All set.

Zoe: Thank you… You know, it's not like I never thought about having sex with you. It's just... What's the point? We have nothing in common. We're always fighting. We are very different people, and it's not like it could ever go anywhere.

Wade: Doc, I'm not saying I want to marry you. All I'm saying is there's something here. Something between us… And there's no better cure for your little crush on Goldenboy...

Bill: Hey! You two okay? I saw Lavon's car by the side of the road, figured I needed to see where the passengers went off to. Don't worry, I'll drive us back to town. If we hurry, we can still make the wedding.


George: Looks great, doesn't it?

Tom: Nicer than any party I've ever been invited to.

Lavon: We got a leak at table three.

George: What?

Lavon: Oh! Um, uh...  Uh, through 14.

Tom: It's okay; you know what it is? It's like a natural waterfall.

George: It looks great.

Tom: Yeah, like an indoor rain forest.

George: Yes.

Harold: George, bad news. I-I just heard from Harry; the road is closed. Harry, Leslie and Lily Louise are not gonna make it to the wedding.

Lavon: Your brother's not coming?

George: Okay, so I have no best man and no flower girl?

Harold: Son, we don't have to do this.

George: No, no, no.

Harold: Everyone would understand.

George: No, it's gonna be fine. Dad, how would you feel about being my best man?

Harold: Well, uh, I'd be honour.

George: Okay, great. Uh, great… It's gonna be fine.

Bill’s car

Bill: They moved the reception to the firehouse, so no one will get zapped. Addy said it's actually gonna be pretty nice. Which is such a selfless statement, you know, 'cause she's been doing her hair all day, and this rain's just gonna make it look like she got zapped… You two are awfully quiet. Must have been quite the ordeal, huh?

Wade: Yeah, it had its moments.

Bill: Mmm. What you both need to do is go home, take off those clothes, get in the hot shower and warm up.

Wade: You know, that's exactly what I was hoping to do.

Bill: All right, Wade, we're here. You know, you better hurry and get into that suit so you can make the wedding.

Wade: Uh, hey, listen, Bill, I-I don't want you to miss the big event. I'll, uh, I'll take the doctor home.

Bill: You crazy? It's cats and dogs out there. Zoe, a Southern gentleman drives a lady right h her doorstep. See you later, Wade.


George: Sal, Sal, your table's going down, get some towels, okay? And-and-and, oh, my gosh. Can somebody help Shula with the, with the ice sculptures? It's starting to warp, okay? Thank you, thank you so... Oh, who let the swans near the centerpieces?

Brick: So sorry, there's more bad news.

George: What, Brick?

Brick: The power is out in Daphne, and the entire wedding band is stuck in an elevator.

George: No big deal, no big deal, because we can play music off of my phone. So that'll work… Yeah. Yes, Tom?

Tom: Hi, the gas is out in the kitchen.

George: Great, great. The food will be just as delicious at room temperature... Okay, nobody panic. I-I... I can fix this. I can fix this, all I need is a ladder. Uh, uh, where's the ladder?! What kind of firehouse doesn't have a ladder?

Lavon: George. What is going on?

George: What?! I'm getting married, Lavon, that's what's going on!

Lavon: I know, but the roof is leaking, the ceiling's falling down, there's no band, no gas, and... Well, you may as well know, Spot got into the wedding cake.

George: None of that matters. None of it matters.

Lavon: Maybe not to you but, you and I both know, all this stuff matters to your bride.

George: No, Lemon's going to think it's fine. Because it's fine, Lavon. It's fine.

Lavon: George, please believe me, no one will be upset if you postpone. The hairdos alone...

George: We are not postponing this wedding.

Lavon: But look at this place.

George: Lemon and I are getting married right now.

Lavon: Why does it have to be right now?

George: Because!

Lavon: Because why?

George: Because if it's not today, then...


Brick: Well, Lemon got one of her wishes-- people will be talking about this wedding for years to come. Harold, thank you for all your help today.

Harold: Well, I just want you to know that my grandchildren are going to be Auburn Tigers.

Brick: Oh, maybe so, but mine will be bleeding Alabama red. Not that I want them bleeding...

Emily: Harold?

Harold: Oh, Brick, I want you to meet one of my cousins who's been staying at the B and B. She's been helping us out. Emily Chase, Brick Breeland.

Brick: Hey.

Emily: Thanks so much for having us, Brick.

Brick: Well, I'm sorry if your impression of our town hasn't been the best yet.

Emily: Oh, that's okay. If I don't like this town, another one's sure to float along soon, right? Well, I had better go get changed.

Brick: Welcome to BlueBell, Emily. And you stay as long as you want.

Emily: Thank you.

Brick: Yeah.

Harold: What are you looking at?


George: Why didn't anybody tell me she was staying?

Breeland’s house: Lemon’s bedroom

Brick: Lemon, sweetie? It is time. We gotta get you down to that firehouse.

Lemon: Not exactly what I dreamed of as a little girl.

Brick: I'll bet in your dreams, you were marrying a man that you loved with your whole heart. And you are tonight. And… I'll bet you were the most beautiful bride in the world. Oh, my God. And you most certainly are. Your mother would be so proud… And screw her for missing this.

Lemon: That's right, Daddy. Screw her. We don't need her. We never did.

Brick: Aw, I love you. Okay?

Lemon: George.

George: Lemon, I need to talk to you.

Brick: Well, you know it is considered bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Lemon: It's okay, Daddy. It's okay.

George: Lemon, I-I tried. I-I tried my hardest. I have been fighting all day to... Try and make this wedding work.

Lemon: I appreciate that, George.

George: I fought, because I... I know that if I stand in front of this town, and in front of God, and I pledge to be faithful to you, I will be, forever.

Lemon: So, let's do it. Let's get married.

George: Lemon, you deserve more than my fidelity… You deserve my whole heart.

Lemon: What are you saying, George?

George: Lemon, I have loved you for what feels like my entire life.

Lemon: But when I went to New York, I opened a door, and you turned to Lavon… And when I found out, I turned to Zoe and there's nothing that can erase the things that we have done. And there is nothing that can erase... What I now feel… Lemon, I cannot marry you… Not when a part of me is in love with someone else.

Zoe’s house: bedroom

Zoe: So, what now?

Wade: Well, get some food for sustenance, then do it all over again. Or vise versa… No, ignore it. Ignore it. Come here. Ignore it.

Zoe: No, no, I can't. It's Lavon checking up on me. I know. But I'll be right back.

Zoe’s house: porch

Zoe: George... Are you okay? Aren't you suppose to be at your wedding?

George: There isn't going to be a wedding… It's over. It's, uh... It's all over. Look, Zoe, I thought that if you went to New York, I might be able to put you out of my mind. And maybe I could have. But now I know that I can't… I don't want to… It's been a long day. I call you tomorrow. 'Cause we got a lot to talk about.

Zoe’s house: bedroom

Wade: Hey.

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