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#113 : Le bal du péché mignon

Zoe décide que sa relation avec Judson est encore trop récente pour qu'ils se rendent ensemble à la danse annuelle organisée à l'occasion du Bal du Pêché Mignon. Elle prévoit donc de passer la soirée chez Rose, les parents de celle-ci étant à l'extérieur.


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Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms

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Le bal du péché mignon

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Judson Lyons (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson Lyons (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)

George Tucker (Scott Porter)

George Tucker (Scott Porter)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Brick (Tim Matheson)

Lavon (Cress Williams) & Brick (Tim Matheson)

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Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)

Judson (Wes Brown) & Zoe (Rachel Bilson)


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Ecrit par: Leila Gerstein
Réalisé par: Patrick Norris

Guests :
Eisa Davis ... Addy Pickett
Nadine Velazquez ... Didi Ruano
McKaley Miller ... Rose Hattenbarger
Wes Brown ... Judson Lyons
Gigi Bermingham ... Agnes
Courtney Parks ... Joelle
John Wesley ... Otis
Reginald VelJohnson ... Dash DeWitt
Deborah S. Craig ... Shelley Ng
Sam Daly ... Al O'Grady

BlueBell’s square

Dash: This is Dash DeWitt for BlueBell's own gossip site. Y'all, it is one day before the town's most romantic event, the Sweetie Pie Dance, a time when couples take things to the next level, or don't, a time when you ask someone to be your sweetie pie. Or you shove a pie in their kisser… Mayor Hayes.

Lavon: Yeah.

Dash: The people want to know, is Didi Ruano gonna be your sweetie pie?

Zoe: Oh, ooh.

Lavon: The mayor has comment. But Lavon Hayes sure hopes so.

Dash: And, Zoe Hart, will you be going with the handsome veterinarian, Dr. Judson Lyons? The Blawker reports you two have been hot and heavy for the past few weeks.

Zoe: Dash, I really do not want to be recorded.

Dash: Attention Blawkerites, Zudson is over. I told you.

Zoe: What? We are not over. Okay, we are not anything. We've been on three dates. Three really, really good dates. But, still...

Dash: So, are you ready to take things to the next level? You know, if you go with him to the dance, you'll be declaring him to be your sweetie pie in front of the whole town. And nothing says serious like a small town slow dance under twinkle lights.

Zoe: He hasn't asked me.

Dash: Oh, well, my nose for news says he's about to.

Zoe: No, he isn't. Is he?

Lavon: Good luck with that, Big Z. Keep me posted.

Dash: Mayor.

Zoe: Yeah.

Jusdon: Dash.

Zoe: Hi.

Dash: They kiss, Blawkerites. No tongue.

Jusdon: It's good to see you.

Zoe: Me, too. I mean, you, too. Sorry, I never know the right answer to that.

Jusdon: So, I don't know if all the decorations have given it away, but tomorrow's the big Sweetie Pie Dance, and...

Zoe: I don't want to go!

Jusdon: O... Kay.

Zoe: I mean, it's not that I don't like you. Because I do! See, I've only been in one real relationship, and I basically ruined it. And, apparently, this dance is a big deal. I don't want to mess everything up by moving too fast. I mean, if that's okay.

Jusdon: You know what, you're right. Why add pressure? So, Zoe Hart, would you not go to the Sweetie Pie Dance with me?

Zoe: I'd love to! I mean, I would love not to. You know what I mean… Oh, shoot. You know what, I have to go. Will you call me later?

Jusdon: Absolutely.

Zoe: Okay.

Zoe’s office

Rose: Hi.

Zoe: Hey, Rose, you sick?

Rose: Uh, no, I just came to visit… So... The dance? Judson? Yes or no?

Zoe: No. But I'm happy about it.

Then, question.

Rose: My parents are going camping tomorrow, and, OMG, it is so boring. All they do is fish and then eat fish, but I'm not allowed to stay alone. So, can I stay with you?

Zoe: Yeah, that sounds really fun. It's a date.

Rose: Yay! We can have a Sex and the City movie marathon.

Zoe: Yes.

Breeland’s house: patio

George: Missed you at breakfast.

Lemon: Honey, I'm sorry, I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to finish our Save the Date cards, and, I finally have!

George: I didn't know you'd be calligraphying them yourself.

Lemon: Honey, these envelopes will give the first impressions of our wedding. They have to be perfect. But I am fatigued. Between the Belle food drive, and the Preservation Society library restoration project, and putting up all those paper hearts in town square, it's just really taken its toll.

George: Yeah, I know. I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks. And before that we were, um... Fighting. I feel like we haven't really been us since before Christmas.

Lemon: Oh, don't be so hyperbolic, darling. Hey, what you and I need is some good old-fashioned romance. Which is why it is perfect timing that tomorrow is the Sweetie Pie Dance.

George: Hmm… Remember the first one we went to? I was extremely nervous, and your dad was not helping the situation 'cause he kept on coming over and going, "Do not dance too close."

Lemon: And we broke into the high school and went into the swimming pool.

George: Yeah. We made some great memories at those dances, huh?

Lemon: Mmm.

George: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Magnolia's at school, huh? Maybe we could create some more?

Lemon: Honey, I would love to, but I promised daddy that he could take me shopping for a dress for the dance. Okay? But tomorrow I'm all yours. Will you do me a favour? Can you put these in the mailbox when you get into town?

George: Uh, yep.

Lemon: Okay.

George: It's the least I can do.

Lemon: Thank you.

George: They are beautiful, by the way… I'll see you tomorrow.

Didi’s office

Didi: Lavon, what on earth are you bringing me a pie for? It's 10:00 a.m.

Lavon: It's Agnes' specialty. Banana cream. Will you please just have one piece?

Didi: There's paper in it!

Lavon: Yeah.

Didi: That's not very hygienic. George should take this to the health board.

Lavon: Didi, I think that paper might be a note. Why don't you read it?

Didi: "Will you be mmmmmm swmmmm?"

Lavon: No. It's supposed to say, "Will you be my sweetie?"

Didi: Weird. Agnes is asking me to be her sweetie?

Lavon: No. Lavon Hayes is asking you to the Sweetie Pie Dance.

Didi: But how am I gonna break the news to Agnes? I'm kidding.

Lavon: Girl… We'll have a good ol' time.

Practice: entrance

Lemon: Addy! Look at the dress that daddy got me.

Addy: Oh, I just love BlueBell this time of year.

Lemon: You can feel the romance, can't you?

Addy: Oh, and Bill and I need it. Those boys of mine have been sucking the sexy right out of our marriage.

Brick: Ooh, now, listen after our kids were born, Alice and I would spend a night at the bed-and-breakfast after the dance.

Lemon: Daddy!

Brick: Well, sorry, honey. I would buy her a corsage, and then I'd pick her up like we were still courting. We would walk to the dance, under the stars, holding hands, like we were teenagers. You think about it.

Lemon: Daddy, don't you think that it's time that you create some new Sweetie Pie memories?

Addy: Oh, Brick, I can't help but agree. The dance isn't till tomorrow. There's plenty of time for you to ask someone.

Brick: Oh, you two... Who would I take even if I wanted to?

Lemon: Addy, I'm on it.

BlueBell’s square

Addy: Hey!

Lavon: Addy! Thank goodness. I need a woman's eye, okay? Should I get Didi this corsage for the dance?

Addy: Well, is this the Didi that works at the law office or some other Didi in middle school? 'Cause... Oh, here. Nothing says, "Be mine" like red roses. Simple, direct, to the point. Can't miss.

Lavon: Thanks, Addy. You're the best. All right.

Didi: Oh, Al, be serious.

Addy: And nothing says I don't want to be yours like that.

Lavon’s house: living room

Zoe: Ew!

Wade: Joelle and I, we were, uh, just playing a little game of strip eight ball.

Zoe: That sounds fun; hey, Joelle, you can count to eight?

Joelle: I can count to one.

Wade: Oh... Baby, why don't you go wait for me at the house.

Zoe: Yeah, why don't you?

Wade: So, hear you and, uh, Dr. Dolittle aren't going to the dance. Everyone was wondering how long it would take for you to blow it.

Zoe: Look, just because I don't feel like declaring Judson my... Sweetie pie, doesn't mean I don't like him. It just means that I'm a grown-ass woman whose love life doesn't need to be dictated by this town's crazy calendar.

Wade: You did stand him up once. And, honestly, I can't blame you. I mean, the most exciting thing that guy's ever done was... Oh, yeah, nailing your best friend at Homecoming. Zoe, the guy is Boresville, USA.

Zoe: Judson is not a bore, okay? He's just soft spoken. Like Sam Shepard in Baby Boom, which is one of my favourite movies. About a city girl who falls for a handsome, kind town vet. Judson is awesome. Yeah, you know what, I would be a fool to not want to take things to the next level. Wade, you are so right. Thank you… Hey, Judson… It's Zoe. Look, I made a mistake before. I know I don't have a lot of relationship experience, but will you be my... Will you go with me to that dance tomorrow? Excellent. I can't wait. Bye.

Wade: Boresville!

Rammer Jammer

Zoe: You look like crap.

Lavon: Couldn't sleep last night. Saw something that upset me.

Zoe: Was it Wade and Joelle making out on his porch again? The woman kisses like she's eating corn.

Lavon: Wasn't Wade and Joelle.

Zoe: Do you want to talk about it?

Lavon: No.

Zoe: Okay. But, Lavon, I'm a great listener. Kind, considerate. I'm here for you… Just as soon as I mend a 14-year-old's heart.

Rose’s table

Zoe: Hey, did you get my messages? I'm so, so sorry for cancelling our sleepover. I promise you the biggest stack of pancakes to make up for it.

Rose: Zoe, it is so no big deal. I'm gonna stay at Courtney Ann's. I already cleared it with my parents.

Zoe: Really? Well, if you're upset, I promise I'll cancel.

Rose: Good thing I'm not upset then. I am thrilled. You're going to the dance, and Judson is so cute.

Zoe: He is, right?

Rose: Mm-hmm. He reminds me of, like, a mute Rob Lowe.

Zoe: Rose!

Rose: No, I know he talks. Right? He does talk?

Zoe: Yes. Yes. He talks. He's a man of few words, but the words he speaks are eloquent and sensitive. He's great, and I asked Addy to cancel my only patient today, so I could spend the day trying to relax and get myself in a romantic mood.

Rose: It takes you a whole day?

Zoe: I'm a tense person, okay? If I was in New York, I would get a blowout at Sally Hershberger's or a facial at Bliss. But in BlueBell, I do the best I can. Take a bubble bath while I spray my arms with bug repellent. I need my ritual in order to get out of my head. Okay, thank you for understanding. I'll see you later.

Rose: Bye.

Zoe: Bye.

Wade: You're just one wound-up little corkscrew, aren't you?

Zoe: Go away.

Wade: Whatcha looking at, four eyes?

Rose: Go away.

Breeland’s house: patio / George’s office

Lemon: Oh, honey, I can't wait till 8:00. You are just gonna love my dress… Oh, hold on.

Agnes: I'm sorry I'm late with my weekly order. I know that Brick likes to taste his pie before he goes to work, but I've been baking round the clock trying to get 50 ready for the dance.

Lemon: Agnes, who are you going with?

Agnes: Don't be silly. As soon as I deliver my pies, I'm gonna put on my slippers and watch whatever dance competition's on the TV.

Lemon: Why don't you put that in the kitchen, and then we'll have some tea.

Agnes: All right.

Lemon: Honey, better take those legal briefs out of your backseat, because tonight we are double-dating with Agnes and daddy.

George: No, Lemon, that is a horrible idea. And besides, tonight's supposed to be about us.

Lemon: Oh, honey, come on, nothing is more romantic than infecting others with the fever.

George: Lemon...

Lemon: Love you.

George: Lemon?

Zoe’s bathroom / barn

Judson: Zoe, is something wrong?

Zoe: No. I just wanted to let you know how much I'm looking forward to tonight. As a matter of fact, I was thinking maybe after the dance you could stay over?

Judson: Really? That's a... Very intriguing invitation.

Zoe: Good. Because I'm already getting in the mood. I'm about to take a bubble bath with some products my mother sent me from Frederic Fekkai. Oh, they smell like guava in a bottle… Where'd they go? Wh... I left them right here. How could I have lost my shampoo?

Judson: It happens, I suppose. Look, I got a goat with laryngitis waiting on me, so, um, how about I pick you up at 8:00?

Zoe: 'Kay. Bye.

Judson: Looks like we got more than a dance to get ready for.

Rammer Jammer

Wade: What are you doing?

Lavon: Recon. Saw that guy with Didi last night.

Wade: Didi was out with another guy? Thought you asked her to the Sweetie Pie Dance.

Lavon: I did. She said yes. I thought she understood the significance of that.

Wade: Well, maybe that guy's just her accountant.

Lavon: She met with her accountant at 9:00 p.m. on a bench in town square?

Wade: Her brother, then. He kind of looks like her.

Lavon: He has red hair.

Wade: He could be adopted. Look, the point is, Didi's bonkers for you. And need I remind you, you are Lavon Hayes, football star, mayor.

Lavon: Oh, wait-- you're absolutely right. I'm Lavon Hayes. I don't what I'm freaking out about.

Wade: Oh, now.

Lavon: Yeah. He probably is her brother.

Wade: Yeah.

Lavon: All right.

Wade: All right, buddy.

Lavon: Watch out… Hi. I just wanted to introduce myself-- I'm Mayor Hayes.

Al: Yeah. Al O'Grady.

Lavon: O-O'Grady. Good, yeah. Uh... So, O'Grady, what-what brings you to our town?

Al: I came for my woman.

Lavon: Uh-huh.

Al: Didi Ruano.

Lavon: I see.

Brick’s office

Lemon: Hi, Daddy.

Brick: Hey.

Lemon: Agnes and I just stopped by to say hello.

Brick: Well, this is a surprise. Nice to see you, too, Agnes.

Agnes: Nice to see you.

Brick: Hey, how's the pie business?

Agnes: Uh... W-W... I'm making a lot of huckleberry this month.

Brick: Oh, I just love me some huckleberry pie. I used to pick huckleberries with my mama.

Lemon: No way! Oh, my goodness! Look at you two! So much in common. And speaking of pies, tonight is the Sweetie Pie Dance, right?

Brick: Yeah. Right.

Lemon: Right. And I bet no one is in more demand than the pie lady herself, huh?

Brick: Well, sure.

Lemon: But oddly, she's alone tonight, Daddy. Isn't that such a shame?

Brick: Oh, that's a shame.

Lemon: We'll have to do something about that, right?

Brick: Okay.

Lemon: Okay! We'll see you later, then.

George’s practice

Didi: How was Mobile?

George: Useless… Corrine Terwilliger insisted on trying to get her bull registered as a sex offender. Again.

Didi: The Todd briefs are proofed and ready to go. The D.A. returned the Benson file. Oh, and Lemon called, said she forgot to add her second cousin Louise to the Save the Date cards.

George: The Save the Date cards!

Didi: I'm sure Louise won't be angry if you mail her one today.

George: No, no, that's not it, Didi. I was supposed to mail them yesterday, and I... I can't remember if I did it.

Didi: Sometimes when I'm in the shower I can't remember whether or not I washed my hair. So I have to do it again. But yes, we should figure this out. Where's the last place you saw them?

George: I have no idea.

Didi: So maybe you mailed them.

George: Let's hope so, Didi. Let's hope so.

Zoe’s bathroom

Zoe: Mmm... Relax. Relax.

Wade’s front door

Zoe: Wade! Wade! Wade! You got to get this possum out of my house! Wade! I hear you in there!

Joelle: Wade's not here.

Zoe: W... What... what's that I smell? Is that guava?

Joelle: Not that it's your business... But Wade got me this new shampoo. Bye.

Zoe: What?! Wade!

Zoe’s bedroom

Zoe: Is that thing gone?

Rose: You are officially possum-free.

Zoe: Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you didn't turn up, I don't think I could step into my house again.

Rose: How did it get in here, anyway?

Zoe: How do you think?  Wade. He also stole my shampoo, and I think he reset all of my relaxing radio stations. Tonight was supposed to be the happiest night I had in BlueBell, and he is determined to ruin it. I have to figure out a way to get back at him.

Rose: No, no, no, no. Keep your eye on tonight. Tonight, your perfect romantic night with Judson.

Zoe: Maybe I can short-circuit the electricity when his band comes over to practice.

Rose: Come back, romance, dancing.

Zoe: You are absolutely right. Sanity restored. Judson. It's gonna be amazing. What are you gonna do with Courtney Ann?

Rose: Uh, not much. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Zoe: I think he reprogrammed all of my radio stations! Sorry, what were you gonna say?

Rose: Um... No, it's-it's okay. I better get to Courtney Ann's, and you better get ready for your date with Judson.

Zoe: Yes, I will. Definitely will. How about... Fire ants in his underwear drawer! That'll leave a mark.

BlueBell’s square

Didi: Hey. I'm so sorry. I heard you ran into Al today. I hope you didn't pay him any mind. My ex has a flair for the dramatic.

Lavon: He's trying to get you back?

Didi: Yeah, but it's not gonna work. I don't love him anymore.

Lavon: How long were y'all together?

Didi: Five years. But...

Lavon: That's a long time. There's history. And clearly, it's not over.

Didi: It is over. I just said that. Why are you being like this?

Lavon: You know... I think it's best if we just cool things off for a while.

Didi: Huh? I thought we were going to the Sweetie Pie Dance.

Lavon: I think you need to deal with Al tonight. He drove all this way.

Wade’s front door

Joelle: What?

Zoe: Hey.

Joelle: Wade's still not home.

Zoe: Oh, that's okay, Joelle. I'm here to talk to you. I was just wondering what you and Wade were up to tonight.

Joelle: We're thinking of going to Mobile.

Zoe: Okay. Well, do you think you could be done with him by 11:00?

Joelle: Why?

Zoe: Oh, man. This is awkward. I thought Wade told you. See, all that fighting we do, it's foreplay. Tell Wade I am sorry if I let the cat out of the bag. But still, if you could be done with him by 11:00, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

Rammer Jammer

Mailman: Well, y'all's pathetic. I mean, who doesn't remember if they mail their own Save the Dates? Man, what colour are the envelopes?

George: Oh, they're silver. Silver. Nope, nope.

Mailman: I'm sorry, George, ain't nothing in here but, uh, little Jamie Ports' invites to her ninth birthday par... Oh, look. They invited me.

George: What am I gonna do now?

Brick: Well... You're just gonna have to tell Lemon tonight at the dance.

George: Whew! Well, thank God you are gonna be there to block for me. Whew!

Brick: What are you talking about? I'm not gonna be there.

George: Lemon said you're taking Agnes.

Brick: Agnes?!

George: Yeah.

Brick: No...!

George: Said you asked her at your office today.

Brick: No, I didn't. No, I, you know, I-I asked her about her pies, and Lemon said that, you know, she was in great demand, and that maybe we ought to do something about it...

George: Mm.

Brick: Good Lord.

George: Yeah.

Brick: Maybe I did. How did that happen?

George: Lemon.

Brick: Lemon.

Zoe’s house / Street

Zoe: Judson, hi. Hey, I'm running late. Could I just meet you at the dance?

Judson: Is everything okay?

Joelle: Zoe Hart?!

Wade: Hey! Take it easy!

Zoe: It is now. Okay. Bye.

Breeland’s house: patio

George: Okay, so we both just need to hold our ground.

Brick: Yep

George: Okay. I will tell Lemon about the Save the Dates, and you tell her you don't want to go to the dance.

Brick: Yeah.

George: Okay. Showtime. Okay, here we go.

Lemon: Well... What do you think?

Agnes: Do you like my new dress? I bought it special.

Brick: Agnes... I hope... You brought your dancing shoes, because I may be a doctor but I do know how to cut a rug.

Lemon: See? Tonight is gonna be just perfect!

Zoe’s house

Wade: Hey, Doc. Joelle and I are headed to the movies. Just wanted to say, you and Judson, you have a great night tonight.

Zoe: Wade, that's my phone. Wade. But...

Sweetie Pie Dance

Lavon: The BlueBell Sweetie Pie Dance has officially begun.

Shelley: I knew I should have put lower odds on the two of those breaking up tonight. Girl can't resist the urge to stand the man up in public.


Brick: So you made all these pies?

Agnes: Yes. Uh, but I made the pie crust in bulk, so it was just a question of rolling and kneading and filling.

Brick: Yeah, right.

Agnes: Right. Would you like to try the Boston cream?

Brick: Oh, you know what? I'm, I'm so full at the moment, thanks.

Agnes: Oh, okay.


Lavon: Didi, what are you doing here?

Didi: Helping out my boss, not that it's any of your business. I don't want to talk to you.


Zoe: Damn it, Wade. I'm coming, Judson.

Sweetie Pie Dance

George: Remember that time when Wade brought Tansy here and her and Shelley got into it over the last piece of rhubarb? Lemon.

Lemon: They're not even talking.

George: Let them alone, okay? Your poor father doesn't even want to be here.

Lemon: He doesn't know what he wants, but I'm his daughter-- I know what's best.

George: You're his daughter, not his mother. Okay, now, this was supposed to be our romantic night in case you forgot in the middle of helping your dad and Agnes and decorating the entire town. All right... I'm gonna get a drink.


Zoe: Judson. I am so, so sorry. Wade locked me in my house.

Judson: He did what?

Zoe: I know. I had to climb out a second-story window and down a tree to get here. Look, I just wanted tonight to be perfect. Now I am a mess. I smell and I think I may have a family of spiders in my hair.

Judson: People seemed to have put money down on whether you were going to stand me up or not.

Zoe: I would never do that... Again. Do you want to leave, just forget this whole thing?

Judson: Zoe Hart, you know what I'd like to do?

Zoe: Oh, thank you.

Judson: Dance.


Didi: Looky-look what I found.

George: Thank the Lord. Oh, where did you find 'em?

Didi: Stopped at the Dixie Stop to get some ice cream and rent a movie, and I looked down and there they were.

George: Oh, that's right, that's right, I went to the Dixie Stop to get a cup of coffee. Thank you so much, Didi. You... You saved my ass.

Didi: Glad I could help, but a word of advice: never, ever tell Lemon what you did. She finds out you lost those invitations, she's gonna think the worst. You know what I mean by the worst? Like, you really don't want...

George: Yeah, Didi, Didi, I... Get it.

Didi: Okay, okay, uh, do you want me to drop these off in the mailbox for you?

George: No, you know what? Just, uh, just leave 'em at my office for me. I'll take care of it tomorrow.

Didi: Okay.


Lavon: Uh, Zoe, Zoe, uh, Wade just texted me. He's looking for you, says it's an emergency, you need to go home.

Zoe: As if I'm gonna fall for that. Nice try, Wade. Lavon, text him back and tell him to blow it out his wazoo. Judson and I are dancing.

Lavon: Wazoo?

Zoe: Mm-hmm.

Lavon: Okay. W-A...

Zoe: An emergency? This means war.

Judson: Zoe, let's not get into...

Zoe: We have to figure out a way to get back at him.

Judson: We do?

Zoe: Yeah.

Judson: 'Cause I was thinking maybe we could just grab some punch and a moonlit walk...

Zoe: Judson, give me your phone.

Judson: Seriously?

Zoe: Yeah.


Brick: Mr. Mayor, hey.

Lavon: Hey, Brick.

Brick: I haven't seen Didi. She okay?

Lavon: Uh, we didn't work out.

Brick: Oh… Didi is great, but I get it. There is no point in continuing a relationship with someone if it isn't there… You know, I spent 20 years coming to this dance with my wife and the last 12 Sweetie Pies home with her pictures. Well, nothing has made me miss her more than coming to this dance with the wrong girl.


Zoe: Okay, okay, I am a genius. I just sent Wade's girlfriend a dozen roses from him with a note that says "I love you." Isn't that great? Okay, we can dance now, sorry. I promise that is the last time I mention the name...

Judson: Wade Kinsella?

Wade: Hey, didn't you get my message? There's an emergency-- Rose is over at my place, she's got a nasty cut, she's hurt.

Zoe: That is not possible. She is with her friend Courtney Ann.

Wade: Don't you know anything? You've been here for four months. That is Courtney Ann.

Zoe: What? Come on, Judson, we have to go.

Judson: You know what? That's okay, I'm just gonna...

Zoe: What?

Judson: I'll call you later.

Zoe: Come on. Go, go.

Wade’s house

Zoe: How could you be so irresponsible?

Joelle: Wade, I asked you to get the real doctor.

Zoe: Move.

Rose: Hey, sorry. I told them not to get you.

Zoe: Of course they got me. What happened?

Rose: I thought it would be okay if I stayed at my own house while my parents were gone, but I got locked out, and apparently breaking a window to get in isn't as easy as it seems in the movies.

Zoe: Well, you need stitches. Let's get you to my place.

Deliver guy: Excuse me, is there a Joelle here?

Joelle: Oh. Oh, Wade. I love you, too.

Wade: Wait, w-wait, I, I, I didn't send you flowers. Why would I send you flowers?

Joelle: Why would you send me flowers?

Wade: Okay, hey...

BlueBell’s square

Lemon: So let me get this straight. You lost our Save the Date cards?

George: Well, Didi found them.

Lemon: So they haven't been mailed out yet? Because it's three months before the wedding and proper decorum states...

George: This isn't about proper decorum, Lemon, this is about the fact that I lost our wedding invitations.

Lemon: Hey, listen, it was irresponsible, but I forgive you.

George: You fo... You know what? Maybe it was more than just irresponsible, Lemon. You have been distracted and you have buried yourself in project after project ever since Christmas. You've been moody and you've been snappy, and we haven't connected at all on any level in quite some time. It's like we don't even know each other anymore and it's like you're not even trying.

Lemon: George, what are you trying to say?

George: I I think what I'm saying is that I lost our Save the Date cards because I'm having doubts.

Zoe’s house

Zoe: Listen, the buck stops here, okay? I am the grown-up, but you let me down. You shouldn't have lied.

Rose: I am so, so, so, so, so sorry.

Zoe: What you did was irresponsible. All this scheming and breaking in just so you didn't have to spend the weekend with your parents?

Rose: My parents... Don't get me. They think I, like, fit in. It would crush them to know the truth-- that I only have two friends, and they'd both rather be at a dance than hang out with me.

Zoe: Hey, Rose, no dance m more important than you.

Rose: I tried to talk to you, but you were so distracted.

Zoe: I'm sorry. It's just that Wade makes me so crazy.

Rose: Zoe, Wade likes you. Yeah, he acts like an eighth grader and maybe that's how I could recognize it, and I know it isn't relevant since you have Judson, who is perfect, but you should at least be forgiving.

Zoe: Okay, I'll try. But you need to get some sleep.

BlueBell’s square

Didi: What are you doing here?

Lavon: I want to tell you that... Okay… A year ago, I was involved with a woman who broke my heart when she chose someone else… Chose an old love over a new one… And when I saw you with Al and I heard he was her to win you back... All the pain came flooding back.

Didi: Lavon, no one knows that's gonna happen between two people, and I'm sorry you had your heart broken, but this is not that relationship, and until yesterday I was having such a good time.

Lavon: Well, you know, maybe a good time might be exactly what Lavon Hayes needs.

Didi: Sweetie pie.

Lavon: Sweetie pie.

Breeland’s house: patio

Lemon: What are you doing home?

Brick: Hey.

Lemon: It's not even 10:00.

Brick: I know. Look, I-I took Agnes home early. And I apologized. But let's just face it, it wasn't meant to be. I mean, Agnes-- she's a very nice woman, but... She's not your mother.

Lemon: It has been 12 years. When are you going to finally see the truth? Mama doesn't love us.

Brick: Now, that is not true. Your mother had big dreams and she-she left to pursue them.

Lemon: No! She went to go find a new home and a new family.

Brick: Now stop that. I don't know what kind of fantasy you're cooking up in your head, but...

Lemon: You know, I'm not the one with the fantasy, daddy, okay?! I found her. I went to go see her over Christmas. She's not a star in Los Angeles. She's a freaking housewife in Daphne. She wants nothing to do with us.

Brick: That is not true...

Lemon: I'm sorry, but it is.

Zoe’s porch

Judson: Hey, how's Rose?

Zoe: She needed stitches, and a friend. She's okay, though. She's asleep inside.

Judson: Listen, we need to talk.

Zoe: Judson, I am so sorry that our night was ruined. You are... Everything I ever imagined I'd want in a guy. You're sweet, kind, a doctor... Look, I was a total jerk. Please, please, please let me make it up to you. I really do want this to work.

Judson: You say that, but, Zoe, let's face it... You were more excited about your war with Wade tonight than you were a romantic night with me. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?

Rammer Jammer

George: Hey, Brick.

Brick: Hey.

George: You okay?

Brick: Yeah. Yeah. Lemon finally told me about Alice living in Daphne.

George: Wait, Alice?

Brick: And you two didn't have to protect me from that. You know, I could ulve handled it.

George: Wait, Brick, I didn't...

Brick: What? You knew, didn't you? Oh, good Lord!

George: When did she find out?

Brick: Christmas. I... That explains the anxiety medication, and the mood swings… Oh, my poor baby...

George: Brick, I'm here for you anytime you need to talk. I hope you know that.

Brick: No, no, thanks, son, you go.

George: All right, thanks.

Breeland’s house: living room

Lemon: Go away, George. I don't need you or your doubts here right now, okay?

George: Lemon, I ran into your dad. Why on earth would you not tell me about this? I mean, I can only imagine...

Lemon: I sat in the car... Looking at her with her new little girl. And I... I thought that I might crumble. Break into a million little parts.

George: Of course you did. That's why you've been so distant. But why would you not tell me?

Lemon: Because honestly, I don't like you to see me this way, okay?

George: Lemon, why not?

Lemon: Because she taught me to hide my weakness… And I tried to be the perfect Southern Belle for you, and for this town but mostly for her. Like it would bring her back or something… What an idiot I am! My life has been a complete and utter waste of time.

George: No, no, don't you ever say that.

Lemon: I don't know who I am anymore. I am just a total mess.

George: Babe, you're not a mess. You maybe could use a tissue or... Or two. Huh? Lemon... I love you. And I want to get to know every part of you-- the vulnerable side, the crazy side. I don't care if it's perfect; I just want you to be you… Okay? 'Cause without you, there can't be us. And I want us back.

Lemon: Me, too. So much.

Zoe’s house

Wade: Psst!

Zoe: Don't you ever knock?

Wade: Rose left her sweater over at my house. And don't worry. I peeked in the window to make sure you and Doc Collie-wood weren't, you know, doing the nasty before I came in.

Zoe: Oh, thanks. Um, but he broke up with me.

Wade: Yeah, I heard. I'm sorry about that.

Zoe: Wade, let's face it... I have a certain amount of charm. You and I have had some chemistry... Why don't you just admit it? You like me.

Wade: You know what? You're right. I do. I like you, Zoe. And, uh... It-it kills me to see you with Judson. I-I can't stand it. All day I write "Mr. Wade Hart" in my notebooks. Or there was a town pool about when y'all would break up. And I had, uh... I had a hundred bucks on tonight. Yeah. I'm gonna go smooth things out with my girl, but, uh... This should buy a lot of malt liquor. Night, now.

Lavon’s house: living room

Didi: Oh, that was... Oh, my! I understand how you have so many trophies.

Lavon: High five.

Didi: I'd love some water.

Lavon: Water. I'll be right back. Don't move. Ready for the second quarter.

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